We spent 9.2 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what hikers think:

4 reasons to buy

  • Some of the runners commented that the Inov 8 ROCLITE 345 GTX is comfortable.
  • According to several testers, the foot stayed warm and dry throughout the run.
  • Based on reviews, the shoe provided excellent traction on ice and snow.
  • One of the users noted that the 345 GTX offers enough foot protection.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Several buyers said that the Inov 8 ROCLITE 345 GTX runs small.
  • The shoe strings of the shoe are too thin, according to a purchaser.
  • A reviewer said that it feels too stiff.

Bottom line

The Inov-8 Roclite 345 GTX has gained the approval of many because of its excellent traction, especially on slippery and snowy running surfaces. Although some of them had issues with its size, shoelaces, and stiffness others still lauded the shoe because of how comfortable it feels throughout the run. Overall, the Roclite 345 GTX is a good option for those who are looking for a grippy, waterproof running shoe.



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A top rated Inov-8 hiking shoe
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Expert Reviews

90 / 100 based on 12 expert reviews

  • 98 / 100 |

    Trekking with the Inov-8 Roclite 345 GTX

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    As a rookie to the trekking scene, I was keen to try out this innovative hiking and running boots.

    You've seen the hype, now it's time to enjoy the feeling of a very well thought out trekking and running boot. It is built for comfort, technical terrain, and classy performance.

    On arrival, these looked very narrow. They are a Grade 1 in the Inov-8 width sizing scale.



    I can't say as I truly appreciated what this meant, but let me tell you what I found out after some research and trails later.
    A Grade 1, suited me as a very normal size 7 ladies street shoe, trying out a size 7.5 UK size was perfect.

    What felt like a very minimal sole, with incredible response and feel for the terrain underfoot also offered a surprising amount of comfort and cushioning. With Goretex outer, everything on these shoes is flexible.

    The detail of a "narrow fit" which might well normally put me off, was an absolute pleasure and a delight for the trail walker, and runners feet.
    Also on arrival, it was incredibly difficult not to notice how lightweight these 345g boots are.


    Wow, 345 grams! To put that into perspective, 345grams is two and a half decks of cards. For two shoe, some 81 playing cards in your palm.

    I tried these trekking, running boots out in March, April around the south downs, North Wales, Lancaster and on a working trip to Morocco on multi-terrain, roads, tracks, trails, fell, grass and chalk.


    They are made of Goretex breathable mesh. On heading out on a frosty morning they proved to be breathable yet didn’t take on any water. How very refreshing not to have a big shoe on and have dry feet.

    Also taking them through mud and streams, nothing seemed to stick to this shoe, yet my feet remained fresh and dry. To this end, I cannot recommend them enough, and they will be a firm favorite in my bag in the future.



    For traveling this made life very easy to, weight and smell were really kept to a minimum. Heavenly.

    They also kept my foot cool in the heat of Morocco. Seemingly the shoe for all occasions, warm or cool.


    The laces on the latest batch of Inov-8 seem at first glance to be very slim lined.

    Hoping desperately they were not going to be elasticated and hold my foot too tightly, or worse still stretch on every wear.

    Yet again another worry was put to bed. The laces are not stretchy and the eyes are made from a flexible material that allows the foot to move freely and flex, never once feeling inhibited.



    The laces carry on further up the ankle and give a nice degree of support to the joint, working hand in hand with the contouring design of the top of the boot.

    That didn’t rub at all on the ankle over a short period or for three days trekking.

    A firm close fit was ensured through the mud as well as over flint and roots.


    The inner sole has a cushioned ride, power flow midsole.

    With a drop of 8mm and a footbed of 6mm, the midsole stack of 16mm /8mm feels like a lot less when attached to the graphene-enhanced G Grip outer sole.

    The footbed was so comfortable I wouldn’t even begin to hesitate to wear these on a multi-day event.


    In true Inov-8 style, the grip did not disappoint. The G Grip triangular grips, I’ve gotten to know, release the mud, dirt, sticks, and stones that like to try and collect in the grips of normal shoes.

