Hoka One One Tracer: The Clifton's faster cousin

79 / 100 by Koh Ancheng • Level 3 expert

The Hoka One One Tracer is a racer that has much more cushioning than a traditional racing flat such as the Nike Streak 6.

Although being much plusher than a racing flat, the Tracer does not fail to give the same snappy feel I get from my other racers.



Overall performance

Being a racer, the Hoka One One Tracer really performs both on the track and on the road as I would expect of such a shoe.

The place where this shoe really stands out, in my opinion, would be during longer workouts such as tempo runs.

The added cushioning this shoe has made running in it for extended periods feel comfortable. Similar to the Clifton 2, the Tracer has an amazing heel to toe transition thanks to its design.


Laces & Tongue

One thing I really like about this shoe would be the laces.

It may seem like a very trivial thing, however, the stretchy laces on the traverse allow me to get in and out of the shoe quickly. It secures my feet, stopping it from rocking around in the shoe.



One other aspect of the shoe that I appreciate would be the tongue.

The tongue of the shoe although not being padded still has the ability to be very comfortable. There is no stitching on the inside, reducing the chances of me getting hotspots when I do my long runs in the shoe.



The upper of the Hoka Tracer has no stitching, making it very comfortable to run in, giving an almost sock-like feel.

Also, the welded overlays on the upper are less prominent in the Tracer. Compared to the Clifton 2, the welded overlays restricted my foot movement and resulted in me developing hotspots at the forefoot area.

In addition, the upper is nice and breathable allowing me to run comfortably in hot weather.

This is not to say that the upper does not have its own set of problems. One major problem I have encountered is that the fit is still quite narrow in the Tracer although not as bad as Clifton’s fit.

The lack of room in the forefoot area has made my feet feel cramped at the front of the shoe. This is why I feel that the tracers would suit a runner with a more narrow foot.



The Tracers has a responsive ride. Heel to toe transitions in the shoe is extremely smooth.

The Pro2lite+10 midsole material used on the Tracer is one of the things that make running in the Tracer an absolute joy.

The midsole both has the ability to remain springy and responsive. This makes the experience running in the shoe very unique and enjoyable during quicker workouts.

Another thing that contributed to such an enjoyable ride is the low heel drop at only 4mm on the shoe. The low heel drop has made running in this shoe more enjoyable. 

The midsole of the Tracer is thicker than most racers with a stack height of 22mm.



Removable Insole

For runners who require special insoles for a range of foot conditions, the Tracer would be a suitable shoe as it has a removable insole.

The insole on the Tracer is similar to the one found on the Clifton which is really comfortable.


Heel Counter 

The heel counter of the Tracer fits me very well as it does not dig into my Achilles tendon, reducing pain.

Besides, the heel counter is padded which makes running in the shoe very comfortable as compared to racing flats such as the Nike Streak 6.



Outsole wear

The outsole on the Tracer is definitely grippy enough to be used on a variety of surfaces such as the road and the track. It also has no problem tackling a wet track.

One thing to take note of is that although I have only used the Tracers for around a month, areas of the outsole that has no rubber covering has seen visible wear.




For runners looking for a quick snappy racer that has more than enough cushioning, the Hoka One One Tracer is a good shoe.

Although the fit of the shoe is a bit too narrow for my liking, it has not stopped me from loving it.

Koh Ancheng

Koh Ancheng • Level 3 expert

Hi I'm Ancheng! I'm from Singapore and an avid runner. I'm currently part of my school’s cross country team and run roughly 30km a week. Besides being an avid runner I am also a shoe geek, for the most part a running shoe geek.

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