10 Best Workout Shoes For Women in 2021

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10 Best Workout Shoes For Women in 2021

Working out is beneficial for everybody. Because of this, brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, and others do not limit their production to workout shoes for men. They also come up with as many workout shoes for women, and we do in depth with these in this article.

In addition to the best ladies’ workout shoes overall, we also assess shoes based on their effectiveness in specific workouts such as weightlifting and HIIT. We also pick the most suitable shoe for those who are budget conscious.

This is not going to be an easy task because there are almost 200 workout shoes to assess and choose from. Good thing our experts are never tired of sharing their expertise.

How we select the best workout shoes for women

To ensure the objectivity of our top picks, we bought the workout shoes for women using our own funds. This way, we won’t have to be extra kind to a certain brand just because we get sponsorships from them. Besides this, we also do the following:

  • Assign each workout shoe to the right expert within our network. Mind you, our experts are really well-achieved or at least very active in their field. With this, we are sure that each shoe really gets tested in the most comprehensive way.
  • Come up with a numerical CoreScore, which we base on the ratings left by shoe experts and regular users all over the net.

Best overall

Workouts need to hit different targets. Jogging and/or walking takes care of the cardiovascular system. Weightlifting is good for muscle growth. HIIT is great for trimming down. It’s good to have a reliable companion for all these, and you have it in the Nike Free Metcon 4.

This workout shoe from Nike just rocks because right from the start, its plushness and breathability will already win you over. Talk about walking on clouds! Even if we spent so many hours in the gym, our feet didn’t feel any heat. Not even in the slightest. That’s how comfortable this amazing shoe is.

Training with weights was never a problem with this one. It was quite durable and grippy, so we were confident that our feet were securely planted on the ground as we brought barbells over our heads. 

Even with such strength, this shoe managed to remain light and pretty minimal. We loved jogging in this! And it even looked nice enough to be worn for our after-workout gigs. If only boyfriends were as versatile as this shoe!

Admittedly, the Nike Free Metcon 4 is kinda expensive. But given its versatility and overall great performance, we still say that whatever amount you pay for it is money well spent.

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New Balance is a trusted brand in sports, and it surely didn’t disappoint with the NB FuelCore NERGIZE. This really good-looking shoe (we will get back to this later) is just to die for! Everything that a woman would want in a workout shoe is here.

Hey, it’s truly impossible not to notice this first: this shoe just looks pretty and elegant and stunning. We wanted to wear it the whole day just to flaunt it! Good thing, this one is made of materials that ensure comfort even when worn for a long time.

Speaking of comfort, the FuelCore NERGIZE is also light and breathable. Not once did we have to take a break from working out because our feet hurt or felt hot. 

But hey! Don’t let the pretty immaculate face deceive you; this one is a mean best performance-wise. We never felt wobbly or in any way unstable when we were wearing this. Hoisting heavy plates or barbells was absolutely not a problem. Sprinting was also such a breeze!

The performance goodness that this New Balance delivered was because of its supportive materials and really grippy outsole. NB must have spent a little more time assuring the quality of this one!

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Best for weightlifting

Weightlifting may look simple, but it’s actually an activity so complex that there is a sport dedicated to it! Muscles have to be in great condition, joints have to be really strong, and bodyweight has to be evenly distributed. Posture is an important part of all this, and the UA HOVR Apex 2 offers a really good foundation.

You see, this upper itself is made of materials that provide amazing response. They were also sturdy enough to withstand the immense pressure that weightlifting puts on the body and ultimately on the feet. We never felt that the upper is about to be torn apart even when we add so much weight to our lifts and jerks.

In addition to that, the shoe is equipped with Tribase technology. In our experience, this technology made sure that the foot is flat on the ground securely to avoid instability of any sort. We truly appreciate this because a slight wobble can be dangerous.

This workout was also as flexible as a woman’s skills. Besides weightlifting, we were also able to do other exercises without much problem. The upper, we learned, provided enough stretch to accommodate jumping motions.

The Under Armour HOVR Apex 2 is one that we can truly recommend, at whatever price. It’s just a very worthy investment.

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It may not look like it, but the Nike Air Max Bella TR 4 is a dependable weightlifting partner. Its materials felt durable without sacrificing breathability and a little bit of flex. The lacing system was also praiseworthy. They did not get undone so easily even as we added on so much weight overhead.

The outsole was also flat enough to maximize contact with the ground. And it featured a traction pattern that provided really dependable grip.

If getting the most out of the money is desired, then this Nike shoe did not disappoint. Don’t get us wrong, the Bella TR 4  is not expensive to begin with. In fact, it’s one of the most popular budget offers today. Its features allowed it to be versatile enough to be used for other types of exercises such as the cardio-focused HIIT and plyometrics.

In addition to that, this Nike workout shoe’s streamlined look also made it a suitable partner for nighttime gigs and after-workout strolls. The shoe’s quite subdued colors and design made it so easy to match with different kinds of outfits.

Nike does it again with the Bella TR 4. Getting this is not a bad move at all,  even if there are newer and more technologically advanced options.

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Best for HIIT

HIIT is getting more and more popular these days because of its role in weight loss, which many gym-goers aspire for. It quickly burns fat and builds cardio endurance. Of course, the “high-intensity” in its name is never a joke. It involves a lot of sprints, weightlifting, and jumping. It’s indeed a challenge, but with Nike SuperRep Go, you surely got yourself a dependable partner.


When we wore the SuperRep Go during our workouts, we noticed that it was light and felt really minimal on foot. It didn’t distract us from our sprints and jumps. Everything just went on so smoothly. 

