Top: Low
Surface: Indoor
Collection: Joma Super Flex
Lacing System: Laced
Price: $76
Brand: Joma
Small True to size Large
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  • Founded in Spain in 1965, Joma is a brand known to produce high-quality sports shoes. Their line of soccer cleats is among the best in their country and is even proving be a good competitor in the international market.
  • The Joma Super Flex Indoor is created for players who have the need for speed in the small-sided game. Engineered to provide utmost comfort and resistance on the courts, this soccer cleat will take any wearer’s game to the next level.
  • This soccer cleat sports a microfiber upper that offers excellent contact with the ball alongside superior durability.  The upper utilizes the brand’s Protection technology, which employs a TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) at the toe cap to enhance strikes as well as reinforce resistance.
  • Also employed on the upper is Joma's VTS ventilation technology. This feature allows breathability by increasing airflow within the shoe.
  • Another feature of these indoor soccer cleats is its EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) insole that forms to the feet. This layer also offers some cushioning on the feet as it absorbs impact with each foot strike.
  • The sole of this soccer cleat incorporates the Durability technology, a feature that slows down the wear and tear caused by abrasion and helps extend the life of the soccer cleat. It also utilizes the Flexo technology that consists of ergonomically-designed lines that facilitate heel to toe transition with every step.

The Joma Super Flex Indoor has been released in the standard sizes for men. It comes with a medium width and fits true to size. With its sock-like upper, this soccer cleat provides a secure and form-fitting wrap around the feet. A standard lacing system further improves the fit by allowing tightness adjustment to suit any wearer’s preference.

Fitted with a high-quality rubber outsole, this soccer cleat utilizes the brand’s Durability technology that prolongs the shoe’s life by delaying wear and tear. It also employs the Flexo technology that allows for ease in the heel to toe transition at each step. This results in an improved grip and a more natural and comfortable tread.

This soccer cleat employs a Phylon midsole, with gel front and rear. This serves to minimize strain on the feet with its shock-absorbing qualities. It also provides maximum cushioning with each stride.

The upper of the Joma Super Flex Indoor wears a microfiber make that gives it added strength alongside excellent ball contact. Its sock-like construction enhances overall fit and comfort. Moreover, the upper also features the Protection technology that utilizes a TPU piece at the toe cap to improve strikes and offer protection.

Over at the midfoot, a standard lacing system reinforces a secure wrap around the feet. Meanwhile, a basic tongue provides minimal cushioning over areas that come in contact with the ball.