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7 reasons to buy

  • The exceptional comfort from the Converse Chuck II Low Top is what the majority of the critics praised about the silhouette.
  • A lot of the users said that the Chucks II has better cushioning compared to the original Chucks All Star.
  • Several buyers were glad about the removable insert because according to them, it is easier for them to replace in case they find the Lunarlon inserts too thick.
  • The ability of the shoe to correspond to various ensemble gave satisfaction to the consumers.
  • The classic colorways of the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star are also offered for the Converse Chuck II Low Top.
  • A handful of consumers noted that they definitely recommend the sneaker.
  • The budget-friendly price point of the sneaker is favorable to many.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A few reviewers complained about the Converse Chuck II Low Top to be too narrow.
  • One of the buyers pointed out that he/she got blisters when wearing the sneaker the first time and just for after about 30 minutes of wearing.

Bottom line

A classic shoe with a touch of modern technology comes the Converse Chuck II Low Top. As a successful make-over of the Chucks All Star, the shoe still keeps its classic image while providing enhanced comfort, better support, exact fit, and a more trendy appeal.

Though the price of this kick is slightly higher compared to the original Chucks, it still falls directly at a budget-friendly price range. With the aesthetically classic vibe the Converse Chuck II Low Top gives off, one can never go wrong with these sneakers.



A top rated sneaker
A top rated Converse sneaker

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The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star is known to run even a full size bigger on foot. With the Converse Chuck II Low Top, the iterations made by the brand had allowed the shoe to offer a better foot size accommodation and a rather snug and comfortable fit due to the enhancement of the materials used for the construction of the shoe.

This unisex, low-top shoe is offered in men’s sizing ad women can get a pair by deducting two full sizes to accommodate their sizing.

Stepping up the game, the Converse Chuck II Low Top displays a more modern design and yet still pays tribute to its roots. The simplicity of the image of the sneaker, with its sleek, clean, and aesthetical design, flaunts a rather fashion-forward appeal that conveys flexibility in style.

The Converse Chucks All Star since its birth has proven time and time again that it is a multi-purpose sneaker. Its outstanding ability to blend in effortlessly into the world of fashion from being an athletic shoe has led the iconic silhouette to become a household name to different generations. It has even marked a concrete stature in the punk nation as the Chucks All Star is an essential recipe for a punk style or get-up.

A blend of sporty and casual style fills the silhouette. With the hint of the modern touch given to this version of the Chucks, an edgy appeal is being showcased, making it suitable for both a semi-formal or street-style use.

Throw in a pair of black, skinny jeans, favorite bad tee, and finished up with a leather jacket or a dark-colored hoodie, and one can achieve the punk or the rock star look. A combination of a pair of dark-colored, fitted jeans, t-shirt or button up, topped off with a coat, and one’s good to go for a semi-formal event.

The unmistakable design of the Chucks All Star is one of the factors that make up for the iconic image of the silhouette. From the basketball shoe profile of the sneaker to its every little detail such as the ankle patch, the silhouette manifests a vintage sporty design that leaves a steady image in everyone’s memory.

With the Converse Chuck II Low Top, the brand gave minor changes on the design. The low-top sneaker still offers the classic look of the Chucks All Star yet with a touch of the modern trend. The poly-blend canvas that was used for the upper of the sneaker is lighter, stronger, and more durable than the material used for the original version. One can notice it more through the touch.

The aglets are longer than those in the original Chucks. The colorways of the Converse Chuck II Low Top also adds on the attractiveness of the sneaker as it displays an aesthetical appeal that easily catches the attention of buyers.

The design of the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star remained constant for as long as it existed and it has become a huge factor behind the silhouette’s iconic image.

Converse, then, made a creative and innovative decision of bringing this remarkable sneaker into the present generation and update its design. But the journey into the renovation of the silhouette’s design was not easy. The team encountered some challenges and huge decision-making sessions. The team was also careful enough not to mess up and to still pay tribute to the heritage of the shoe during the design upgrade.

   First off: Where did the name Chuck II” come from?

Thinking and deciding what to call this new version of the Chuck Taylor All Star was a little bit of a struggle. The team sat down and even had a few arguments on what to name the new Chucks. It was then their marketing guru who named suggested the name “Chuck II” that stuck and became the official name of the silhouette.

   What are the upgrades made to the new version of the Chucks All Star?

To be able to create an improved version of an iconic silhouette without ruining its heritage, the design team took more than a year to create a material that they would apply to the Chuck II. They were able to produce a kind of canvas that is stronger, lighter, and more reliable than the one used for the original Chucks. This change is only more recognizable through touch.

The upgraded version of the Chucks All-Star was given the 360-degree-comfort treatment that allows the foot to have a more cushioned feel. It also gives a more snug fit to the wearer, making the shoe more true to size compared to the original which was known to fit a size larger.

Other differences between the Chucks All Star and the Chuck II includes the ankle patch, the aglets, the memory foam that was added to the tongue which also was a bit challenging since it has to be an accurate amount, the natural gum rubber sole which was exclusive to the Chuck II, and the full-length Lunarlon sockliner.

The Converse Chuck II Low Top, though enhanced in many ways, and yet staying true to its roots, proved that it truly is a Chucks All Star legacy.

  • The Converse Chuck II Low Top may be purchased at a discounted price in some retailers.
  • Converse branding on the tongue of the shoe.
  • One can observe the padded non-slip tongue Microsuede lining.
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