10 Best Waterproof Hiking Shoes For Women in 2021

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10 Best Waterproof Hiking Shoes For Women in 2021

There are days when the sun does not show up, and you get drizzles or rain showers instead. Oh, but staying indoors is not an option for you. What do you do? You slip into the best women’s waterproof hiking shoes!

The finest picks below are fruits of our testing more than 150 pairs of highly impermeable kicks for women. This selection houses shoes that will up your game in a variety of pursuits. So, whether you require something that endures on more treacherous hikes or a shoe that focuses on comfort above everything else, this space has your back.

How we test the best waterproof hiking shoes for women

At RunRepeat, we intend to put out only the most reliable, unbiased reviews. To that end, we live by the following:

  • We buy women’s waterproof hiking shoes (affordable or otherwise) with our own money.
  • We put these trail kicks through a series of tests, hiking in each pair on a variety of terrain in mostly wet conditions. Charting every shoe’s strengths and weaknesses is part of our process.
  • To make our reviews on women’s waterproof hikers comprehensive, we include in the mix findings and opinions from hundreds of gear experts and regular trail-goers.

A rating, called CoreScore, is then given to every reviewed pair. We create our top picks with it, including the best waterproof hiking shoes for women.

Best overall

When the rainy season makes everything sloppy on the trails you frequent, turn the tables around by brandishing your ultimate weapon—the X Ultra 4 GTX!

Puddles, moist grass, and light rain are no match against this beauty. Its Transformer-looking shell stood tall and mighty against these intrusive wet elements, leaving our water-averse and pedicured feet wrinkle-free the entire time!

Complementing the X Ultra 4 GTX’s exemplary water protection is the shoe’s faze-proof Contagrip outsole. On it, we didn’t slip on both wet and dry terrain. Going down inclines, particularly on mud, was thrillingly safe, too.

Now, this Salomon piece needs no break-in time. We slipped into our pairs, and we were greeted with the X Ultra 4 GTX’s incredibly plush confines fresh from the box. The most endearing part of its interior in this regard was the shoe’s ultra-pampering collar!

We also didn’t lose our footing on uneven terrain and rocky patches, thanks to the X Ultra 4 GTX’s stabilizing sole unit. Indeed, it cut through all those ruggedness as if we had tanks on, not shoes!

And have we mentioned that the Salomon X Ultra 4 GTX is super-light yet? Yup, this powerful kick for the spunky Janes only weighs 390 g per shoe. Amazing!

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In your fight against the wet-weather baddies out there, claim instant victory in the La Sportiva Spire GTX!

Engineered with a waterproof membrane from Gore-Tex, the Spire GTX is ready for battle where moisture is present. In the entirety of our adventure, the shoe’s interior never got wet. The height of the shoe’s heel also helped in keeping moisture fenced out in deeper puddles.

Just like our Salomon top pick, this waterproof gem also knocked it out of the park in the area of surface traction. We tackled mulchy hills, mossy valleys, and rocky tracks, and the Spire GTX blew us away! The shoe’s prominent heel brake also didn’t disappoint on muddy descents!

A-grade comfort was what we got out of the Spire GTX right from the off. Its leak-free interior felt plush everywhere, especially around the midfoot and heel. We noted no feeling of hotspots anywhere in the shoe, either.

Its support system is among the best out there, too. Indeed, the Spire GTX empowered our arches for many miles, giving our tootsies their much-needed vacation from aches and pain.

So, yeah, we highly recommend the Spire GTX. It’s expensive, yes, but it will be well worth your dollar and time!

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Best for backpacking

Are you ready to add days to your hikes with a packed knapsack in tow? Then you’d better have the Mountain Trainer Lite GTX on!

Sticky, sticky, sticky—is how we’d brag about this Salewa must-have within our circle of friends. Its outsole has these tooth-like lugs that bit into whatever terrain we set foot on. And golly, the shoe’s tenacious heel brake was simply stellar on slopes; we didn’t slip at all!

