Who should buy the Joma Top Flex Indoor

This Joma shoe is a good match for you if:

  • You want a shoe with a grippy rubber outsole for traction and smooth movements
  • You are after a soccer cleat with a Phylon midsole for absorption

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Features of the Joma Top Flex Indoor

Joma Top Flex Indoor laces

  • Joma is a brand known to produce high-quality athletic shoes  It was founded in Spain in 1965. Their soccer cleats are among the best in their country and are even slowly emerging to be competitive in the international market.
  • The Joma Top Flex Indoor is one soccer cleat that is engineered for flexibility. The brand has made it its goal to create footwear that is as flexible as the foot, and this indoor cleat is nothing less. It features Joma’s patented technologies that are patterned after a player’s needs.
  • Among its features is the Stitched Glove technology, which allows the shoe to adapt to the sole for maximum flexibility. This is possible because of the union between its leather upper and the insole that allows the sole to supply all flexibility that the foot can allow.
  • This soccer cleat also utilizes the Pulsor system, which consists of a three-piece cushioning system located in the front and rear part of the shoe. This detail works to absorb the impact with each stride. It also aids in thrusting movements. The brand has also fitted the indoor version of the Top Flex with a Phylon midsole to reinforce comfort and cushioning.
  • Another innovation introduced by this soccer cleat is its 360 technology. This technology functions to provide stability while also working to prevent injuries caused by the gap between the foot and the shoe.

Joma Top Flex Indoor toebox

Fit and sizing

The Joma Top Flex Indoor is available in standard sizes for men. It offers a medium width and is known to fit true to size.

Joma Top Flex Indoor insole

Fitted with a standard lace-up closure, this soccer cleat offers an adaptive fit that allows its wearers to modify how tight they want it to be. Moreover, it's leather upper gives a soft and comfortable hug on the foot.


For its outsole, this soccer cleat utilizes a grippy rubber compound that offers much durability. Designed specifically for hard, indoor surfaces, this outsole supplies the necessary traction to execute smooth movements on the playground.

Joma Top Flex Indoor outsole


This soccer cleat showcases a Phylon midsole that cushions and protects the foot. It works in combination with Joma’s Pulsor system to minimize foot pressure by absorbing the impact with each step.

Joma Top Flex Indoor midsole


The Joma Top Flex Indoor sports a soft and supple leather upper that fits comfortable on foot. This upper usher in a great feel of the ball that aids in ball control.

Joma Top Flex Indoor upper

This soccer cleat also features a central lace-up closure that helps improve overall fit. Meanwhile, a basic tongue provides minimal padding over the midfoot.

Joma Top Flex Indoor heel


Additional Info

  • This soccer cleat weighs 9.4 ounces.

Facts / Specs

Top: Low
Surface: Indoor
Lacing System: Laced
BRAND Brand: Joma
Colorways: Green / Black / Yellow / Blue / White / Orange / Purple
SKUs: TOPS2121IN / TOPS2122IN / TOPS2204IN / TOPS2228IN / TOPS2232IN / TOPS804IN / TOPW2101IN / TOPW2103IN / TOPW2201IN / TOPW803IN

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