Who should buy the Hoka TenNine Hike GTX

The Hoka TenNine Hike GTX is a top level hiking boot best recommended for:

  • trail and outdoor enthusiasts who want a reliable and durable leather hiking boot that will last for many years
  • day hiking, camping or light long distance packing
  • long walking trips on rough terrain and trails

Hoka TenNine Hike GTX hoka one one

Highly stabilizing heel

At a glance, it is hard to miss the imposing-yet-charming build of the Hoka TenNine Hike GTX. Overlooking its muscly heel is next to impossible after all.

Hoka TenNine Hike GTX Highly stabilizing heel

It inherited its highly stabilizing heel (a.k.a. Hubble Heel) straight from its trail running sibling—the original TenNine.

TenNine Hike GTX delivers smooth transitions

The sole unit’s segmented rear end, also called Swallow Tail, provides independent ground balance. With it, your heel will not tip over to either side on moderately rocky terrain.

Hoka TenNine Hike GTX delivers smooth transitions

The generous rear flare of the Hubble Heel and the forefoot’s rockered toe deliver smooth transitions, whether the terrain is level or rugged.

Premium price tag

The TenNine Hike GTX falls under the super-expensive category, and professional reviewers very much agree.

Hoka TenNine Hike GTX Premium price tag

But its premium price tag also comes with it a whole new level of superb comfort, cushioning, and protection. 

Grippy hiking shoe 

Hoka TenNine Hike GTX is a grippy hiking shoe, say many critics: It provides fantastic sticking power on virtually all sorts of outdoor surfaces, say critics.

Hoka TenNine Hike GTX Grippy hiking shoe 

Secure and comfortable descents are yours in this boot, thanks to its notched backrest and highly fanned-out heel.

Inclined to dig up dirt on descents

Yet again, several reviewers described the TenNine Hike GTX as a “dirt digger’. An expert says that its bulging heel is inclined to dig up dirt on descents, which then gets hurled at the back of your legs.

Hoka TenNine Hike GTX  incredibly grippy and digs deep

The Vibram Megagrip outsole with 5mm lugs, observes one professional tester, is incredibly grippy and digs deep into soft terrain for solid traction.

Immensely comfortable

As it comes with a gusseted tongue, debris will have a hard time getting inside its GTX-lined confines.

Hoka TenNine Hike GTX Immensely comfortable

Professional testers find the Hoka TenNine Hike GTX immensely comfortable. According to bloggers, this hiker dispels the notion—"The bigger the boot, the heavier the boot."

Mighty springy and efficient

Gear pundits are united about the TenNine Hike GTX’s chunky sole being mighty springy, making every stride very efficient.

Hoka TenNine Hike GTX Mighty springy and efficient

To experts, this Hoka hiker has a remarkable support system, particularly around the heel.

This Hoka TenNine Hiker offers rock-solid stability

This premium hiking shoe offers “rock-solid stability,” a gear specialist says.

Hoka TenNine Hike GTX offers rock-solid stability

This waterproof Hoka boot is also available in a unisex variant called All Gender TenNine Hike GTX.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 17.8oz / Women 14.7oz
Use: Day Hiking
Cut: Mid cut
Features: Chunky, Lace-to-toe, Eco-friendly / Orthotic friendly / Removable insole
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Width: Normal
BRAND Brand: Hoka

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