Now, the Mountain Trainer Lite GTX is also a water-cooler topic in the comfort department. It’s one of those shoes that require no break-in period. Yes, we used it straight out of the gate and felt glorious in an instant.

As a Gore-Tex kick, the Salewa Mountain Trainer Lite GTX smote us in the rain. Everything around us got slippery and wet—everything except for our fresh tootsies! The shoe also came out with flying colors through our water-immersion test, which involved a three-inch deep puddle.

Equally flooring was the Mountain Trainer Lite GTX’s performance on low elevations. While not an approach shoe by any means, this Salewa hiker helped us smear with confident hearts!

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Breathing down the proverbial neck of our backpacking top pick is the OUTward GTX from Salomon.

Cheaper than the Mountain Trainer Lite GTX by roughly $10, the OUTward GTX wowed us with its stickiness. Going down semi-muddy inclines in the shoe was a real cakewalk, and staying surefooted on rubbly terrain felt safe.

The OUTward GTX’s towering collar did a remarkable job at supporting our ankles. Yes, our strides and haphazard boulder-hops translated to secure traversals.

On the waterproofing front, the OUTward GTX does its name proud (we mean the Gore-Tex part). Through the moderate downpour and across shallow streams, the shoe in question blocked out every drop!

Now, not touching on the OUTward GTX’s comfort level would be a missed opportunity here. This Salomon hiker felt oh-so nice and plush on day one. We give its hotspot-free midfoot zone extra props here, particularly around the sides of the arch.

One thing that might be a bother to some is its rather lackluster breathability. Still, we adore the OUTward GTX for its sheer weather-readiness on treks. Grab one now!

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Best lightweight

Steady your hearts because the OUTline GTX from Salomon is here to blow your socks off weight-wise!

At around 350 g per shoe, the Salomon OUTline GTX is the lightweight wonder you’ve been dreaming of. Armed with a sole unit that springs into action on groomed trails, this hiker will see to it that your trail adventures stay on the speed lane.

Now, you might think that, given its exceptional lightness, the OUTline GTX is a pushover in terms of waterproofing. Well, say goodbye to those unfounded thoughts because this speedster is as impermeable as it is light. This Salomon kick never let moisture from puddles and creeks in, leaving our socks and tootsies dry all the way to the end of our trail!

Hotspots and blisters aren’t part of the OUTline GTX’s vocabulary. This is because the shoe enclosed our precious feet in its highly pampering shell. And just like most of the beauties making up this selection, this shoe delivers comfort minus the honeymoon phase.

And let’s not forget the OUTline GTX’s top-notch breathability. You see, the shoe made every step a breeze for us, both literally and figuratively!

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Are you a fan of Adidas and their sporty hiking kicks? If so, write down the Terrex Swift R2 GTX on your shopping list!

A touch lighter than the OUTline GTX, this Adidas gem turned our strides into leaps! We don’t know how the brilliant minds behind this shoe did it, but, despite its rather stout sole unit and moderately overlayed upper, the shoe felt almost weightless!

The Terrex Swift R2 GTX is a watertight beast. Its high impermeability left us in awe by transforming virtually all sorts of moisture into subservient beads. Yes, our feet never got wet in it (although never ventured into anywhere deeper than four inches of water).

But is the Terrex Swift R2 GTX reliable on slippery soil? Totally! On mulch, mossy planks, and wet pebbles, the hiker got us through without any hint of slippage.

In the realm of comfort, we give the Terrex Swift R2 GTX a pretty high score. It lived up to our expectations in that we got instant comfort out of it. While its midsole could be bouncier, the rest of its lightweight confines caressed our feet on hike one.

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Best comfort

Have you ever gotten tongue-tied by a shoe’s level of comfort before? In the Merrell Moab 2 GTX, your tongue just might (or close to that)!

Straight from the Merrell box, we hit the trail in the Moab 2 GTX. No later than half a mile did we realize that the shoe was so darn comfy. From its no-rub Achille’s heel zone to its dreamily plush arch, this hiker mesmerized us in fantastic comfort. And its generously padded ankle cuff? Queenly pampering!