    Offering superior grip on steep ascents and moss-covered descents on the mountainous terrain of the mole valley hills through bracken and lose scree. 


    My opinion on these shoes really cemented on heading to the hills in North Wales and Lancaster while weight bearing ascending and descending jogging with a 10kg weighted vest, up some of the steepest hills I have had the pleasure of trekking over.

    Through three days, they proved themselves to be sure footed and lightweight over any terrain. It took a little while for me to get used to the idea of running in an ankle high boot but they never once rubbed. Even after three days out and about.

    I wish I’d known about these sooner, to be honest, I’ve raved about them since my return.

    Ankle support

    Tabbing and weight bearing while trekking over 16k of multi-terrain gave me the very best idea on just how these respond and support the ankle.

    I wanted to understand what the ankle boot could truly offer, and they without a shadow of a doubt, performed. My ankles felt safe, my step felt secure and there was no movement what so ever.

    Over three days, they performed and gave me exactly the same enjoyment as they did the first day.


    I’m going to be wearing these when I’m 100 if they carry on the way they have started!


    If I was going to point any slight hindrance out, it would be you have to loosen the laces right off every time you take the boots on and off. This could be because of the handy flexible eyes the laces weave through.

    Also, if anyone was looking to wear these on a mandatory boot event, it is worth noting the lace eyes only come up one eye, possibly two of the ankle joint.

    I’m aware some people prefer to have two to three above the ankle joint to truly offer support when weight bearing.


    The grip has performed time and time again through sticky mud, water, frost, hills, mountains, and some serious ascent and descents through into firm fast ground on scree.

    Without a doubt, the lightweight attributes this shoe has is a huge bonus to the trekking world and is incredibly quick drying and durable.

    They ooze confidence and open the door to running while in a supported boot without fear of clipping stones or roots in a heavier boot.



    The price tag seems incredibly reasonable for a boot that is going to last a long time, with no wear whatsoever visible over either of the shoes.

    On a side note, traveling with these was incredibly easy, they pack well, weight nothing, smell as good as they did on arrival and hold no water while giving air to the foot and allowing the foot to breathe all day long.

    I’d take these anywhere with total confidence and encourage anyone else to try running in a supported trekking boot too. They have changed how I view a trekking boot and my idea on trekking as a whole. 

  • 85 / 100 |

    Indestructible Inov-8 Roclite G 345 GTX shoes

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    The Inov-8 Roclite G 345 GTX shoes are more of a hiking boot than a trail running shoe. They are light enough to run, but sturdy enough for some hike through difficult terrain.

    They have a Gore-Tex liner to keep your feet dry in any condition, and they seem built to last a long time. You can feel like you can plow through any terrain with these shoes.



    Right out of the box, these shoes looked built to last with a lot of traction. They come with a big tag that says Gore-Tex with information about that. I had to try them out in the water first.

    I put my feet into a puddle of water for about five seconds, and my feet stayed dry. They seem waterproof to me. However, I would not recommend staying in the water longer than a few seconds at a time, I think water will get through eventually.



    I read a little about the shoe before I received them, and I saw that they run a little small. Actually, maybe they just run a little narrow.

    I ordered a half size bigger, but I do not think that was a wise decision. The shoes, a half size bigger than what I normally would wear, were just a little too long for me. The width seems fine, so I wished I ordered my normal size.


    Notice these are high, like boots. That feature is not the best for long runs. When I first received the shoes, I went for a muddy trail run. The shoes held up in the terrain just fine, but they did not feel very comfortable.

    My ankles feel a little restricted trying to run fast in these shoes. In fact, above the outside of my left ankle, where the boots get up to, was very tender after the first run. I had to take the next few day off of these shoes.



    The shoes do feel comfortable, but a little long for me as I said earlier. The shoes do run a little narrow.

    You can tie up the long thin laces tight to keep the boots in place on your feet. However, the thin round laces are to stay tied without a double knot.

