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11 reasons to buy

  • Both gym goers and CrossFit aficionados found the Inov-8 All Train 215 to be a perfect shoe for various training purposes.
  • An overwhelming majority of reviewers described it as a very comfortable trainer with just the right amount of cushioning.
  • The fit of the shoe was very snug but still had enough space for toe splaying, according to most testers.
  • The shoe’s lightweight disposition was highly appreciated by practically all reviewers.
  • Many athletes lauded the shoe’s ability to provide stable support for side-to-side movement.
  • Weightlifting enthusiasts welcomed a combination of the 8-mm drop and the Heel-Lock technology, which provided a sturdy platform for squatting and lifting.
  • Many reviewers considered the shoe to be suitable for short-distance running sessions.
  • A handful of users noted that the overall construction of the shoe allowed for a smooth foot flexion in different directions.
  • Several consumers praised the sticky rubber on the outsole for offering excellent grip on many different surfaces.
  • Quite a few reviewers mentioned great breathability and moisture-controlling properties of the trainer.
  • The silhouette of the shoe was found to be visually appealing and suitable for both gym and casual wear.

3 reasons not to buy

  • A handful of users found the shoe to be too rough for running, especially when heel-striking.
  • A few CrossFitters criticized the lack of solid rope protection in the shoe, which resulted in a faster abrasion of the midsole and upper units during rope climbs.
  • There were several complaints about the foot shifting towards the front of the shoe when performing the snatch.

Bottom line

Based on general user feedback, the Inov-8 All Train 215 has lived up to its name as a solid all-around workout shoe. The shoe managed to walk a fine line by combining the features of a weightlifting shoe and a running shoe without compromising the quality. Even though there were individual complaints concerning certain parts of the trainer, it proved to be durable for most users. Given all the features and the overall performance of the shoe, it was is able to provide keen and tough competition to other models and brands in its price range.

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Good to know

This Inov-8 trainer is marketed as a shoe for the toughest and most intensive workouts. It is engineered to deliver exceptional stability, comfort, lateral support, and power. Its lightweight construction of 215 grams per shoe aims to help athletes move faster and more naturally as they tackle various workouts.

The outsole unit of the shoe makes use of the All-Train Traction technology in the form of triangular claw-shaped cleats. The geometric design of these cleats enhances grip and traction regardless of the direction you choose to move in.

The foot is ensured to get a secure placement during agility workouts by virtue of the Dual-C sticky rubber compounds, which are strategically placed in high impact areas.

The Inov-8 All Train 215 utilizes the Meta-Flex technology, which is a groove designed into the outsole for better flexibility as well as more efficient, natural, explosive movement.

The 8-mm heel-to-toe drop of the shoe provides comfort for the Achilles tendon during intense workouts and running. It also contributes to a more upright squat during weightlifting exercises.

The All Train 215 makes use of the Fusion Midsole to provide a combination of cushioning and power return. It is made of a lightweight Injection Molded EVA and is especially helpful for plyometric exercises and running.

The new AdapterFit Met-cradle, coupled with the soft, elastic, mesh liner, allows for a lockdown of the midfoot. Such upper construction adapts to the natural movement of the foot and supports it during lateral movement.

The Inov-8 All Train 215 also employs a lightweight external Heel Lock TPU counter. It serves to further stabilize the foot throughout intensive workouts.


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