The Moab 2 GTX is also easily Merrell’s best offering on the water protection front. Its watertight leather-slash-mesh upper kept everything on the inside wetness-free while we were in about three inches deep stream for several minutes!

Thanks to its rockered sole, we negotiated manicured trails and mildly rugged terrain with relative ease. We even used the Moab 2 GTX on concrete pavements, and getting from point A to point B was more a welcome experience than a chore.

Now, the Merrell Moab 2 GTX has the sticking prowess to match its glide-like abilities. Built with a Vibram outsole, the shoe made us cross mulchy hillsides, swampy bogs, and perennially wet rocks with extraordinary slip resistance!

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Nice! KEEN has the perfect hiker for your longing feet, and it’s none other than the adorable-but-tough Targhee II!

Although we had to hike a couple of miles to get it fully broken in, our time in the Targhee II was nearly flawless comfort-wise. Its cushioned interior and adequately padded tongue blasted our expectations, and nothing chafed or rubbed within its snug heel and forefoot zones.

Through shallow waters (puddles and creeks), the KEEN Targhee II came on top without letting a single droplet of moisture in. As long as you don’t venture into anywhere deeper than four inches of water, your feet will stay dry in it forever!

Did we ever lose our balance or slip in this KEEN hiker? Not by a long shot! If you take a look at its rubber outsole, you’ll see how seriously designed its lugs and tread pattern are. Case in point: underfoot, the Targhee II felt like a natural on practically all sorts of surfaces. You’ll be saying goodbye to slippage in this gem, that’s for sure!

And if you’re unsure about the Targhee II’s longevity, don’t be. We can confidently say that this KEEN must-own is as tough as it is mighty dependable in the rain.

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Best budget shoe

Women are smart-buyers by default, which is why Columbia saw to it to reward such empowered Janes like you with the Crestwood Waterproof! No more expensive than $80 a pair, this offering can knock you off your feet in more ways than one.

As stated in its name, this Columbia hiker is completely waterproof. Indeed, this budget-friendly gem shielded our feet from light rain and splashes from streams like a charm. Its impermeable shell, at the same, is quite breathable. Our tootsies stayed sweat-free in it, which was an absolute plus!

In terms of slip resistance, the Columbia Crestwood Waterproof is a work of wonder. While the lugs on its outsole aren’t as aggressive as those found on others, they still latched on to slippery surfaces (think soft soil and mud) without a hitch. On grassy descents, the Crestwood Waterproof mesmerized us, too!

Now, on light hikes and urban traversals, the Crestwood Waterproof is a comfort machine. For its criminally low MSRP, this remarkable women’s shoe is a generous giver as far as cushioning is concerned. Extra credit goes to its snug midfoot for keeping our arches pampered minus the dreaded blisters.

So, don’t delay. Get this dreamy hiker now. Who knows? You might even get it for less through our smashing deals!

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Trailing (no pun intended) a few short inches behind our budget-friendly top pick is the OUTbound GTX from Salomon.

At $100 a pair, the OUTbound GTX is a real steal. What’s more interesting is that Salomon has found a way to keep its MSRP to a bare minimum, considering that the shoe comes with a Gore-Tex liner!

Speaking of its GTX membrane, this Salomon shoe allowed us to carefreely traipse through creeks and streams without ever getting our tootsies wet. Pro tip: keep to the shallowest parts of the water (a.k.a. no deeper than 3.5 inches), and you’ll keep your feet wrinkle-free for as long as possible.

Despite its rather burly construction, the Salomon OUTbound GTX has a competitive weight. It’s quite true—this female-empowering kick rivals many of our lightest bunch with its barely-there weight of 300 g per shoe!

If you have wobbly arches, you shouldn’t miss out on this affordable hiker. Yes, it has the (midfoot) supportiveness to match its humble asking price. So, if your gait matters to you and intrusive arch pain is a big no-no, add the OUTbound GTX to your to-buy list!

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