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Terrain: Trail
Arch support: Stability
Weight: Men: 10.2oz | Women: 10.2oz
Heel to toe drop: Men: 12mm | Women: 12mm
Pronation: Overpronation
Arch type: Medium arch
Use: Jogging
Strike Pattern: Heel strike
Distance: Daily running | Long distance | Marathon
Brand: Icebug
Width: Men: Normal | Women: Normal
Price: $180
Small True to size Large
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90 / 100 based on 2 expert reviews

  • 88 / 100 | Gabriel Arce

    Icebug DTS 4 RB9X: Your new favorite long run shoe

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    I was selected to demo Icebug's new trail shoe and the shoe I was sent was the DTS4 M RB9X and was very excited to try this shoe.

    I believe this shoe can best be described as a long distance comfortable training shoe, due to its exceptional comfort.



    • Weight: 10.23oz or 290 grams
    • Heel to toe Drop: 12mm
    • Upper material of shoe: Engineered mesh / TPU
    • Lining of shoe: Half lined with QuickDry bluesign® mesh

    Traction & Outsole

    The DTS4 traction is comprised of rubber studs called RB9X that offer superior traction on all surfaces.

    It is the latest rubber compound development, and it sets a new standard in providing friction and still offers the same durability of running on asphalt.



    Another feature is the BUGweb®, which is a technology exclusively to used by IceBug.

    BUGweb is a traction technology that consists of a compatible outsole and a traction unit. The BUGweb has six carbide studs and it fits into the special sole pattern of the BUGweb sole.


    Toe box

    To add to an already comfortable shoe, one of the most important aspects of a shoe to me is the toe box.

    Running longer distances requires comfort to be a pressing issue especially in the toe box.



    The DTS4 has a roomy toe box that is very comfortable and I was impressed that it has given me no blisters or hot spots ever. The mesh material of the toe box allows it to remain comfortable no matter the distance and it allows your toes to have all the room required.

    Lacing, tongue and heel cup

    Most IceBug running shoes have the same lacing system, being the traditional synthetic laces, which offers an adjustable, and very secure fit. In just over 50 miles I've logged on them, the laces have never come untied.



    The tongue of the shoe is a thick mesh material that stays in place while running and is very comfortable, however, I have noticed once this material gets wet, it does not dry quickly.

    The Upper

    The upper of this shoe is comprised of a flexible mesh material that allows for superb flexibility. I found the upper of this shoe to be very durable which came as a surprise due to its flexible and soft fabric.

    Towards the back of the shoe, the material is reinforced with a more durable material to help with durability.



    The upper part of this shoe does shed water quickly however the material will remain wet for a longer duration of time than desired.


    I found these shoes to be one of the best long-distance running shoes when it comes to comfort; I have received zero blisters or hot spots from this shoe.

    The traction on the shoe makes it very versatile because it can be used in every condition, I have used this shoe through many terrains such as muddy trails, swimming, hard ground trails, and even the road.

    This shoe material is very comfortable and drains water very quickly however the shoe will remain wet after quite some time but is still comfortable.



    • Well Cushioned and stable
    • Traction
    • Roomy toe box
    • Non-absorbing material


    • Expensive
    • Material stays wet
    • Weight


    The Icebug DTS4 RB9X is one of the most versatile shoes I have ever worn. Its an excellent option for running/walking long distances in any terrain. The shoe has many positive such as its cushioned but minimalistic design, however, the best part about this shoe is the comfort.

    I have over 50 miles on this shoe and it shows no sign of wear on it and will continue to use this shoe on long-distance training runs.

    I would say this shoe is worth the steep price tag for what it offers and how durable it has proven to be. Happy feet equals a happy runner.

    This expert has been verified by RunRepeat. Reviews are neutral, unbiased and based on extensive testing.

  • 94 / 100 | Laine Kuzmane

    The “D” is for DASHING – Smooth summer ride with DTS4 W RB9X

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    With the recent Icebug shoe test initiative for the Spring-Summer 2018 edition, I got a chance to try out the new DTS4 M RB9X. These shoes are made for comfortable training in tough weather conditions and diverse terrain.

    So far, so good. I have spent some really good time with these while running around at hometown forests, rocky Maltese coasts and nice on and off road walks here and there.


    Overall Look & Design

    The first impression is very good – the design is detailed and thoughtful, yet gives the vibe of simplicity.

    The bright color combination is what one can wish for a fun summer ride. Richly padded shoes look a bit fluffy, but it pays off when you put it in action.

    Size & Fit

    Shoes are true to size and provide a good fit.

    Generous padding and soft mesh of the upper embraces feet, completely ensuring stability and comfort.


    The ride is good and easy – the biggest advantage of these shoes is the high comfort while running or hiking. That makes the ride enjoyable at fullest.

    In fact, for these shoes, I did not really need a period to break them in for full comfort. They were ready for miles the first time I tried them.

    Bear in mind that these are designed as training shoes. If compared to sister model ORIBI3, DTS4 M RB9X is more padded and also heavier (190g vs 254g), that adds on for comfort, but the ride for me got slower.

    Still, considering the volume of padding, weight is still low. You will also get enough comfort on concrete, asphalt or pavement.

