8 best Fizik road cycling shoes

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    Fizik is one of the front-running choices for many cycling enthusiasts who value excellently made bike shoes. Moreover, riders can’t get enough of the brand’s well-designed, sleek, and functional footwear, which is mostly found to be worth their money.

    Fizik road cycling shoes, in particular, are revered by plenty of athletes. The shoes are known for their polished and minimal aesthetic as well as efficiency on the bike. Numerous Fizik road bike shoes display various types of upper designs and employ several features to satisfy every consumer’s preference.

    What makes Fizik road cycling shoes stand out

    best Fizik road cycling shoes

    Best Fizik road cycling shoes - April 2020

    A number of the brand’s road shoes are consistently included in several best road bike shoe lists

    Anybody who would research on the top road shoes would find at least one Fizik model in every review checklist. For most, this is a sufficient reason to consider Fizik as one of the most trusted cycling shoe brands. Or at least one to check out and try for beginner cyclists.

    As of 2019, the Infinito R1 Knit is the most ubiquitous Fizik model you would find in various best road footwear lists. Apart from being worn in the World Tour so prominently, the shoe’s excellent performance and uncompromising comfort are the contributing factors for its popularity.

    Extensive design options

    From various collar heights to colorway options and different upper materials and closure systems, Fizik road shoes offer something for every type of cyclist. Newer releases feature matte finishings which are the latest trend in cycling shoes.

    Fizik offers several road shoes designed in collaboration with professional cyclists

    The company put together the Vento series to house their merchandise designed alongside pro riders. This informs the consumer that the products in this collection possess guaranteed features that are based on pro athletes' feedback, which ultimately aids in the wearers' performance. Moreover, being able to find them in one place makes it easier for the customer.

    Exceptional Italian craftsmanship

    Having been in the cycling industry for over 60 years, the Italian brand’s extensive background and knowledge in the sport are undisputable. Moreover, the world knows about how Italian-bred footwear manufacturers take pride in their meticulous crafting methods that result in impeccably built performance shoes.

    Anatomy of Fizik road bike shoes


    Road shoes made by Fizik mostly come in low-cut profiles, while a number employs high-cut collars for added warmth and protection during winter rides. A more significant amount of Fizik road shoes are designed for easy, on-the-fly adjustments. This is why these shoes display either BOA dials, micro straps, speed lacing or Powerstrap systems as fastening options. 

    The most common material used in the upper of Fizik road cycling shoes is the Microtex. This material is described to be made from 100% Polyester that's been knitted to be tough, quick to dry, breathable and shrink and stretch resistant. On the other hand, Triathlon-specific models usually employ either knit or mesh for their upper.

    Shoes in this section make use of several proprietary upper technologies to enhance the fit. These include Volume Control, Powerstrap, and Infinito. The Volume Control is responsible for accommodating different foot volumes, while the Powerstrap consists of long Velcro straps that interweave throughout the shoe's upper to provide a snug fit. 

    Lastly, the Infinito features textile webbing instead of plastic to prevent hotspots no matter how tight the fastening is closed. In several shoes, all three of these technologies are employed. Check out the Transiro Infinito R3 as an example.


    Fizik employs several types of outsole materials to provide the cyclist with their needs in power transfer and comfort. Some designs even feature vent holes in them to enhance breathability. The Italian brand utilizes three types of soles: carbon injected nylon, full carbon, and unidirectional carbon fiber.

    Carbon injected nylon soles are made from a mixture of carbon and nylon. This type is the most flexible out of all of Fizik’s outsoles. Full carbon soles, on the other hand, are crafted from pure carbon and are stiffer than the previous type. Lastly, unidirectional carbon fiber sole is the same as the full carbon option, but what sets it apart is that the fibers are designed in a single direction, making it the stiffest variation out of the three.


