• Use


    Shoes with optimum cushioning, lateral support, and flexibility for daily workouts and studio sessions. See workout shoes


    Versatile, low-profile shoes for constantly varied exercises including plyometrics, sprinting, weightlifting, and rope climbing. See CrossFit shoes


    Heavy-duty shoes with a wedge and an elevated heel that create a sturdy platform and promote ankle mobility. See weightlifting shoes


    Shoes for daily wear that ensure a smooth walking gait cycle. Check out walking shoes

  • Arch support


    For people with normal pronation. Also provide support for high-arched feet with underpronation (excessive outward rolling of the foot). See neutral training shoes


    For people with low-arched or flat feet and moderate overpronation (excessive inward rolling of the foot). See stability training shoes

    Motion control

    Shoes feature stabilizing technologies for people with severe overpronation. See motion control training shoes

    Good to know

    Stability and motion control add-ons are uncommon for workout shoes and are never present in CrossFit or weightlifting footwear. They are mostly found in walking shoes where the gait is easier to correct.

  • Price
  • Weight
    Men: 7.4oz
    Women: 7.4oz


    Training footwear typically weighs between 200g and 300g per shoe to accommodate agile workouts. Minimalist trainers go as low as 150g, while weightlifting shoes can go as high as 500g.

  • Heel to toe drop
    Men: 0mm
    Women: 0mm
  • Heel height
    Men: 3mm
    Women: 3mm
  • Forefoot height
    Men: 3mm
    Women: 3mm
  • Width
    Men: Normal
    Women: Normal
  • Release date
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We spent 8.5 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what training geeks think:

7 reasons to buy

  • A majority of testers liked the minimalist design of the Inov-8 Bare-XF 210 v2.
  • Being close to the ground, many users stated that it made it easier to perform lifts.
  • A few people mentioned that they appreciated the wide toe box as it promotes toe splaying.
  • Gym enthusiasts stated that the shoe’s flexibility made it great for CrossFit.
  • Several purchasers mentioned that the trainer offered good traction because of the sticky sole.
  • The improved Rope-Tec on the side panels of the shoe was lauded by most consumers.
  • Many of the owners mentioned that they liked the lightweight nature of the footwear.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Many reviewers stated that the Bare-XF 210 v2 was too big for their size.
  • One customer didn’t like the plush tongue as it made the inside hot.
  • Another person complained that the toe cap was too stiff and caused discomfort.

Bottom line

The minimalist design of the Bare-XF 210 v2 was well received by the training community. The close-to-the-ground profile and roomy toe box were both much appreciated by the weight training enthusiasts. On the downside, there were complaints about the sizing and the lack of ventilation in the interior. But despite a few negative comments, it was still the shoe of choice by many fitness aficionados because of the grippy outsole and the protective rubber panel.


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83 / 100 based on 2 expert reviews

  • 80 / 100 | As Many Reviews As Possible

    They definitely have their pro’s and con’s but at the end of the day, they’re the best you’re gonna find in barefoot training shoes and most of the cons just come down to barefoot training as a whole, not necessarily this particular shoe.

  • 95 / 100 | The Shogunstein

    It is an exceptional shoe and a shoe and the only shoe you will need to bring to the box. You can rope climb, jump, run, row, burpee, lift you name it in them.

  • First look / Unboxing | Shop Zappos

  • First look / Unboxing | Shop Zappos

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Updates to Inov-8 Bare-XF 210 v2

  • The Inov-8 Bare-XF 210 v2 is a cross-training footwear with a minimalist style. The low-to-the-ground design delivers a barefoot experience. But at the same time, the rubber outsole protects the foot from elements on the ground. The outsole features the Meta-flex technology that facilitates forefoot flexion.
  • Inside, a 3 mm Power Footbed insert serves as the trainer’s midsole. This insole adds cushioning to the foot by absorbing shock from each step.
  • Like its predecessor, the shoe uses a combination of mesh and synthetic materials. The breathable mesh keeps the interior ventilated. The synthetic overlays protect the mesh from abrasion.
  • The trainer also features the Rope-Tec technology which lines the medial and lateral sides of the midfoot. It grips the rope during rope-climbing sessions. This layer also enhances the lateral support of the upper when the laces are tightened as it integrates with the lacing system.

Inov-8 Bare-XF 210 v2 size and fit

The Inov-8 Bare-XF 210 v2 is a unisex footwear which follows men’s sizing chart. According to Inov-8, this model has a Standard Fit with a Fit Scale score of 4, making it a D – Medium with a roomy forefoot. Inov-8’s sizing and width scheme can be tricky, so consumers are advised to try the shoe in person to get an accurate size.


The outsole of the Bare-XF 210 v2 is made from a sticky rubber that allows it to grip surfaces during workouts. This compound prevents slippage on wet surfaces, thus preventing injuries. The material is durable, has a high abrasion resistance, absorbs impact, and is resistant to oil and grease.

This shoe features the Meta-Flex, a horizontal groove that gives the forefoot more bend and flexibility. This technology makes it easier for the forefoot to push forward in movements such as sprints and plyometrics.

It is not advisable to use the shoe in rough terrains if the user is not accustomed to barefoot training as even a small pebble is felt underfoot because of the thin outsole.


The Bare-XF 210 v2 lacks a fixed midsole because of its minimalistic design. Instead, it uses a 3 mm Power Footbed insole that is designed to absorb impact. The use of this type of insole lets the shoe stick to its barefoot-training design while still providing a bit of protection and cushion to the underfoot.


The Inov-8 Bare-XF 210 v2 employs a breathable mesh fabric that keeps the foot well ventilated. Along with the wide profile, the stretchable mesh fabric allows it to accommodate different foot shapes. The front of the footwear features an Italian blown rubber bumper which comes in handy for the overall protection of the toes.

It has synthetic overlays that protect the mesh material in critical areas. They form an external clip that cups and locks the back of the foot in place. This type of support makes the foot feel steady during dynamic training movements.

At the side panels, the Rope-Tec technology can be seen. The material grips the rope so the wearer doesn’t easily slip down during the activity. It also integrates with the Met-Cradle lacing system which provides a natural but secure fit. When the laces are tightened, the panels are drawn in closer to the foot, thereby enhancing the lateral support in the midfoot.