    Here's a short summary for the different terrain I've tried DTS4 M RB9X on:



    The upper is made out of soft mesh fabric that looks and feels good. The material is breathable and dries considerably quick.

    In hot and humid weather, my feet do not overheat, which is a big plus for such thick material.



    In terms of cushioning, you feel the cushion and padding all way through the shoes. Personally, I do like the feeling of embraced feet, kind of walking on the cloud.

    The material is soft and elastic but that comes with concerns about the durability of the upper. I know you need to watch your steps while running but for trail shoes, I was surprised that after the first 50km in not so harsh conditions, I got a ragged hole in the lining.

    It does not affect shoe properties or running in general, but it does not look great and raises concerns of shoes’ further durability.



    I find the colorful outsole matching the laces as a nice touch, as well as silicone type material finishing around the lace holes.

    Laces are trendy flat and the material keeps them from untying.



    The tongue is also well padded, sewn to the sole with an elastic band – so it does not move around. Heel counter and the collar is firm but pleasant and gentle.


    The insock is made of PU comfort foam that feels like serves its purpose well.



    The midsole is made of Lightweight BUGforce with ESS stabilizer – provides stability and gives some bonus points for comfort.

    Feels more bouncy as it returns energy better than most shoes. Even though the drop is high the same as the shoe itself, shoe construction ensures secure and sable movement.



    The outsole is made of the same material as  ORIBI models - RB9X rubber compound with impressive friction specially designed for challenging surfaces and harsh weather conditions. This material is a good mixture that actually delivers what is promised.

    The pattern is different but again – crowded with differently sized bugs. The sole pattern is low enough to be comfortable on the road while giving a strong grip on the trail.



    • Rich padding – maximum comfort
    • Good energy return
    • Works well on different terrain
    • Dries quickly
    • True to size
    • Attractive design


    • Considerably expensive (~130 EUR)
    • Doubtful durability of the upper – especially mesh parts


    I enjoyed and still enjoy the DTS4 M RB9X a lot. I want to be happy during my training so the comfort level is very important. I am pleasantly surprised how testing these shoes turned out.

    These shoes are a good choice for those who like diverse training on various terrain. These are positioned as training shoes and I may agree on that. As for competitions, I  most likely would look for some lighter options. The only drawback I found is the hole I got after only 50km.

    Anyhow, the shoes are good, maybe even great. If you see a nice deal – take them! At least I would. 

    This expert has been verified by RunRepeat. Reviews are neutral, unbiased and based on extensive testing.

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  • The Icebug DTS 4 RB9X is a trail running shoe that is strategically made for those who want to excel in a variety of surfaces. The footwear features a new engineered mesh upper. The purpose of which is to provide added support and comfort.
  • The BUGforce midsole is integrated into the Icebug DTS 4 RB9X. This component of the shoe aims to deliver better energy return.
  • To increase stability, the ESS system is utilized in the footwear. This is essential in correcting overpronation which results in a more comfortable riding experience.

The footwear follows the standard measurements when it comes to size. The Icebug DTS 4 RB9X provides a comfortable and secure fit because of its updated mesh upper. The shoe is sure to accommodate medium-footed runners. It will allow a more relaxing and spacious interior. The available widths for the women's version are B - Medium and D - Medium for the men's version. The shoe is sure to accommodate medium-footed runners.

The RB9X outsole is integrated into the Icebug DTS 4 RB9X. The primary purpose of Rubber 9 Extreme is to provide the right amount of traction, especially on wet surfaces. Its durability is compared to an asphalt running shoe. Because of this, the platform is able to withstand the hazardous materials that can be found on trails.

A lightweight BUGforce is utilized in the midsole area of the Icebug DTS 4 RB9X. This material is significant in improving the energy return. As a result, a more efficient running is experienced by the user. In addition to improved energy return, the sturdy midsole also increases the platform's durability, making it a dependable partner for a wide variety of outdoor activities and sports.

Along with the BUGforce midsole is the ESS stabilizer. This feature is added to the Icebug DTS 4 RB9X  to protect the foot against overpronation. Because of the incredible stability that it provides, the runner can experience a hassle and injury-free ride.

The PU comfort foam is used in the shoe. This insole is described to be abrasion-resistant and light material that provides additional comfort when tackling challenging and uneven trails.

With the utilization of the new engineered mesh upper, support and comfort are offered. The upper material of the Icebug DTS 4 RB9X aims to ensure optimum performance while maintaining breathability. The mesh also provides support without compromising the foot's natural movements. This airy and lightweight upper material is essential in keeping the weight down. It gives the runner a smoother feeling while tackling the trails.

A softly padded shaft and tongue are integrated into the Icebug DTS 4 RB9X. This component of the shoe provides additional comfort and a secure fit throughout the running activities.

The shoe is half lined with a QuickDry bluesign mesh. This lining aids in keeping the foot cool, fresh, and dry. As a result, a healthier foot environment is experienced by the user.


Jens Jakob Andersen

Jens Jakob is a fan of short distances with a 5K PR at 15:58 minutes. Based on 35 million race results, he's among the fastest 0.2% runners. Jens Jakob previously owned a running store, when he was also a competitive runner. His work is regularly featured in The New York Times, Washington Post, BBC and the likes as well as peer-reviewed journals. Finally, he has been a guest on +30 podcasts on running.