    The brand primarily uses two kinds of insoles. The first one is anatomically shaped footbed. It is vented and used on most Fizik models. The second type is called the Fizik Winter Edition Cycling Insole, which features fleece outer lining with insulating aluminum foil inside to keep the wearer warm despite the chilly weather. Both insole options are cushioned and shaped to hug the foot comfortably.

    Frequently asked questions

    Can I do the triathlon in Fizik road cycling shoes?

    The brand's road cycling section houses triathlon-specific shoes. These models are designed and engineered to aid in faster transitions and excellent drainage and quick drying. 

    To put it simply, Fizik's road-specific footwear isn’t made for triathlon races and might not work as efficient as the specialized models.

    Can I mountain bike in Fizik road shoes?

    Road shoes, in general, do not have sufficient features for the activity of mountain cycling. They don’t have the protection and grip essential to aid cyclists in rough terrains. So it is better to opt for mountain-specific models to prevent severe injuries and perform tricks and skills better.

    Are there Fizik road footwear for women?

    All of Fizik’s road shoes are crafted with unisex sizing. Hence, women can freely choose between models and just need to refer to the brand’s size chart to find the correct conversion to ladies’ sizes. It is also good to know that the Fizik R3B, R4B, and R5B models offer women-specific lasts. If the word Donna is present in the shoe’s official name, then that particular shoe has a fit designed after women-specific last.

    How much do Fizik road cycling shoes weigh?

    A pair of cycling shoes' weight could significantly contribute to the rider's success. Excessive weight from the footwear could deplete the cyclist with much-needed energy to pedal long-distance races. Hence, plenty of road cycling competitors appear to be very particular with their chosen shoes. 

    Fizik's road shoes have been included in plenty of lightest road shoe lists. The brand's current line-up is measured using a single shoe in men's 42. The weight range starts from 205 grams and stops at 506 grams. Triathlon-specific models fall between 476 grams and 503 grams.

    Where to buy Fizik road bike shoes?

    As a world-renowned cycling brand, Fizik is available in most sports shops and novelty bike shops, both physical and online. To save you some time, effort, energy, and maybe even money, we here at RunRepeat have gathered pricing and availability info from an extensive list of retailers. You can easily see and compare the most competitive prices for road cycling shoes. Moreover, everything you need to know – colorways, sizing, reviews, etc. – has been collated for you.

    How often should I replace my Fizik road shoes?

    Based on most feedback, Fizik shoes usually last a couple of years with consistent use. Since this type of shoe can't be walked in, the soles get very little wear. But what could damage it is the clipping in and out of the pedal and the pressure when pedaling. With this in mind, every footwear is different, and its lifespan could vary.

    Since you are the owner, it's you who could accurately tell when it's time to buy a new pair. Some telltale signs to watch out for are the degree of wear in the entire shoe, change in the stiffness of the sole and altered performance while in the saddle.

    Did you know…

    • The brand only started dishing out cycling shoes in the latter part of the year 2010.
    • The Fizik Infinito R1 has been worn by plenty of champion cyclists. Most recently, it was showcased by Geoffrey Bouchard during the 74th Vuelta race.
    • The Fizik Infinito R1 19 19 shoes are released as a commemoration of the Great War’s 100th year since it ended. It also marks the prestigious Giro d’Italia’s centenary celebration. This shoe is a limited edition and features a 360-degree reflective upper. It was worn by the following pro athletes in the 2019 Giro d’Italia event: Matteo Montaguti, Salvatore Puccio, Josef Cerny, and Lukasz Owsian.
    • The brand’s latest Tempo shoe range was introduced in early 2019. It is designed to provide versatility and enjoyable riding on concrete roads. The Fizik Tempo Overcurve R5 belongs in this collection.

    8 best Fizik road cycling shoes

    1. Fizik R5B
    2. Fizik Tempo Overcurve R5
    3. Fizik R4B
    4. Fizik Artica R5
    5. Fizik Aria R3
    6. Fizik Infinito R1 Knit
    7. Fizik Tempo Powerstrap R5
    8. Fizik Infinito R1