13 best Fizik cycling shoes

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    Mainly known for their exquisitely designed saddles, Fizik eventually branched out to cycling shoes as well. The brand’s name, which is officially stylized as fi’zi:k, is derived from the phonetic spelling of the word physique, which refers to the form or state of the body. Grounded by this definition, Fizik operates to provide excellent quality gear to enhance the individual’s physical state through the sport of cycling.

    If you want to know more about Fizik, read on.

    Classification of men’s and women’s Fizik cycling shoes

    best Fizik cycling shoes

    Best Fizik cycling shoes - April 2020

    Fizik groups their footwear into two main categories: road and triathlon. And to further provide ease and clarification to consumers, the brand also broke each type down into several disciplines and offered a number of collections with specific design elements. 


    This section consists of both road and triathlon-specific shoes. Fizik footwear that belongs under this umbrella generally has a sleek upper design, lightweight build, and easy on-the-fly closure system. Fastening methods include BOA dials, proprietary Powerstraps, and Velcro.


    Off-road bike shoes are often called MTB footwear by cycling enthusiasts. Shoes in this category are comprised of relatively bulkier and heavier designs. They are less breathable, more protective, and have more traction. The disciplines under Fizik's off-road section include the following: Cross country, cyclocross, all-mountain, and gravel.

    Transiro series

    Apart from categorizing their shoes according to use, Fizik also offers special designs that come in series. The Transiro series houses an array of triathlon-engineered footwear. They are constructed to provide efficient transitions and race performance. One of the shoes in this collection is the Fizik Transiro Infinito R3.

    Vento series

    The Fizik Vento series is made up of the brand’s race-based products that are designed in partnership with professional cyclists. It comprises of shoes from across disciplines, bike components, and accessories. A model you can check out that belongs in the series is the Fizik Vento Overcurve X3.

    Tempo series

    Merchandise from this set are all road cycling shoes engineered for versatility and comfort. These models could be used in several road cycling scenarios either in races, leisure cycling, or winter rides. Take the Fizik Tempo Powerstrap R5 as an example.

    Terra series

    All cycling models in this group are mountain bike shoes. They are designed to withstand any kind of terrain without compromising comfort and support. The Fizik Terra X5 is one of the models in the Terra series.

    Technologies applied in Fizik cycling shoes

    One of the many distinguishing factors between cycling brands are the technologies they employ in their footwear. Giro has the Techlace and Shimano has the Speed Lacing innovations. For Fizik, they created the following leading-edge features: Volume Control, Powerstrap, and Infinito to enhance their shoes' performance. Read below to know more about each innovation.

    Volume control

    According to the brand, any foot shape would comfortably fit in a pair that features the Volume Control technology. This innovation is comprised of a wrap-like upper design that works in conjunction with several types of closure systems but mainly BOA dials. It allows a customized fit in two separate areas: the instep and the forefoot. The Fizik Aria R3 employs this tech.


    Fizik's Powerstrap innovation takes the classic hook-and-loop strap closure and elevates it to the next level. It retains the hook-and-loop's swift fastening benefit, but it is designed to pull an extended part of the shoe's upper. The straps are longer and come wrapped over the majority of the shoe's top section. This system provides a more secure and enveloped fit despite how simple the closure technology is.

    Moreover, the straps can be positioned to stay put so that the shoe is wide open and ready for foot entry. This feature is especially helpful for triathletes. The Fizik Transiro Powerstrap R4 utilizes this innovation.


    The brand describes the Infinito as a closure system that usually works with Volume Control and other technologies. However, the Infinito tech is mainly in charge of the forefoot area. One of the models that feature this technology is the Fizik Infinito X1.

    Frequently asked questions

    How do Fizik cycling shoes fit?

    'How does a pair of shoes fit?' is always a tricky question to answer. With every foot differently shaped and every pair built individually, providing an answer that would be true for all is quite impossible. From sneakers to walking shoes the fit and sizing are extremely individual. However, you could take the following steps to get you nearer your ideally-sized pair. 

    • Research a specific brand's size chart. Note that each company provides different measurements. Measure your feet and find the correct shoe size based on the information you gathered.
    • Check out our reviews on almost every cycling shoe model. Click on a preferred model, and the fit and size info will be displayed.

    Which Fizik shoes are available in women’s sizes?

