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7 reasons to buy

  • Numerous players find the Head Sprint SF to be noticeably durable despite being light.
  • Lots of users with affinity to Head shoes find this SuperFabric model lighter than the Revolt Pro.
  • Impressed buyers talk big about the bootie construction’s stability benefits.
  • Many are all praises about its low-to-the-ground build as it enhances their court connection.
  • Dozens of reviewers adore the trainer’s cooling system, which delivers amazing breathability.
  • A considerable number of playtesters affirm that this kick offers a good combo of grip and give.
  • Several users claim that there are hardly any signs of wear on the shoe even after several weeks of serious play.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Some Head court shoe patrons are expecting plusher feel from this trainer’s rather moderately cushioned midsole.
  • Some reviewers indicate that its flexible upper structure makes the forefoot roomy.
  • It’s extremely pricier than other all-court tennis shoes in the market.

Bottom line

Head Sprint SF breaks the myth that lightweight court shoes cannot be durable. The introduction of the SuperFabric material on the vamp puts a brand new perspective on this Sprint offering. It makes the shoe tough-wearing yet extremely light. Another deal clincher is the efficient cooling system that allows air to circulate from the underside to the insole. So when it comes to heated singles or doubles, this might be your lucky charm.

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Good to know

Who is it best for? Competitive players who go for uncompromising defensive-offensive court stunts might find the Head Sprint SF as a valuable option for tennis match days.

What are its highlights?

  • The vamp is treated with an ultra-tough fabric that can resist abrasion during toe-drags, serves, and rallies.
  • It has a specialized ventilation system that permits air to pass through the underside to the insole.

Durable underside. The bottom layer is equipped with the Hybrasion+, a fortified rubber unit with long-lasting features. It’s designed with a herringbone tread pattern that permits the user to stop abruptly without slipping and the right amount of give when coming out of a shot. It fits all court setups including carpet for indoor play.

Ventilation system. A 360-degree moisture management technology called Cooling System is incorporated into the sole unit of this trainer to keep it breathable. Such a feature allows air to pass through the outsole and into the shoe. 

Added stability source. Head administered a stability trigger on the lateral side which averts rollovers of the foot and ankle.

Forefoot reinforcement. The toe and medial sides are reinforced with the Drift Defense system. This component buffers these areas are prone to rubbing and grinding during serves, toe-drags, volleys, and rallies.   

Responsive sole. The midsole isn’t designed to be too cushy, but it grants the wearer the ability to enjoy a good ground connection with its low-to-the-court structure. It has a minimum drop from the heel to the forefoot, which makes it similar to a flat shoe.

Supportive system. This all-court trainer is outfitted with a visible triple-density unit with the Tri-NRG technology. Such a dynamic concept is designed to neutralize impact in the heel area, provide rigid torque control for midfoot stability, and generate faster acceleration. The heel section featured a 180-degree Heelstab, a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) brace for improved rear side fit.  

Durable forefoot fabric. High-performance Sprint SF is built for speed and competition. Head engineered this trainer with a tough-wearing, flexible, and lightweight forefoot cover known as SuperFabric. It doubles up as a supportive layer and an external shield that delays any possible signs of wear and tear caused by recurrent pounding on different surfaces.

Bootie construction. The outer membrane is structured into a seamless, one-piece sock support system with welded TPU films that’s flexible for maneuverability and comfort. Such a bootie-structured upper comes with a heel stabilizer that prevents the rearfoot from wobbling inside.

  • SF means "SuperFabric."
  • SuperFabric is also used in making military apparel. Such state-of-the-art technology fortifies the high-abrasion areas of military uniforms.


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