11 best Pearl Izumi cycling shoes

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    1. Any color
      Pearl Izumi Select Road v5 - Black/Black
      Pearl Izumi Select Road v5 - White/Black
      Pearl Izumi Select Road v5 - Green
      €120 €69 Save 43%
    2. Any color
      Pearl Izumi Tour Road - White Blanco 000
      Pearl Izumi Tour Road - Black/Black
      €160 €77 Save 52%
    3. Any color
      Pearl Izumi X-Alp Summit - Arctic Black
      Pearl Izumi X-Alp Summit - Black/Black
      €170 €130 Save 24%

    Grounded in cycling, Pearl Izumi offers everything a cyclist needs to wear to achieve pleasant and joyful rides no matter the biking endeavor chosen. With 70 years of experience in the cycling industry, the brand has stayed successful by undergoing continuous improvements and innovations.

    Pearl Izumi cycling shoes have been considered one of the top-performing models in the industry. If you want to know more about the brand and their bike shoes, keep reading.

    Benefits of wearing Pearl Izumi women’s and men’s cycling shoes


    Best Pearl Izumi cycling shoes - May 2020

    Sleek and lightweight design

    Most bike shoes made by Pearl Izumi have a minimal and sleek aesthetic. From their road shoes to their MTB footwear, a lot of consumers love the polished look as it is easy to pair with most apparel and eliminates unnecessary weight.

    Made for comfort

    Keeping the wearer comfortable while tackling the day’s terrain is what Pearl Izumi bike shoes vow to provide. This ability is possible due to the footwear’s quality build. One of the features that make most Pearl Izumi shoes comfortable is the seamless upper construction. 


    The brand offers several styles of bike shoes. From sneaker- to hiking-inspired, patrons are presented with an option that could not only match their technical needs but also their personal style.

    Where are Pearl Izumi shoes made?

    When the brand was starting out in Japan, all the products were naturally made locally. But upon its US acquisition and later Shimano’s purchase of the brand, their products also moved in terms of where they are being made.

    Today, the brand is owned by the same proprietors of Shimano. Hence, it is safe to say that both brands’ merchandise are made in the same place/s. The countries that make Shimano’s products are China, Malaysia and Singapore.

    What are Pearl Izumi’s different bike shoe offerings?

    Every brand offers a different set of products to its clientele. For Pearl Izumi, their cycling shoes include road, mountain and triathlon. Continue reading to find out more about each type.


    Apart from its sleek looks, Pearl Izumi’s road shoes are generally characterized by perforated uppers and seamless construction. As for the closure systems, it ranges from laces to Velcro straps and BOA dials. Most shoes employing the BOA dials feature an asymmetrical lacing design, which helps prevent hot spots.

    Most models feature the traditional three-bolt cleat system, while others have the universal cleat design (2- and 3-bolt.) Sole materials vary from nylon composite to carbon composite and full carbon, which respectively ascends in degrees of power transfer.

    Here are some of their road shoe designs:

    • Pearl Izumi Select Road v5
    • Pearl Izumi Pro Leader v4


    The brand’s roster of mountain shoes displays a more casual aesthetic. Some resemble everyday sneakers, while others look more like light hiking shoes. Generally, they exude a rugged appeal without looking too bulky.

    Pearl Izumi MTB shoes employ the same types of retention systems as the previous category. However, lace-ups are more commonly used than the BOA dials. The reason behind this is that a lot of mountain cyclists fear that the BOA hardware might break while trekking the rugged trails.

    Down below, most of their MTB shoes feature EVA midsoles that provide added cushioning and vibration dampening. Soles feature aggressive rubber lugs for traction, while the cleat design either employ two-bolt or flat designs.

    Check out some of their MTB shoes:

    • Pearl Izumi X-Alp Summit
    • Pearl Izumi X-Alp Canyon


    Pearl Izumi triathlon cycling shoes feature seamless uppers for sockless comfort, while loads of perforation and vent pockets in the sole offer breathability and drainage. Velcro straps usually govern the lockdown to promote fast transitions and easy adjustability.

    Apart from the straps, prominent heel loops also aid in faster transitions. Sole materials vary from full carbon to carbon composite types, while cleat systems range from the universal type and three-bolt design.

    These are some models of Pearl Izumi tri shoes:

    • Pearl Izumi Tri Fly Select v6
    • Pearl Izumi Tri Fly Elite v6

    How do Pearl Izumi cycling shoes fit?

    Do Pearl Izumi bike shoes run small? How do I convert my size from US sizing to EU or vice versa? These are some of the frequent questions asked when it comes to the brand’s shoe sizing. 

