We spent 7.6 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what soccer players think:

6 reasons to buy

  • Several indoor soccer players were impressed with the soccer cleat’s natural ball touch.
  • Many testers felt that the indoor cleat offers a snug fit due to the 360 Agility Bandages wrapping the entire upper.
  • Some players liked the removable sock liner that provided proper cushioning for the footbed.
  • A good number of users find the overall striped design to be cool and fashionable.
  • Some reviewers mentioned that the indoor cleat is easy to slip on with its Dual Lock Collar.
  • A couple of users can attest to the durability of the Nemeziz Tango 17+ 360 Agility Indoor after playing with it in several sessions.

3 reasons not to buy

  • A small number of users thought that the indoor cleat offers a poor lockdown sensation.
  • Some reviewers were surprised that the cleat felt heavier contrary to how it looks.
  • The primary complaint of one of the reviewers is the outsole’s flat surface that does not offer enough traction.

Bottom line

The Adidas Nemeziz Tango 17+ 360 Agility Indoor is an interesting cleat from the inside and out. Coming from the Nemeziz line-up, the cleat features the fashionable signature stripes that are loved by many. More than its aesthetic value, the indoor cleat offers that type of fit that anatomically wraps the foot with its Agility Bandages. For indoor players who value comfort on top of their checklist, Nemeziz Tango 17+ 360 Agility Indoor should be on top of the list.

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Expert reviews:

  • The Nemeziz Tango 17+ 360 Agility Indoor features elements quite similar to its firm ground variation. For one, its upper is dominantly wrapped with 360 Agility Bandages. The upper material is arranged overlapping each other to follow the shape of the foot anatomically. It offers a comfortable sensation that is reinforced by Agility Knit 2.0 found in the forefoot, another material intended for a thin natural sensation in the strike zones. This feature is also found in the upper of the Adidas Nemeziz 18.1 Firm Ground.
  • The same bandage is used for the cleat’s Dual Lock Collar, the laceless cleat stretchable opening. Its elastic quality brings secure lockdown to the cleat. It also doubles as a support for the ankles.
  • Similar to its firm ground cleats variation, the internal heel lining is made from synthetic suede. Another part of the cleat that is made from suede is its sock liner. The liner is a single layer of foam that offers the appropriate cushioning for indoor play.
  • Named as the Torsion, the indoor cleat’s outsole is made from rubber. It is constructed to work best on indoor and flat surfaces.

The indoor soccer cleat is available in standard sizes in men’s version only. The recommended fit is true-to-size. The 360 Agility Bandages gives the foot a stretchable and adjustable fit in the absence of the laces. Additionally, its Agility Knit 2.0 conforms to the shape of the foot in the forefoot area. The combination of both upper materials creates a hugging sensation to the foot.

The outsole material of Adidas Nemeziz Tango 17+ 360 Agility Indoor is made from rubber that offers adequate traction on indoor and flat surfaces.

The plate has two separate parts installed in the forefoot and heel area. Both parts are patterned with a combination of textures suited for indoor play. The central area is constructed with a curved line pattern matching the stripes theme of the upper, while the Adidas logo is placed in the heel area.

The soccer cleat’s upper is inspired by the process of sports taping. It is especially apparent with the overlapping 360 Agility Bandages from the forefoot to the heel. The bandages are stretchable and allow the foot to move naturally. As the bandages are sewn to each other, the cleat provides a foot-hugging sensation.

In addition to the elastic bandages, the AgilityKnit 2.0 is constructed in the forefoot area to serve the same function. Straight out of the box, Adidas guarantees a new fit experience with the said material. It is a high quality knitted material known for its soft and flexible qualities.

An overlay film is fused in the borders of the forefoot. The material maintains the upper’s elasticity, preventing overstretching.

The Dual Lock Collar serves as the cleat’s opening. The collar is made from the same Agility Bandages that wraps the entire upper. It is embedded with tiny silicone strips to provide friction while slipping the cleat on. With this mechanism, the foot can slide on with secure lockdown even without the laces.

For the cleat’s cushioning, a removable synthetic suede sock liner is installed in the footbed. The heel liner is also made from the same synthetic material. Both parts offer the cleat its comfort element internally.

  • The following colorway options are available for the indoor shoe:  Legend Ink / Solar Yellow / Energy Blue, Black/White & Solar Orange / Core Black / Core Black