Our verdict


Many appreciated the Hoka Elevon road running shoe. The shoe is very responsive, stylish, compliant, and has a breathable upper. It is worth trying for those seeking a lightweight trainer with sufficient responsiveness.


  • Great support
  • Stylish
  • Responsive
  • Lightweight
  • Doesn't require a break-in
  • Diverse color options
  • Breathable
  • Sufficient cushioning


  • Firm interior
  • Outsole collect dirt
  • Flimsy outsole
  • Unreasonable price

Who should buy the Hoka Elevon

You will love the Hoka Elevon if:

  • You want a stylish shoe that provides efficient performance
  • You want a breathable, lightweight, neutral running shoe to use for all-day wear, walking, or jogging

Hoka Elevon hoka

Zonal rubber on the outsole of the Hoka Elevon

Key areas of the outsole are reinforced, and they now deliver durability. Tougher rubber is in areas that normally receive the highest impact when running The middle area uses a more flexible kind of rubber that permits more flexibility with movement. Strategically, having Zonal rubber on the outsole also delivers sufficient traction on common surfaces.

Hoka Elevon midoutsole

The outsole is composed of deep and shallow flex lines and grooves that permit the shoe to move optimally. The tread pattern helps the bottom of the shoe to adapt to uneven surfaces, improving the runner’s balance.

Hoka Elevon forefoot outsole

Almost effortless transitioning with the Hoka Elevon midsole

The Early Stage Meta-Rocker gives runners a smoother ride. Its low-drop design and sculpted outsole create a rocking chair effect as the runner is in motion. Because of this movement, the transition from heel to toe becomes almost effortless.

Hoka Elevon midsole mid

The midsole construction includes the PROfly--a foam technology that is softer on the heel and firmer on the forefoot. The benefits of the PROfly of Hoka can be likened to the Zoom Air of Nike, which could be found in the Air Zoom Pegasus 35.

Hoka Elevon midsole

To complement the function of the PROfly, a high-rebound injection bottom frame is added. It cradles the foot and provides that extra spring with every step.

Hoka Elevon midsole heel

Reduced hotspots and enhanced airflow with the Hoka Elevon upper

The upper is made up of an open-engineered mesh that delivers breathability and a comfortable fit. On the forefoot area going to the midfoot, several holes encourage airflow and reduce hotspots. Meanwhile, in the rear area, a sturdier engineered mesh improves support on the heel.

Hoka Elevon engineered mesh

An additional TPU heel clip prevents the heel from moving excessively without constricting it. The clip also serves as extra security; TPU or Thermoplastic Utherane is a more solid material that protects the Achilles from injuries.

Hoka Elevon hoka clip

The lacing of this shoe is standard, with flat laces. A guidance loop on the tongue keeps the laces in place, preventing them from moving in different directions while the runner is in motion. Tightening the laces ensures a more secure fit.

Hoka Elevon lacing

The padded tongue delivers a comfortable feel on the dorsal part of the midfoot while acting as a cushioned bed for the shoelaces to rest on.