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      Nike golf shoes

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      1. Any color
        Nike React Vapor 2 - Multicolore Black Metallic White White 001 (BV1135001)
        Nike React Vapor 2 - White/Metallic Cool Grey/White (BV1135101)
        Nike React Vapor 2 - White/Metallic White/Midnight Navy (BV1135100)
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      2. Any color
        Nike Golf Tour Premiere - Multicolore Black Metallic Silver Anthracite 001 (AO2241002)
        €230 €88 Save 62%
      3. Any color
        Nike Roshe G Tour - Black Summit White (AR5580001)
        Nike Roshe G Tour - White Blue White 101 (AR5580101)
        Nike Roshe G Tour - Black Black 007 (AR5580007)
        Nike Roshe G Tour - White (AR5579105)
        Nike Roshe G Tour - White Hot Punch Green 103 (AR5580103)
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      buy nike golf shoes for men and women

      best Nike golf shoes

      Best Nike golf shoes - February 2020

      "Just Do It" has always been the mantra of the brand in all endeavors that it took. When it entered the golf industry, the brand carried that principle. And, they naturally did it. 

      Nike Golf is a division of a larger company, Nike Inc. It operates as a separate entity. While its success did not happen overnight, the brand was able to prove itself and muddle through different looks and technologies that would better its work. Currently, the Swoosh offers a selection of footwear and apparel. It continues to strive to excel in its arena by infusing the best technologies to help the athlete also be the best version of himself.

      Nike Golf Icons

      Nike has been a household name in the performance footwear category. In fact, it is a staple and go-to brand among beginners, professionals, and those falling in the middle of the spectrum.  

      Throughout its history, it produced notorious silhouettes that up until now, are refashioned and tweaked to keep up with modernity and needs of a particular sport. The golfing community certainly found a knack on their existing styles. Understandably, remodeling these icons as golf-ready pieces evidently show their timelessness and versatility.

      Air Max

      A core collection of the brand, this first Tinker Hatfield creation deserves all the recognition that it could get. The introduction of the Air unit in the sole brought a new light to the shoe industry. The simple element created such an impact that up until now, it remains to be used on plenty of Nike shoes.

      When it was redone as a golf shoe, it was blessed with the name Air Max 1 G. It carries the same profile as its predecessor. However, it is infused with certain advancements like the Articulated Integration Traction. It helps wearers attain the extra traction that they need for all-conditions play. 


      As the first track shoe produced by the Swoosh, many consider this as the brand's piece de resistance. The runner may have taken time off on the shelves, but its comeback as a trendy retro item illustrates that it is here to stay.

      It may have found its purpose in the running and lifestyle scene. But dominating the course displays that nothing can make it stop. The Cortez G is offered in women's sizes only. The distinct saw-toothed outsole remains as its signature element along with the large Swoosh on the sides. 


      Roshe was first released in the market in 2012. The shoe was meant to enter the minimalist runner group. The inspiration for the design was drawn from the balance and simplicity of Zen Buddhist gardens. Because of this, what is meant to shine peaked through naturally. 

      Using the millennial term, Roshe can be described as swagless. But it is surprisingly loved by many. The shoe seamlessly fits in the athleisure trend, and its versatile style belongs to most occasions. The cheap price point is the icing on the cake. 

      By concept, the Roshe seems to be unfit with the primary classifications of golfers. However, the Roshe G golf rendition is a style level higher. 


      The first Nike Dunk was introduced in 1985 as an entry for basketball. But, because it was released almost simultaneously with the Air Force 1, the popularity that it deserved became out shadowed. 

      On its return, skaters were the ones who appreciated its low-top facade. The features and cushioning system are some of the attributes that were taken notice of. When the Swoosh also adopted it as part of the lineup, specific improvements were applied, and the well-known "fat tongue" was injected. The Dunk became a collection composed of different colorways and materials. 

      When Nike Golf embraced the Dunk in 2012, the franchise paid tribute to how the product celebrated personal expression and individualism. Aside from the waterproof leather upper and spikes, the Nike Dunk NG was released in several vibrant colorways, something that is quite unusual for golf shoes. 


      One doesn't need to be skate fanatic to know the Janoski. The skater is one of the most renowned skateboarders. His shoe, on the other hand, is one of the most recognizable silhouettes produced by Nike. 

      As a member of the Nike SB line, it brought diversity to what is a dominated place by the Dunk. Unlike the usual skateboarding footwear, the Janoski features a minimalist aesthetic. Other than that, golfers find much appreciation on the better board feel.

      Welcoming the Janoski in golf proves that anything is possible. The ruggedness of skateboarding may be the opposite of golf, but somehow, it makes perfect sense.

      Technologies used in Nike golf shoes

      Even though golf shoes are not a requirement, sporting a pair can significantly help improve one's game. The technologies are what sets this footwear apart from the others. As the leader in its domain, Nike formulates some of the most effective ones. Here are some of the most popular technologies used in Nike golf trainers:


      • Softspikes Pulsar

      The Softspikes is a reputable and household name in the spikes category. The Pulsar edition is made up of a polymer material to induce maximum traction and ensuring green-friendliness. 

