Profile of the Head Revolt Pro 3.0 Clay

Who is it for? This third version of the Head Revolt Pro works for entry-level to elite players, especially those with normal and high arches. 

What makes it unique? The standout feature of this clay shoe lies in its strings of supportive elements. It is bundled up with a web of technologies. These include Lateral Control, Energy Frame, and Lockdown Strap that altogether stabilize the foot during multidirectional blasts and sudden slides. 

Updates to the Head Revolt Pro 3.0 Clay

Reworked aesthetics. Compared to the second iteration, the Revolt Pro 3.0 clay shoe has a more streamlined design, which makes it less bulky. It falls within the catalog of lightweight tennis shoes.

Renewed upper design. This modified version that’s still covered in mesh replaced the open mesh and breathable 4D shell concept of the previous model. Even without the 4D foam layer that makes the past iteration breathable, the improved design remains to be well-ventilated as well.


Durability. The bottom profile is molded with the Hybrasion+, a unique rubber formula developed by Head. As its name suggests, such a layer is composed of high-abrasion rubber compound with a denser concentration in areas of the outsole prone to immediate wear. Such a proprietary element is meant to put more life into the shoe, mainly during repeated toe dragging. 

Traction. The non-marking, deep herringbone tread optimizes performance on the clay surface. It is designed to deliver the right balance of grip and give on the soft court. 

Stability. This trainer is built with lateral stabilizers to provide balance and avoid rollovers during inevitable slides.  


Cushioning. Rapid movements are supported by the triple-density Tri NRG technology integrated into the midsole. Apart from cushioning the foot during landings, this feature is equipped to stabilize the midfoot. It also helps to redistribute energy during recovery. The midsole comes with a raised heel design to secure the back of the foot from impact. 

Support. To prevent the foot from inward rotation, this trainer is designed with a 3D anti-torsion midfoot shank or a durable polyurethane-molded chassis. It is also structured with the ski boot-inspired Energy Frame, a technology that utilizes thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material to enhance lateral and medial support. 


Breathability. The cover is composed of flexible mesh construction that’s fused with a synthetic material. Such streamlined design also incorporates a sockliner with a 360-degree Cooling System. Together, these components keep the upper breathable and lightweight. 

Security. Lockdown straps are integrated into the lacing system to reinforce midfoot support and to keep the foot from slipping inside. The toe and medial sides are treated with Drift Defense, which is an added layer of protection. 

Comfort. For added comfort, this trainer has an adaptive foam collar padding and an anatomical heel shape. 

Nice to know

  • Aside from the Revolt Pro variations, this Netherlands-based company also has the Head Revolt Team and Head Revolt Evo lineups in more budget-friendly price packages. 


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