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8 reasons to buy

  • A multitude of wearers commended the Tor Summit WP’s outstanding arch support.
  • Users in droves were stoked to discover the amazingness of this Hoka One One shoe in the comfort department.
  • This hiking footwear was admired by numerous reviewers, including professional ones, for its unbelievable grip performance.
  • Its virtually zero break-in time floored many verified buyers.
  • The Tor Summit WP garnered much applause from a number of owners for being remarkably watertight.
  • Some consumers found this hiker impressively sturdy.
  • About a handful of testers were smitten by the extreme lightness of this shoe.
  • Reputable footgear bloggers called the Tor Summit WP immensely breathable.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Its narrowness at the forefoot didn’t sit well with several reviewers.
  • Some users were quite critical of the footwear’s thick midsole. They felt disconnected from the ground on it.
  • This shoe wouldn’t have been lambasted by a critic had it been more affordable.

Bottom line

The Tor Summit WP delivers satisfying comfort and arch supportive. Trail adventures would also be enjoyable thanks its superb surface traction and waterproofing. Unfortunately, the shoe still comes with some boo-boos, most disliked among which is its notoriously narrow toe box. In conclusion, Hoka One One’s Tor Summit WP is arguably among the brand’s best offerings. Purchasers are just going to have to make compromises with its misfires.

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Good to know

  • The Tor Summit WP is designed to give day hikers a stable performance with as much comfort as possible on the trail. Its ability to stave off wet elements is courtesy of eVent.
  • Stability and cushioning are brought forth by the shoe’s layered midsole. Ample grip on tricky surfaces, on the other hand, is made possible by Vibram’s hi-traction outsole. These two components as a unit are engineered with Meta-Rocker—a company-owned technology that ups the shoe’s stabilizing capability and smoothens the user’s gait cycle, especially during toe offs.

Hoka One One’s Tor Summit WP is a low-cut, fairly true-to-size lightweight shoe for male and female hikers. It is offered in standard width in whole and half sizes. Its classic lacing system grants a personalized fit.

Wearers get to stick to various kinds of outdoor surfaces with enough grip all thanks to the Tor Summit WP’s Vibram Megagrip outsole. Its level of adherence is further heightened by its blocky 5-millimeter lugs. Those that designed this sticky layer extended its front end to encroach the tip of the toe box by about a half inch, intentionally giving the shoe added forefoot protection.

This hiking gear’s layered midsole is made chiefly of EVA. The bottom layer is engineered with RMAT, a brand-exclusive material that has enhanced elasticity, durability, and grip. The top, chunkier layer, on the other hand, comes built with the Active Footframe—a component that cradles the foot while supporting it. Hoka One One designers topped this springy platform with a cushioned footbed for extra comfort.

A blend of suede and nubuck leather makes up most of the Tor Summit WP’s low-top upper. Making it a boot that keeps most types of wet elements at bay is its eVent-imbued inner liner. The immediate perimeter of its forefoot is reinforced with a sturdy overlay. The shoe’s tongue and heel come with pull loops for a quick on and off.


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