      The design of the cleats has a reactive web geometry to improve energy return, comfort, and durability. Each leg is designed with a tangential angle to increase stability and strength. 

      • Articulated Integrated Traction 

      Nike's Articulated Integrated Traction ups the competition of the spikeless game. It sports an asymmetrical design to decouple the lateral forefoot and the medial heel. Through this separation, the footwear attains better ground feel and balance.


      • Zoom Air

      Zoom Air is a proven cushioning system that was launched twenty years ago. Given its benefits, it is often seen on many Nike shoes.

      It is built with tightly stretched tensile fibers encased in a Nike Air unit. When pressure is placed, it results in fiber compression. It protects the foot from impact and returns to shape, causing a responsive and energetic rebound. 

      Running shoes highly benefited from Zoom Air. Golf shoes are also taking advantage of this as the return comes beneficial on long-distance walking and swings. 

      • Lunarlon

      Lunarlon is probably one of the most popular midsole advancements. It is not only applied to different sports shoes but also to other brands under Nike like Converse.  

      This type of technology includes two textures of foam. The first is a soft and flexible cushion, and it is positioned at the front. It is meant to spread the area evenly. The back part, on the other hand, serves as an excellent partner as it brings balance by springing the energy back up. 

      • Max Air Technology

      It is the simplest and most natural matter that can ever be used in footwear. Air technology is composed of nitrogen which is encapsulated in a flexible and robust unit. 

      Since its introduction in 1987, the Air technology has gone through several renovations. One of the most notable implementations is the use of recycled materials in the Air Unit sole. 

      Players can rely on this technology for their golfing needs too. The impact protection that it emits comes in useful for forceful swings. The Air is also synonymous to being lightweight, which is always a plus point to almost every performance footwear. 

      • Nike React

      Nike React rooted from the demands of runners. However, after hearing all their demands, it seems that it is almost impossible to meet them, but Nike managed. They wanted a lightweight, durable, responsive, and extremely comfortable shoe all in one. But, looking at the existing materials at the time, some of these criteria had to be compromised, until the React. 

      This advancement was only launched in 2017 and was initially used on basketball kicks. If Adidas has the Boost, Nike boasts of the React. It is 11% softer and gives off 13% more energy than the brand's usual energy-returning foam. 


      • Flywire

      There are different technologies and shoes that are formulated from different inspirations. Flywire is a perfect example. This upper material is drawn from NASA's use of Vectran. 

      These lightweight and extremely durable strings are injected only on strategic areas. They facilitate a no-slip and secure fit. Other than golf shoes, basketball also employs the Flywire. 

      • Flyweave

      Though it bears similarity to the previously mentioned, the Flyweave is crafted through a delicate weaving process. The procedure results in a one-piece product, and the composition of the material moves with the foot's natural motion as it acts as a second skin. 

      Each section can be engineered and tweaked based on the support needed. With this, golf isn't the only sport that can benefit from this. 

      What is the difference between Flyknit and Flyweave?

      Flyknit made its debut in 2012 in the athletic footwear design realm. Other than being trendy, several benefits come with it. Breathability and a sock-like fit are just some of them. 

      The process of knitting involves multiple loops of yarn and results in rows of interlocking loops. This technology has transformed the industry because it drastically reduced waste. 

      Flyweave uses the same principle but uses a more advanced process. The weaving is computer-aided, which allows creators to personalize the upper construction. The durability, stability, and strength can all be accounted for when creating the shoe. 

      This feature allows it to be tweaked depending on the requirements of the sport. Crafted to be a "bionic second skin," golf can benefit much from this as it permits the maximum natural range of motion with its flexible and supportive fit. 

      • Nikeskin

      The first to be blessed with this technology were football shoes. It comes with different perks that Nike Golf also found it advantageous when it was injected into their products. 

      Nikeskin is a blend of breathable mesh and supportive polyurethane material. It is treated with All Conditions Control to guarantee maximum performance in wet and dry conditions. 

      • FastFit

      The closure system has always been a feature that many footwear brands have been experimenting with ever since. It comes as a necessity for golf because the fit is as essential as comfort. 

      FastFit was initially introduced in basketball footwear. The frequent adjustments on the court come as an inconvenience for most. The innovative lacing system answers this by letting the users get instant lockdown through a single pull.

      Nike Golf vs. Adidas Golf

      The rivalry between these two brands has long been existing and seems to be applying to almost every sports category. Though both bear similarities, each boasts something unique. For Nike, these are the qualities that make them stand out. 

      • Familiarity is its friend

      Unlike the Three Stripes, Nike commonly uses many of its iconic silhouettes. Because the golfers are accustomed to the looks, it is easy to connect with the piece. More so, it allows Nike fans not to miss street-ready items. 

      • Look forward to limited edition

      Nike Golf has been implementing strategies that are quite similar to its sneakers collections. Exclusive items and unexpected collaborations are some of them. It creates a link to fashion-savvy golfers and makes the whole outfit possess a certain flair. Moreover, because these items are limited, it creates not only hype but something to look forward to. 

