10 Best Yellow Sneakers For Women in 2022

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Yellow is considered one of the trending colorways of sneakers, especially for women. Its bright and shiny vibe can quickly attract attention without much effort. Yellow kick is a statement piece that instantly makes you look different from everyone else. 

There are plenty of yellow sneakers for women available on the market. To help you pick the right one, we meticulously assessed and compared 70+ women’s yellow sneakers. We devised our list of recommendations under different categories that you can own right now. 


How we choose the best yellow sneakers for women

Apart from their vivid color, the best yellow sneakers must also live up to our high standards in comfort and overall performance. Here’s our approach to selecting them:

  • We rummage through the internet to collate all available yellow sneaker user reviews.
  • We put these models to a course of tests and comparisons to determine their comfort, durability, and many other parameters.
  • We buy these sneakers using our own money to avoid any biased reviews. 

From the accumulated feedback, we rank each sneaker from 1 to 100 using our Corescore system. This scoring method will give all our readers an overview of this model’s overall performance. 

Best yellow sneakers overall for women

Championing the environment is as easy as slipping a pair of Nike Crater Impact into your feet. As part of Nike’s journey to sustainability, this uniquely designed sneaker is constructed with 25% recycled materials by weight. It thoughtfully mixed old and new ideas to let you hit the streets in comfort and style while seriously reducing waste.
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As part of the brand’s Move to Zero initiative, it releases a new collection by recycling trash. However, eco-construction will only matter if it is wearable. Thankfully, Nike successfully designs a fashionable eco-friendly sneaker with its Nike Space Hippie 04. Despite being a product of reused wastes, the sneaker does not lack comfort and function.
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Best yellow Nike sneakers for women

The Nike SB Nyjah Free 2 is a leading silhouette in the skateboard scene. Clearly beginning to see the skateboard market as an Olympic one, Nike has started using innovation from its Air Max lines in the Nyjah and we love it. From a sock-like fit to an enhanced board feel, there's a lot going on in the Nyah Free 2.
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Strut the streets confidently while wearing the low-key Nike Blazer Low 77. This retro-inspired kick features an ageless design, parallel with the looks of Stan Smith and the versatility of Superstar. It takes pride in its all-day cozy and sound strides, found in a price range that will make your pockets smile.
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Best yellow Adidas sneakers for women

The Adidas 4D Fusio is all about coziness and style. It displays an intense flair bursting with futuristic aesthetics that will step up your usual casual getup. It also provides airy strides as it wraps the upper and underfoot with well-ventilated features. Albeit its expensive price range, it is worthy of every penny as it is packed with impressive elements.
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Enjoy a breathable comfort with the Multix sneaker from the Adidas Originals. It swags its coziness and durability that you can definitely wear for whatever the day brings you. You can also confidently rock this NMD-like sneaker on the streets, thanks to its up-to-date look without the need to throw money around.
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Best yellow retro sneakers for women

Whether one decides to buy a pair of shoes for fashion or function, the Asics Gel Lyte is among the go-to shoes for this purpose. Featuring the GEL™ technology provides ample cushioning to support either the mundane or the activity-filled day of a wearer.
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Just like the Nike Air Force 1 07, the LX version is an excellent cop because of its quality, comfort, and affordability. However, what makes this model stand from other Air sneakers is its cute and colorful designs. So, if you are looking to add some pep to your step, then you should definitely consider buying the Air Force 1 07 LX from Nike.
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Best budget yellow sneakers for women

Take the Adidas Matchbreak Super to a serious skate session or all-day city strolling, and you will not be disappointed. It has a low-key style that effortlessly combines comfort and endurance. Adidas Skateboarding also leveled up its interior to maximize board control more than ever. Inarguably, the Matchbreak Super is a supercharged sneaker that embodies simplicity and performance.
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Think of affordability, function, and lightness, and you’ve got the DC Lynx Zero skate shoe that hits it out of the ballpark. It’s one of the less beefy options from DC’s skate line that still gives out tons of comfort and support, especially for narrow-footed wearers. Broad-footed ones might need to refer to the original DC Lynx to ace those board flips without hurting their feet.
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What are the cheapest women's yellow sneakers in 2022?

  1. Fila Sandblast Low - from $48
  2. Adidas Multix - from $37
  3. DC Lynx Zero - from $42
  4. Adidas Matchbreak Super - from $56
  5. Teva ReEMBER - from $75
  6. Reebok Court Double Mix - from $26
  7. Nike Crater Impact - from $78
  8. Nike Blazer Low 77 - from $66
  9. Nike SB Nyjah Free 2 - from $77
  10. Puma RS-Curve - from $50
  11. Nike Air Force 1 07 LX - from $95
  12. Nike Air Force 1 Fontanka - from $110
  13. Nike Air Max Tailwind IV - from $80
  14. Adidas Ninja ZX 2K Boost - from $90
  15. Nike Space Hippie 04 - from $118

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What are the most expensive women's yellow sneakers in 2022?

  1. Adidas Yeezy 500 - from $230
  2. Nike Air Force 1 Fontanka - from $209
  3. Adidas 4D Fusio - from $180
  4. Nike CruzrOne - from $119
  5. Nike Space Hippie 04 - from $118
  6. Nike Air Force 1 07 LX - from $95
  7. Adidas Ninja ZX 2K Boost - from $90
  8. Nike Air Max Tailwind IV - from $80
  9. Nike Crater Impact - from $78
  10. Nike SB Nyjah Free 2 - from $77
  11. Teva ReEMBER - from $75
  12. Nike Blazer Low 77 - from $66
  13. Adidas Matchbreak Super - from $56
  14. Puma RS-Curve - from $50
  15. Fila Sandblast Low - from $48

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