Who should buy the Harley-Davidson Chase

The Harley-Davidson Chase is a great gear to hike in what with all its outstanding combination of features and traits. It is a solid option if you:

  • Prefer a hiking shoe that comes in a lightweight and breathable package, ideal for those needing an athletic kind of performance on the trail.
  • Prefer a hiking shoe that gives hikers better visibility on night-time escapades.
  • Prefer a hiking shoe that has a hefty midsole and a grippy outsole.

Harley-Davidson Chase logo

Provides slip and skid resistance

Thanks to Harley-Davidson Chase’s heavy-duty outsole, its users can navigate slippery backcountry surfaces with sufficient slip and skid resistance. Its entirety is made of rubber. H-D designers engineered it with aggressive lugs, most of which are built at opposing angles to increase the outsole’s capability to latch on to loose terrain. 

Harley-Davidson Chase outsole

Provides improved control during descents

Its heel is designed in such a way that gives hikers improved control during descents. Aside from surface traction, this component also grants extra forefoot protection.

Harley-Davidson Chase outsole 1

Excellent stability on rugged trails

The Harley-Davidson Chase gives ample stability on rugged trails and enough cushioning on ground impact with its stout yet springy midsole.

Harley-Davidson Chase midsole

Provides protection from sharp rocks

It has a thick enough construction to protect the foot from sharp rocks and to give wearers adequate shock mitigation. 

Harley-Davidson Chase midsole 1

Comfortable cushioning

The level of underfoot comfort this cushy layer provides is upped by the shoe’s removable cushioned footbed.

Harley-Davidson Chase insole

Reflective overlays and excellent ventilation

What encloses the foot in the Harley-Davidson Chase athletic hiker is the footgear’s low-top upper made of nylon mesh with leather overlays. Both its heel and forefoot regions come with reflective overlays as well as leather reinforcements. Its interior is lined with breathable mesh fabric for additional in-shoe comfort.

Harley-Davidson Chase upper

Ghillie lacing

The hiker’s ghillie lacing is made up of closed loops for eyelets and a cord-like lace. The lace loops are made of textile. The lace, on the other hand, consists of synthetic cords braided together.

Harley-Davidson Chase lacing system

Care Guide for the Harley-Davidson Chase

In order for Chase to last, it must be taken care of the right way. The following are guidelines on how to extend its life span:

  • Surface-level dirt smearing the shoe must be removed using a soft-bristled brush. It may be washed in warm water with some mild soap if used in rugged conditions for an extended period. Flush out all traces of soap by thoroughly rinsing the footwear.
  • Dry the Harley-Davidson Chase at room temperature with its lace and footbed removed. Expedite the drying process by opening the shoe as fully as possible. The brand disapproves of exposing it to a heat source.
  • Preserve and protect the footgear’s leather overlays using a wax-free leather conditioner.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 11.2oz
Use: Day Hiking
Cut: Low cut
Features: Lightweight / Breathable / Orthotic friendly / Removable insole / Heel brake
Width: Normal
BRAND Brand: Harley-Davidson
Material: Leather, Mesh upper / Fabric / Fabric

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Paul Ronto

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