      • The rare high-top is more common

      Because freedom on the ankles is important during a swing, low-top profiles are more common. Nike, however, mixes it up and makes high-tops available to those who prefer it.  

      • They know how to have fun with colors

      Golf is known to be a traditional sport, and that translates on its style. Because of this, golf shoes usually come in neutrals. Nike, however, is different. Though the brand offers a vast selection of whites, grays, and blacks, vibrant colors are also usually injected on plenty of its footwear.

      Highlights of Nike Golf

      • 1984 - Nike launched the newest addition to its sports family, golf. Consequently, the first shoe released, the "Turnberry" was a successful hit. 
      • 1985 - Known to have great relationships with athletes, Nike signed its first golfer, Seve Ballesteros. He is the first official person to sign an endorsement deal under this category. 
      • 1990 - The first commercial was set in motion, and it was called "The Big Swing. It featured Curtis Strange and Peter Jacobsen, some of the most celebrated players in the history of the sport. The first waterproof product called the Air Classic Plus, and Air Waverly were released during this time. 
      • 1996 - One of the most distinguished names in the industry, Tiger Woods, signed a deal with the brand. Along with the contract, Nike launched campaigns like "Hello World" and "I'm Tiger Woods" as well as Tiger-branded items. 
      • 2009 - The lightest golf shoe became available in the market in the form of the Air Zoom Vapor.

      Interesting Facts about Nike Golf

      • The year 2013 was a big hit for the brand as it welcomed several players to its roster. They are Kyle Stanley, Nick Watney, Throrbjorn, and Seung Yun Noh.
      • Tiger Woods and Nike's relationship is not like any other as it stood the test of time. The four contracts that were signed are living proof. Concerning that, their contact remained intact despite the blunder that the athlete faced in 2009. 
      • The latest golf shoe collaboration released by Nike Golf is a reiteration of the Nike Air Max 1 G. In alliance with Realtree, the iconic footwear gets outfitted with a camouflage upper. It is also contrasted with a vibrant orange outsole. 
      • The Swoosh definitely knows its way around commercials. The more recent one caused tears to many because it featured Woods' fifth Master's win. 
      • Nike Golf was not an instant success when it was first launched. Its popularity, though, soared upon signing Tiger Woods.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Can beginners also use Nike golf shoes?

      Because professional players like Tiger Woods consistently wear the Swoosh, it can create that impression that only those competing have the guts to wear it.

      Wrong. What is great about the selection of Nike shoes is that there is one for everyone. It answers the different needs of the golfer, be it budget, feature, or style, so finding one wouldn't be such a dilemma.

      Is it possible to get an affordable golf shoe from Nike?

      Yes. As mentioned, the selection of budget-friendly golf shoe options from Nike is plenty. These cheap options, priced below $100, also meet the basic demands of golf.

      When should I replace my Nike pair?

      Though durability has been one of the usual attributes that golfers look for in a shoe, the one that will last a lifetime shall still be invented. In the meantime, when the athlete’s performance is lackluster, it signals replacement. Switching to a new one depends on how often each pair is worn. Here are some of the tell-tale signs that it is time for a fresh one:

      • Loss of traction. Slipping on the course is not only embarrassing, but it is also dangerous. If the previously grippy shoe makes the foot slide, especially on wet and hilly areas, it is a call for a change. 
      • Insoles are worn out. Comfort is the priority that one looks for in golf shoes. When a supposedly cushiony sole causes foot pain, getting a new one is a must. 
      • Nubs on the spikeless shoes are ruined. One of the disadvantages of spikeless golf shoes is that its lugs cannot be replaced. As a result, when the nubs get destroyed, it's time for a new pair.

      Do Nike golf shoes come with waterproofing warranty?

      There are some pieces included in Nike's golf selection that come with a waterproofing warranty. Usually, the brand gives one or two years. The reason for this is not all of those included in Nike's roster are waterproof.

      Any suggestions on how to clean the item?

      If the performance on the course is vital, then taking care of the shoe should come as a priority. Cleaning is a huge part of its maintenance. Below are some of the simple steps that can be followed:

      • Dry brushing isn't reserved for the body, but it is also a highly suggested step in maintaining the shoe's pristine condition. Using a soft-bristled shoe brush or an old toothbrush should get rid of the dirt on the exterior. 
      • Concoct a mild cleaning solution by mixing a mild detergent and warm water. 
      • Take off the laces and clean them using the mixture. Rinse and let it dry. 
      • Brush the shoe with the solution using a soft-bristled brush. 

       The brand discourages machine-washing as it can damage the material and shape. The same effect can also happen if harsh chemicals and tools are used. 

      Aside from Tiger Woods, who are the other athletes that are sponsored by Nike?

      Sponsorships given to top athletes is not an unusual strategy for Nike. In fact, carrying the Swoosh is synonymous to having won a competition, and it serves as something prestigious.

      Being a global sport, the brand also partners with golfers from different parts of the countries. Some of them include Patrick Reed, Chris Wood, and Alex Noren. 

      Some professionals like Woods also signed long-term contracts. Jason Day and Rory Mcllroy are some of them.