Of course, the minimal feeling did not really mean that the shoe lacked support. It surely did not. Nike was just so clever in using light materials that are responsive enough to keep the foot in place even during the most aggressive vertical and horizontal movements.

Aside from that, the Nike SuperRep Go was also really bouncy. Our take-offs were pretty energized. It was just the push that we needed to keep on going even if we were already worn out because of the intensity of the workout.

Finally, we felt the shoe stretching to accommodate the flattening of the foot when we lifted weights. 

Quite simply, the Nike SuperRep Go was the definition of versatility. HIIT was a lot easier with it around.

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It’s now clear to us that Nike truly understands the demands of HIIT. Its SuperRep series, in particular, is unmatched when it comes to providing the versatility needed by this type of intense workout. After taking the top spot with the Nike SuperRep Go, the Swoosh is at it again with the Air Zoom SuperRep 2.

When it comes to grip on hardwood, the SuperRep 2 was phenomenal. Sprints were stable and landings were never wobbly with this one. It was just so good that the outsole’s grip was complemented by a stretchy and durable upper. 

This sturdy upper also came in handy when we were doing burpees and other similar exercises. It successfully chased away all the anxieties and doubts that would have been there had we worn a sloppier shoe.

The shoe’s bounciness  is also not to be questioned. While we were working out, we felt that there were some mini trampolines beneath our feet. Plyometric exercises like box jumps were pretty much supported.

When it comes to looks, the Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2 is not to be ignored either. It features a futuristic design that will surely be suitable even for post-workout gigs.

If we are to be nitpicky, the only complaint that we have about this shoe is the bulkiness of the sole. Without this, this shoe is definitely on top with the SuperRep Go.

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Best for agility

When it comes to losing weight and improving the cardiovascular system, nothing beats agility exercises. They will surely make you sweat it out! To be able to successfully execute these exercises, you’d need a truly suitable shoe, and we dare say that the Nike React Metcon Turbo is the one for you.

This shoe was simply among the most comfortable shoes that we have ever worn (and we’re telling you, we’ve worn a lot!). It was so light that we didn’t feel that we were being held back or weighed down. It was also quite breathable; our feet didn’t feel like it was being choked.

We also pretty much appreciated its design. It has a heel clip, and it helped us with our wall handstand exercises. The lower silhouette also allowed for more ankle freedom, so direction changes and bends were never a problem.

It will also be a crime to not mention just how responsive and bouncy the midsole is. It just provided all the energy that we needed to fuel our sprints and stabilize our strides. 

The price can be a bit too much, but we can’t really complain loudly on this one. You see, the shoe delivered, and it delivered well. The price, as far as we are concerned, was concretely justified.

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A key characteristic of an agility shoe is perhaps its no-frills lightness, and the Inov-8 F-Lite 235 v3 surely has this in abundance. Not once did we have to stop and nurse our aching feet; the shoe just felt light, minimal, and comfortable.

Aside from that, the upper seemed to be sturdy enough to withstand the pressures of doing deadlifts and weighted squats. It was able to expand without breaking to accommodate the flattening of the foot.

We also couldn’t afford to ignore the cushioning system that this shoe is equipped with. Sustained runs and sprints were pretty supported. The tooling was bouncy, and it also offered a good amount of impact protection. There really was nothing to complain about as far as running was concerned. The feet would feel very pampered. 

While we believe that this shoe is indeed durable and will definitely last long, we still wouldn’t recommend it for heavy weightlifting. This is still an agility shoe, anyway. And it already performs so well in that area. There is no need to overstretch the utility of the Inov-8 F-Lite 235 v3 just to prove its worth.

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Best budget shoe

It still puzzles us why many people still think that a shoe has to be pricey in order for it to be considered promising. This myth has been busted over and over again, and we will bust it again now with the Nike Legend Essential 2.

Now, this shoe is a budget model, but it surely still means business. During our tests, we noticed that this shoe delivered huge amounts of comfort. Because of how cozy it felt, we liked wearing it even when not working out.  If you want some sort of pampering for your feet, then this shoe is the one that you should get!

Given the quality of the materials, we also think that this one will last you long. This was already so cheap to begin with, so if it’s durable enough to last multiple months or even years, then you surely are getting so much value for your money. A BANG for the buck, indeed!

Now, how did this perform in actual workouts? Well, this one got to be one of the versatile workout shoes we’ve ever worn.  We could wear it for almost anything: runs, jogs, rope exercises, box jumps, and all others. It deserves the “Essential” in its name because, ladies, the Nike Legend Essential 2 is truly an essential tool to have when you hit the gym.

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The Nike Renew In-Season TR 10 is another myth-busting shoe that we are going to discuss here. This one is indeed affordable, we even think it’s really intended to be a budget model. But does this make it inferior? Not at all!

You see, wearing this shoe made us feel like our feet were being cradled. The comfort levels that we got from this was just impressive. 

Aside from comfort, this workout shoe also delivered the looks. We were so in love with its style and overall aesthetics that we didn’t want to take them off even if we were already in our post-workout gigs. Workout shoe and lifestyle sneaker in one? We are definitely buying it!

The Renew In-Season TR 10 was quite supportive, too. We were able to perform some form of strength and weight exercises without worrying that we will slip or that the shoe will make us wobble. The materials just felt responsive enough for those routines.

While its price is indeed enticing, affordability is surely not the only thing that the Nike Renew In-Season TR 10 brings to the table. As far as performance concerned, it’s worth way more than what its price alludes to.

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