    The Gore-Tex feature is a great feature for all weather, especially when it is cold and wet outside. If you are looking for something cooler for hot days, you may go with something more breathable, but that will in turn eliminate the waterproof feature.

    The shoes have protection all around, so they should last.

    Now being more of a high-top shoe, you may think there is less chance you will get rocks in your shoes on a trail run. I kind of felt like it was the opposite. The shoes are not that tight at the top because they go over your ankle.

    Gaiters may be a good idea for trail running or hiking, but I have not tried that yet.



    Well I do not think you buy these shoes for a lot of cushion or for something light for fast running.

    There is enough cushion to run or hike over any terrain. I never noticed walking on top of sharp rocks, the shoes have enough protection.



    Inside the shoes, it feels pretty flat. There is no big arch support. Feel free to put your own insole in because there should be enough room in these boots.

    The shoes are very sturdy without a lot of flexibility. There is not a lot of responsiveness either for running. However, this is not a bad thing if you are looking for a sturdy and durable boot.


    There is a lot of traction on these shoes as you can see in the photo. They are made for trails, not for the road.



    I took these boots through the mud, wet grass, and rocks. I feel they can get through anything. However, they may feel funny on the pavement.

    The bottom is not meant for racing. The traction is more for getting through any terrain rather than running fast. The nubs on the bottom are higher than most trail running shoes.


    • Durability
    • Waterproof
    • Ready for any terrain


    • Narrow
    • Not for long distance running
    • Can cause soreness above the ankles


    The Inov-8 Roclite G 345 GTX shoes are more of a hiking boot than a trail running shoe. I tried to run in these shoes many times, but it caused more pain than comfort. Hiking with them, however, felt much better.

  • 87 / 100 | Outdoors Magic | | Level 1 expert

    So to sum up what we have here is a boot that is perfect for anyone into that faster adventures speed hiking, this is the boot for that.

  • 100 / 100 | Live for the Outdoors | Level 2 expert

    Only time will tell how durable the new sole rubber will be, but the Roclite 345 GTX is an exciting radical new boot for anyone looking to travel fast and light across the hills.

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  • The Inov 8 ROCLITE 345 GTX is a trail running shoe designed for neutral runners. The outsole utilizes the G-Grip material which aims to provide better traction, especially on wet and muddy surfaces. It also offers increased durability to the outer sole.
  • Inov 8 added the ADAPTERWEB in the upper section of the shoe. This design is essential in adapting to the user's changing natural movement and foot shape. The GORE-TEX technology is integrated into the shoe. The purpose of which is to make the platform waterproof, making the runner feel more confident in tackling challenging terrains.
  • A well-cushioned ride is offered by the POWERFLOW midsole. The material is described as a synthetic rubber layer that has two main purposes. These are comfort and protection to the foot.

The Inov 8 ROCLITE 345 GTX is strategically engineered for both wet and dry conditions. With the shoe's upper structure, it is sure to deliver a comfortable fit from start to finish of the activity. The available width options are B - Medium for the women's version and D - Medium for the men's version. The footwear utilizes the standard measurements when it comes to its size as well.

The  Inov 8 Roclite 345 GTX features a Graphene enhanced rubber outsole. It is combined with the 6mm lugs that aim to provide excellent traction on a wide variety of surfaces. This component of the shoe offers additional durability as well.

Along with the rubber outsole is the multi-directional and claw-shaped boots that have a wide contact area. These boots provide enough grip on challenging terrains.

The midsole of the Inov 8 Roclite 345 GTX uses the Power-Flow midsole. This midsole technology aims to provide 10% more shock absorption than the traditional midsole foam.

The synthetic mesh material is used in the Inov 8 Roclite 345 GTX. The goal of which is to cover the foot while keeping it breathable and secured all the time. The material is meant to provide proper ventilation on short and long-distance running sessions.

Utilized in the shoe is the GORE-TEX technology. This waterproof material offers protection to the foot,  keeping it dry even on wet or snowy running condition.

Adapting to the natural movement of the foot is the ADAPTERWEB Cradle. It follows the natural anatomy of the foot, giving runners a comfortable fit.

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