Hoka One One Speedgoat 2 - WOW! What an Improvement!!!

95 / 100 by Jose Espinoza Rodriguez • Level 2 expert

Since, falling in love with the first version of the Speedgooat, I forced my bank account to save money and purchase a pair of the new and redesigned Hoka One One Speedgoat 2.

Shining new colors to choose! And, of course, with a Vibram Megagrip outsole with many curved studs, the Speedgoat 2 takes pride in its grip and cushioning in long kilometers on difficult terrain and loose ground.

Its broad form and the new engineered mesh are ideal for long training. This is where the Speedgoat 2 shines and shines!



Last October, I got a new pair of these lovely puppies!

Next day, I hit a technical short run with some pavement sections, steep and not so friendly hills, some water creeks pass, and very funny downhills. For this pair, no surprises on grip or pain on toes.

The redesigned outsole is well done. You feel confident cornering in the loose soil and the fit is superb.

I  do not have a wide feet shape, however, I have been running for a long time on Altra’s wide shoes. Honestly, in these shoes, I don’t miss that, they are wide enough.



I ran my last Ultra in a very hot and hard terrain course for around 51k and the feel of the shoes was fine. There was no need for a shoe change and I did not feel any pain in my foot. They do the job very well!

The cushion does not feel like a big pair of pillows on your feet, it is responsive enough to push you to run for hours without suffering pain. The rocket shape plus the drop of 5 mm to 4.5 mm helps to make the feel of the run smooth and gentle. It's a well-balanced trail shoe!

If you had run on the first version of the Speedgoat, you'll notice that it showed a weakness in cornering. The light upper was not strong enough to hold the feet on the shoes.

The good news is that in the Version 2, the improvement on the upper fixed the issue.

Now, on my runs, they stay in the shoes. You don’t feel anymore that sensation of “lose-your-feet-out-of-the-shoes”.

Also, if you need to pass a river, they don’t get heavy holding water. They drain the water very well, no problema!




If you take time to put the Speedgoat 1.0 and the Speedgoat 2.0 side by side, the uppers are totally different.

If you move them upside down, you'll also notice different shapes of the outsole. The only thing equal is the Vibram brand out there.

Somehow I’ll say that V 2.0 is a brand new shoe rather than a redesigned model.

Even the tongue was redesigned. There's more padding there but still, it is a soft tongue, you won’t notice or feel bulky in the top anyway, nice!



The reinforced side of the outsole is superb. Looking at the colors, the shape of the carved channels, I simply love it!

Hoka put a lot of attention on the details of these shoes.




  • Super nice new shape of the outsole
  • Strong and nice colors to choose from
  • The upper is strong (better than the previous version)
  • Vibram outsole!




  • Price
  • Heavy for some (wait! this is a trail shoe, don’t be picky)
  • The laces - I still believe that they need to be made from a stronger material




  • Midsole of 32 mm at the back and 27.5 mm in front with drop of 4.5 mm
  • Weight 9.8 oz (men’s version)  and 8.20 oz (women’s version)
  • Neutral that allows the foot to adopt a natural run (like the Tarahumara’s, right?)
  • Five color combinations to pick (nice!)
  • $140


My Last Two Cents

If you love running in all kind of trails for hours without a care in the world, then Hoka One One Speedgoat 2.0 is a good choice. 

If you have a neutral run and doesn’t care about the 4.5 mm drop, again, this should be your trail shoe of choice.  Finally, if you like a bit of color in your running equipment, then definitely the Speedgoat 2.0 is the one!

Jose Espinoza Rodriguez

Jose Espinoza Rodriguez • Level 2 expert

Hi! I'm Jose, an avid MTB/Road biker/racer. I've been running trails for more than 20 years now and yet I still get that motivation to be on the starting line every time!

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