Who should buy the Jordan 11 Adapt

You might jump into this hype-driven kick if:

  • you are a sneakerhead looking for Jumpman shoes with kick-ass resale value
  • you go for futuristic and techy shoes 
  • you are looking for a modern-day Nike Air Mag
  • you need kicks with a quick-tying structure 

Who should NOT buy it 

Air Jordan 11 Adapt retails at $500. If you’re amazed by the Nike Adapt system but find this shoe ultra-expensive, check out the Huarache version that's a fraction cheaper. 

Air Jordan 11 gets auto-laced

Air Jordan 11 is undoubtedly one of the most popular, much-hyped pairs ever laced by NBA GOAT Michael Jordan. For its 25th anniversary, this MJ grail receives the Nike Adapt fit technology, which happens to be the first electronically powered Jumpman shoe. This innovative power self-lacing technology was initially applied to Nike’s basketball shoes and later on to sneakers. 

Calibrates to your desired fit, hands-free 

A rechargeable motor lodged under the midfoot is attached to the lacing cables. 

The power lacing feature mechanically adjusts to the foot's shape by pressing on the preset buttons in the midsole. You can also download the Nike Adapt app into your android device, and via Bluetooth, you can loosen and tighten the fit hands-free. 

Generously padded collar

This mid-top is graced with a liberal amount of foam on the collar and tongue that embrace the ankle and give out a comfortably snug fit. 

Securely keeps feet locked in

This kick can accommodate different foot widths. Narrow-footed users appreciate the spacious toe room, while broad-footed ones feel locked-in without being constrained from walking naturally. 

Easy to wear

The automated lacing system lets you glide your feet effortlessly in and out. Wide-footed users didn't have to struggle to wear this. The pull tab on top of the tongue helps them slip into the shoe easily. 

Strongly-made mudguard

Air Jordan XIs are known for their wide mudguard. Like the previous models, this version is laid with a hard-wearing material right above the sole, either in patent leather or suede. It doesn’t get scuffed too soon, even as you use this shoe frequently.  

Impractical but not polarizing

For most sneaker users, it’s more of a collector’s piece than a shoe for everyday wear. Unless you have a motor problem and need a pair of shoes you slip in and out effortlessly. 

Grabs an Off-White element

The translucent mesh on top of the mudguard gives this shoe an Off-White vibe. On the surface, it’s close to the grail shoe that Jordan fans have gone frenzied over. It’s as stylish and wearable as any AJXIs but futuristic with the injected technology. 

Fab, even on the flip side

The icy, translucent rubber on the sole adds charm and style to this already fashionable kick. 

Cable-free charging system

Depending on how frequently you use it, wearers say the battery life typically lasts between 14 to 20 days after charging the shoe completely using a wireless charging pad—the control buttons on the side of the shoe turn green at full charge. 

Potentially high resale value 

While some buyers find the price outrageous, even costlier than a pair of Yeezys, sneakerheads looking for Air Jordans with a potentially high resale value have invested in this. Its price on the sneaker market stretches from up to more than $700. 

Thin automatic laces

Some users are particularly concerned about the exposed thin lace wiring across the top of the shoe. They hoped these were concealed within the tongue.

It weighs heavier than the usual Air Jordan XI

Air Jordan fans say the presence of the Adapt motor in the midfoot makes it bulkier than the typical Jordan 11. 

Facts / Specs

Style: Futuristic, Retro
Top: High
Inspired from: Basketball
Closure: Laces
Material: Rubber Sole, Mesh / Fabric
Season: Summer, Spring, Fall
Lace Type: Self-lacing

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