    Each cycling brand designs its footwear differently. One company’s shoe could fit perfectly in size 8, but the next company’s size 8 might fit snug and cramped. Moreover, no two feet are shaped and sized the same. Hence, it is essential to measure your foot correctly and refer to Pearl Izumi or other brand’s size chart.

    On the other hand, a general consensus is often arrived on whether a specific model fits, is too narrow or too wide via user reviews. Based on Pearl Izumi shoe reviews, most of their models are rated to have a true to size fit.

    Frequently asked questions

    What is Pearl Izumi?

    And who owns Pearl Izumi?

    Pearl Izumi is a cycling brand based in Colorado, USA. Today, they are owned by another Japanese brand called Shimano, which was acquired in 2008. Pearl Izumi manufactures cycling apparel - such as bibs and shorts - and shoes.

    The company originated in Tokyo 70 years ago, in 1950. According to the brand site, it all started when the son of Kinji Shimizu joined the Japanese national cycling team and was given Italy-made jerseys. There was an extra piece of jersey, and it went to Kinji.

    It was nothing like he had ever seen before and inspired him to start the brand. This way, he also supported his son’s cycling endeavors.

    Is Pearl Izumi a good brand?

    This is a subjective question. One person might find this brand awesome because it offers all the components they require in their cycling merchandise, while the next person might not find it appealing solely because they do not like the brand’s aesthetic.

    A lot of factors determine if a brand is incredible. But if one of your criteria for a generally good brand includes offering products with excellent quality, innovative features and mostly ticks all the essential elements, then Pearl Izumi is a good brand.

    Is Pearl Izumi going out of business?

    As far as our research is concerned, the brand is doing well. This particular question has been circulating around the industry because the brand eliminated its running shoe category back in 2016. This sparked plenty of speculation that Pearl Izumi is nearing its end.

    But the brand continues to release new cycling merchandise and has even launched multiple campaigns, including “Go Good” in 2019, wherein they’re advocating for sustainability. 

    Which Pearl Izumi shoes are suitable for Peloton?

    Peloton is an indoor bike brand that became popular because of their innovative indoor bike product. The 22-inch touchscreen that comes with the bike can be used to access live and recorded classes, which provides individuals to work out in the comfort of their homes.

    Peloton indoor bikes use three-bolt cleat pedals. Hence, any Pearl Izumi shoes that employ a three-bolt cleat system would work well with Peloton bikes. Note that there are no specific Pearl Izumi shoes made for spinning. Nevertheless, a lot of indoor cyclists use footgear from the brand.

    Here are some models you can check out:

    • Pearl Izumi Tour Road
    • Pearl Izumi Race Road v5

    Where can I buy Pearl Izumi bike shoes?

    Every major cycling shop carries merchandise from the brand. You can check out your local bike shop during your free time. If you’re too busy and can’t find the time to go out, then online shops are the next best thing.

    Wiggle, Zappos, Competitive Cyclist and Amazon are some of the numerous online shops that stock Pearl Izumi cycling shoes. But to save you more time, energy and possibly money, RunRepeat has gathered all of these mentioned online shops’ pricing to make searching for the best deal easier.

    Pearl Izumi vs. Shimano shoes

    Since Shimano owns Pearl Izumi, many comparisons are being made between the two brands’ products, especially their cycling shoes. For an overview of the two companies’ bike shoe similarities and differences, check below.


    • Most footwear from both brands display sleek and minimal aesthetic.
    • Both companies’ shoes start somewhere in the $100 range.
    • Both brands use BOA as their choice of dial closure system.
    • Both share a mix of feedback when it comes to sizing.


    • Shimano offers more variety of shoe products compared to Pearl Izumi.
    • Shimano has models made specifically for indoor cycling.
    • Pearl Izumi primarily uses seamless upper construction for their shoes.
    • Shimano also includes bike parts in their roster of products.


    All in all, both brands offer cycling shoes with excellent quality and essential features. It all comes down to the individual’s personal preferences when one has to choose between Pearl Izumi and Shimano bike shoes.

    11 best Pearl Izumi cycling shoes

    1. Pearl Izumi Tour Road
    2. Pearl Izumi Pro Leader v4
    3. Pearl Izumi X-Alp Canyon
    4. Pearl Izumi Elite Road v5
    5. Pearl Izumi Race Road v5
    6. Pearl Izumi X-Alp Summit
    7. Pearl Izumi Tri Fly Select V6
    8. Pearl Izumi X-Alp Elevate
    9. Pearl Izumi X-Road Fuel v5
    10. Pearl Izumi X-Alp Divide
    11. Pearl Izumi Select Road v5