Our verdict


"Chunky but not too chunky," a statement to which many agreed. As established by the comments of the fans, it seems like Jordan Air Mae perfected its blend of fab and bulk. It is ‘thicc’ enough to make wearers elevate from the ground. It is hefty enough to turn into a “solid, balanced shoe.” But it isn’t so massive that wearing it becomes unbearable and overpowering. Just the right strain - flashy for show-offs and divine for everyday adventure!


  • Hugs the foot
  • Phenomenal everyday sneaker
  • Great for long hours of wear
  • Terrific on-foot feeling
  • Solid and sturdy construction
  • Adds extra height
  • Chunky but flattering on the foot
  • Fabulous looking


  • Needs break-in period
  • High price point
  • A little heavy

Who should buy the Jordan Air Mae

Get this chunky sneaker if:

  • You are attracted to distinct designs and features
  • You like to flaunt a bewitching pair to your peers
  • You are after a sneaker’s comfort that is perfect for regular use.

Jordan Air Mae jordan-air-mae-underlay-lace-detail

Who should not buy it

Opt for the Nike Air Humara x Jacquemus if you need something that doesn’t necessitate a break-in period. If you want a pair that is easier on the pocket, switch to Nike Air Max 90 Surplus.

Jordan Air Mae jordan-air-mae-heel-midsole-air-window

Accurate sizing with a hint of tightness

Although Air Mae is considered true to size, the reviewers are slightly compressed inside this sneaker. Some loved the snugness, as its interior has a “fuzzy blanket feel” that hugs the foot. “They make you feel secure,” one claimed. Another commented: “these hold my foot so solid.” However, it’s revealed that a break-in period is still compulsory to ease the tightness, especially for those with wider feet.

Jordan Air Mae jordan-air-mae-forefoot

Air on Jordan Air Mae came through for regular wear

The Air cushioning couldn’t only be seen through a peek-through window, but it could also be felt. “You can definitely feel it when it’s on your feet,” affirmed a fan. She added there is that “airiness” and “compression” whenever she’s jumping or pressing down the foam. 

Wearers verified that there is no problem spending all day in Air Mae. “Absolutely comfortable,” one attested. Some even use this pair as a casual sneaker. One declared: “I love them for walking, social wear.”

Jordan Air Mae jordan-air-mae-collar

Meaty build ensues substance

Even though this one is a bit heavy, the sneakerheads didn’t take its extra weight as a totally negative thing. Instead, they loved the “solid weight” and “amazing build” that made them conclude that this sneaker is robust.

Jordan Air Mae jordan-air-mae-insole-jumpman

Jordan Air Mae: Chunky but feminine

Another thing they adored from its hefty midsole and construction is the extra height. Some affirmations are: “I feel about 2 inches taller in them” and “the platform does make you taller!” Despite its beefiness, it is still flattering. One noted it looks “chunky but in all the right ways!” 

Jordan Air Mae jordan-air-mae-lacing-system

Lace deets on fire

Air Mae is said to be “so aesthetically pleasing to the fullest” because of its unique details, especially its “see-through lace threading” which gives a pretty ripple effect. According to a sneaker fan, this non-typical element “adds to the character of the shoe.”

Jordan Air Mae jordan-air-mae-outsole

This one’s steep

Retailed at $180, this sneaker is a bit spendy, especially when compared to the average cost of Jordan Air sneakers on our database, making it 30% higher.