Who should buy the Jordan ADG 3

Definitely, someone who is a big fan of the Jumpman brand. The best selling point of the ADG 3 is style. The flaunts that distinct Jordan aesthetics and "embodies the essence of Jordan shoes," according to one of the reviewers. The ADG also gives a nod to the Jordan 4 basketball sneaker, which has a large fan following.

It is also more suitable for those who do casual golf rounds, not professional players. In the words of a golfer, the ADG 3 is "better suited for casual rounds than competitive situations."

Jordan ADG 3 jordan

Who should NOT buy this golf shoe

If you need a high-performance golf shoe, it's better to consider brands that have proven to be more reliable in the sports scene. For spikeless options, have a look at Adidas CodeChaos and Footjoy Fuel. And if you need the best grip for wet and hilly terrain, have a look at Adidas ZG21 or the Footjoy Hyperflex.

Jordan ADG 3: Harking back to the Jumpman's traditional, iconic looks

From the hardwood floors to the fairways, the Jordan brand has triumphed in penetrating both the worlds of basketball and golf shoes. With Michael Jordan's explicit love for golf even back in his NBA days, this transition proved to be smooth and natural.

Jordan ADG 3 adg collection

The Jordan ADG line is a core golf shoe collection that houses spikeless iterations. The third iteration of this Jordan shoe displays a more traditional Jordan hoops design as it borrows elements from the Air Jordan 4. If you are a huge fan of this silhouette or the brand in general, you are sure to love the iconic colorways borrowed from the OG. These include the Bred, White Cement, and Military Blue options.

Jordan ADG 3 style

Jordan ADG 3 vs. ADG 2

When it comes to technical features such as outsole tread design and midsole cushioning, the ADG 3 and ADG 2 aren't different. Both shoes utilize the same materials and technologies from the inside out.

Jordan ADG 3 spikes

However, the main difference lies in aesthetics. The ADG 2 displays a bolder look and higher collar height, while the ADG 3 went with a more straightforward and more minimalist approach.

Jordan ADG 3 jordan golf shoes

A more affordable Jordan shoe

The average price of golf shoes these days is $153, while the ADG 3 makes up a more budget-friendly option with an asking price of $140.

A comfortable option for golf and beyond

As one experienced reviewer shares, it is "an easy shoe for [him] to wear from [his] house to the course and then forget to take off." This is all thanks to the shoe's well-designed interiors as well as the full-length Air Zoom cushioning.

Jordan ADG 3 cushioning

"The shoe itself is way more comfortable than any Nike golf shoes I have tried before," says a golfer. He also believes that the 3rd ADG is "clearly better" than the previous two versions. Generally, there have been no complaints about the shoe digging into the foot or causing blisters. Here is what other reviewers also say about the shoe:

  • "I’d pick the comfort of my AG3s over my Footjoy Pro SLs all day."
  • "Air Zoom Unit, which feels amazing when walking"
  • "nicely padded inside"

Jordan ADG 3 in-shoe padding

Reliable grip in dry conditions

For a spikeless shoe, the Jordan ADG has a good level of traction but only if played in dry conditions. As one of the playtesters shares, even when the surface is slightly wet, "you are Bambi on ice."

Otherwise, the shoe's outsole hasn't led to any unpleasant slipping situations.

Jordan ADG 3 spikeless outsole

One small complaint was about the squeaky sound produced by the rubber spikes. But it tends to go away after a few rounds of golf (about 10 on average).

ADG 3 keeps you moisture-free

The leather upper on this Jordan golf shoe proves to be efficient when it comes to moisture resistance. At the same time, some reviewers even claim that it remains sufficiently breathable. But do remember that it is not the shoe for hot weather.

Jordan ADG 3 waterproof

It is also a nice bonus that the ADG 3 comes with a one-year waterproofing guarantee.

Durability could be improved

"Great shoes until the third round in them when the sole started to peel off," reports a playtester. More than a few more reviewers also agree that the sole is way too quick to peel away from the upper.

Facts / Specs

Update: Jordan ADG 4
Outsole: Spikeless
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Material: Leather
Closure: Laces
Style: Athletic
BRAND Brand: Jordan

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