Profile of the Hoka One One Speed Evo R

Use - The Speed Evo R is best suited for elite athletes that run the 3k to 10k long-distance events.

Spike Type - The asymmetrical spikes are strategically placed on the spike plate. This helps improve traction when making a turn on the track.

Spike Plate - The shoe uses an asymmetrical spike plate. It provides an enhanced level of support and comfort during race events.

Notable Features

The Hoka One One Speed Evo R has an EVA midsole that provides lightweight and responsive cushioning. This layer of EVA complements the breathable, lightweight material of the upper. This combination delivers a cushioned yet fast track shoe.

A lightweight mesh material covers and wraps around the entire upper with a breathable fabric that molds well with the whole shoe.

The shoe also features a medial midsole wrap, which is a molded midsole. This shoe technology takes the shape of the wearer's foot when it is encasing it. It provides both comfort and support for optimum performance.

Asymmetrical Spike Plate is designed to dig deep into the corners of the track. It also optimizes left-hand turns for responsiveness where it’s most needed. 

Finally, Speed Evo R uses an asymmetrical spike placement. It strategically places spikes with more coverage on the left side of the outsole for an efficient grip when making left turns. 

Size and fit

The Hoka One One Speed Evo R uses a lightweight mesh upper that provides the shoe's structured fit. This is in contrast with other spikes in the market that has a sock-like fit.

The shoe, same as the popular Adidas Distancestar, comes in standard medium D sizing for men. The toe box is medium to low in height, and it is available with a narrow heel.

Also, to take note is that the Speed Evo R is not a shoe that easily slips into the wearer's foot. Although once on, the light interior provides a smooth and secure hold.       


The Hoka One One Speed Evo R features strategically placed spikes on the outsole. This further improves the shoe’s support, especially for rounding corners. It stabilizes the feel while making those hard turns. The shoe’s spike does not only address the imbalance that happens during turns, but it also improves the traction throughout the race. The spikes dig into the race track propelling the athlete forward to the finish line.


The majority of the shoe's midsole is made up of a thin layer of EVA foam. It provides the right amount of cushioning for longer distance events. The EVA foam also offers a boost in energy return in every step. In doing so, it helps the runner gain speed faster during the race.

The midsole area is also where the Medial Midsole Wrap is found. It helps in further enhancing the stability of the shoe. It also improves support when turning sharp corners.


The Speedo Evo R uses breathable mesh upper material that lets the air permeate through and circulate freely in the shoe. This helps with the ventilation while keeping the foot cool in the process. This breathable mesh material is built for speed since it is incredibly thin and very light in weight. Despite the build of the upper being light, it is highly durable and can withstand the wear and tear of track competitions. 

Finished off in a modern and colorful design, the Speedo Evo R is not only fast but also very pleasing to the eye.


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