    The brand's site enlists all their men's models in the women's section as well. This must mean that their shoes are designed to be unisex and women need only find their correct size in the size chart. However, past releases such as the R4B and R5B come in women-specific lasts. These models feature an additional 'Donna' in their official names to make evident that it is women-specific.

    What spare parts does Fizik offer?

    Knowing which models feature replaceable parts and which components are being offered by the brand could provide excellent value for your money. These renewable sections lengthen the lifespan of your shoe. Check below for available Fizik cycling shoes spare parts.

    • Sailcloth closing straps
    • Aluminum buckle closure
    • BOA L6 kit for MTB shoes 
    • BOA L5 kit for MTB shoes
    • BOA IP1 kit for road shoes
    • Carbon buckle closure
    • Heel skid plates for the following models: Fizik M3, R3, R1

    Fizik also offers accessories such as waterproof winter overshoe and toe covers.

    How to take care of my cycling shoes?

    Taking good care of your bike shoes will not only aid in excellent performance but will also prolong the usage you get out of your investment. Here are a couple of tips you can try to tend to your Fizik cycling shoes.

    • Do not stand or place your shoes near heaters, oven, or anything that produces heat as it could damage the pair’s materials and adhesives.
    • After cycling in wet weather or trails, stuff paper towels or newspapers in the shoe to absorb moisture.
    • To clean your shoes, wipe with a damp washcloth. Or if dirt and stains are persistent, try gently brushing the area with a toothbrush and appropriate shoe cleaner solution.
    • Do not apply any harsh chemicals.
    • Keep them in a cool and dry storage, preferably out of the sunlight, to lengthen your pair’s lifespan.
    • Regularly clean buckles and other hardware and oil them with a silicone-based lubricant to maintain smooth function.

    Who are the athletes that ride for Fizik?

    Each brand sponsors several athletes as a way to support the industry and also as a marketing strategy. Fizik, in particular, employs some of the most well-known cyclists in the game. Check out some of the athletes that comprise the brand's lineup below.

    • Chris Froome
    • Alba Teruel
    • Eider Merino
    • Egan Bernal
    • Filippo Fortin
    • Gediminas Bagdonas
    • Cedric Gracia
    • Alessandro Degasperi
    • Cameron Wurf
    • Alicia Gonzalez

    A brief history of Fizik

    Fizik is an Italian brand that was officially introduced in 1996. It is the premium racing sub-brand of Selle Royal S.p.a, a company that was founded in 1956 and is known for being the world's largest saddle manufacturer. Fizik focuses on high-performance cycling, best known for its saddle designs. Apart from shoes and saddles, products include apparel, accessories such as bar tapes, and bike components such as handlebars.

    Fun facts about Fizik

    • According to the company, the label's phonetic form 'fi'zi:k,' visually symbolizes a sense of something technological and scientific.
    • Fizik takes pride in its unique production process. According to the brand, what makes it so one-of-a-kind is the passion that their employees have. Every step of the process is apparently all handmade, and the materials being utilized are high-tech and of premium quality. 
    • The brand was launched as a racing saddle brand. It wasn’t until 2010 that they ventured into the cycling shoe market.
    • An article states that the company’s products were at one point being designed in the U.S. and handcrafted in Italy.
    • Fizik occasionally releases special edition versions of their existing models. An example is the Fizik Aria 101. A model designed in collaboration with footwear artist Simon Fellows. It was released to celebrate the 101st Giro d'Italia.
    • Rumors are swirling in the cycling world that the company's newer saddle designs feature the 3D printing technology.
    • In 2019, Fizik has partnered with Transcontinental Race, an ultra-distance cycle race that takes place across Europe. It is widely recognized as one of the most challenging endurance races in the industry. It starts in July in Bulgaria.
    • The brand also collaborated with the Santa Cruz Syndicate downhill racing team. Together, they designed saddles. Some of the most well-known riders that chose Fizik’s MTB saddles are Greg Minnaar, Luca Shaw, and Loris Vergier.

    13 best Fizik cycling shoes

    1. Fizik Terra X5
    2. Fizik R5B
    3. Fizik Tempo Overcurve R5
    4. Fizik R4B
    5. Fizik Artica R5
    6. Fizik Artica X5
    7. Fizik Aria R3
    8. Fizik Infinito R1 Knit
    9. Fizik Tempo Powerstrap R5
    10. Fizik Vento Overcurve X3
    11. Fizik Infinito R1
    12. Fizik Terra Powerstrap X4
    13. Fizik Infinito X1