10 Best Waterproof Hiking Boots For Women in 2021

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10 Best Waterproof Hiking Boots For Women in 2021

Where inclement conditions rear their gloomy heads, but you do not feel like staying indoors, you are better off with a pair off waterproof hiking boots. To help you wind up with the best there is, we have come up with this selection of wet-weather top picks.

We have tested over 200 pairs of women’s waterproof hiking boots just to give you our choicest picks. So, whether you need a fantastic all-rounder or something light or budget-friendly, your being here is destiny.

How we select the best waterproof hiking boots for women

For outdoorsy Janes like you, we know how important it is to learn about the best waterproof hiking boots for women by reading objective reviews. Now, we are on top of things when it comes to such reviews. Here is our approach:

  • Waterproof hiking boots can be quite expensive more often than not. Still, we buy every pair using our own funds to be as unbiased as possible with our reviews.
  • We test women’s waterproof hiking boots for days, hiking in them in a moderate-to-heavy downpour. Whenever possible, we also put each pair through our water submersion test.
  • Our female-centric reviews reflect opinions and findings from hundreds of regular users and gear experts.

A CoreScore is then assigned to every reviewed hiking boot. This RunRepeat-exclusive rating system played a big part in helping us produce our list of top picks below.

Best overall

This is it! The Lowa Renegade GTX Mid is the ultimate waterproof hiker you’ve been waiting for, and it shines in almost every way!

What keeps tootsies fresh and dry in the Renegade GTX Mid is the hiker’s waterproof Gore-Tex membrane. It locked out all manners of moisture during our travels with perfect efficiency. Extra props go to its gusseted tongue for keeping our feet moist-free in shallow streams and creeks.

Grip-wise, the Renegade GTX Mid didn’t let us down. Its outsole with multi-faceted lugs held on to different types of terrain without a hitch. But the best thing about its rubber outsole was how surefooted we were on muddy descents. Its heel brake is the most tenacious there is!

There’s also the boot’s solid collar. We give its supportiveness 5 stars (or more, if we could)! That said, we still got enough flexibility from it, allowing us to be more creative with our negotiations.

Now, this queenly waterproof boot wouldn’t be as fantastic without exceptional comfort. Fortunately for you, the Renegade GTX Mid has tons. Despite looking like a beast of a hiker, this tank-like kick felt premium to the touch right from the start!

Let’s keep it real here: You NEED the Renegade GTX Mid. Grab it now!

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Rainy weather, beware. The Salomon X Ultra 4 Mid GTX has come to ruin your day!

Like the Renegade GTX Mid, this must-have for the outdoorsy ladies knocked it out of the park for us in the area of moisture protection. Whether through deep puddles or in the rain, the X Ultra 4 Mid GTX dealt with wetness like an absolute wonder!

Despite its extraordinary impermeability, the X Ultra 4 Mid GTX felt amazing on the inside. We’re talking about its remarkable ability to flush out stuffiness with its A-grade breathability, of course.

Aside from keeping your tootsies wrinkle-free, the X Ultra 4 Mid GTX is also in the business of making your every step as secure as possible. Armed with Salomon’s Contagrip outsole, this bad boy never wavered on slick surfaces, including wet rock and muddy inclines!

As for comfort, the X Ultra 4 Mid GTX is among Salomon’s finest. We used it straight from the box—a decision we didn’t regret, as the boot felt mighty comfy on day one. While the board underneath its footbed could be cushier, the shoe’s midsole pampered our feet throughout our day-long trip.

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Best for backpacking

Ensure the safety of your gentle feet and keep your sanity intact on multi-day adventures by sporting the Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX.

Built with one of Gore-Tex’s highly impermeable membranes, the Quest 4D 3 GTX surmounted all the wetness the wild threw at us. It never failed to keep wetness locked out, even through this mildly raging stream, whose deepest part was around 4 inches. 

And where there was wetness, there were slippery rocks and slabs. We mounted on them half-recklessly, yet we stayed on top of our game and didn’t slip, thanks to the Quest 4D 3 GTX’s grippy Contagrip outsole (watch out, Vibram)!

In the area of comfort, the Quest 4D 3 GTX made us feel like we were walking on clouds (even though the terrain was as rocky as ever). Its sole unit was plush from the get-go, while its lined upper didn’t rub anywhere. We give its supple rearfoot zone extra credit for keeping our heels blister-free!

Speaking of rocky surfaces, the Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX didn’t flinch on them. Even gnarly roots didn’t stand a chance against the boot’s super-stabilizing sole unit. Extraordinary!

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Do you want to be a snazzy hiking queen all while hauling a loaded pack in the rain? Then the 996 Vioz GTX from Zamberlan has to be your “it” boot!

The 996 Vioz GTX’s high impermeability is as impressive as its buffed leather upper. Nothing wet got inside its dreamy shell, leaving our feet and socks dry through and through. The boot also managed to keep its interior moisture-free during our submersion test.

Now, this premium backpacking boot is as stellar a hiker on the waterproofing front as it is in the comfort department. Fresh from the box, the 996 Vioz GTX spoiled us big time, hugging every inch of our trek-hungry tootsies with supreme plushness!

In terms of toughness, the Zamberlan 996 Vioz GTX tore through various terrain and weather conditions without sustaining major dents. But perhaps the star of the show in this regard was how its sticky outsole managed to negotiate jagged surfaces without getting shredded into pieces.

This hiker also has the supportive collar and arch zone to match its “tank” status. Our feet didn’t come out of it tired or aching. The 996 Vioz GTX is indeed a gentle workhorse, despite its rather steep asking price!

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Best lightweight

After testing 200+ pairs of female-empowering boots of the impermeable kind, we are proud to give you the super-light Merrell Ontario 85 Mid Waterproof.

Yes, this Merrell gem weighs no more than 420 g per boot. This exemplary lightness enabled us to keep going and made us feel like we had nothing confining our energized feet.

Living up to its mouthful of a name, the Ontario 85 Mid Waterproof barred out all sorts of wetness without fail. Its mostly leather upper, gusseted tongue, and Merrell-exclusive membrane all worked together to keep our feet dry, even during a heavy downpour!

Does its lightness translate to comfort, too? We answer that with a big YES. We felt no pressure or hotspots within its confines, and straight out of the gate, the boot’s interior, including the footbed, felt supremely cushy.

Traction-wise, the Ontario 85 Mid Waterproof was pure magic. In spite of its Vibram outsole sporting low-profile lugs, the boot didn’t fail at keeping our every step secure. The boot also gave us a reassuring ride on both ascents or descents!

If you’ve been looking for a complete package from Merrell, which is something fully watertight and amazingly light, the Ontario 85 Mid Waterproof is it!

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Coming your way is the Grandview GTX—Teva’s lightweight offering that can also complete your chic OOTD (outfit of the day)!

With its chunky sole unit and svelte leather upper, which has some unique lacing hardware going for it, the Grandview GTX is surprisingly lightweight. Indeed, the shoe weighs no more than 480 g per kick, which, for its stoutness, can be considered a miracle!

Water intrusion is not in the Grandview GTX’s outdoorsy vocabulary. There was not an instance where seepage happened inside the boot. Every drop just rolled off its tanned leather shell, scurrying off the boot in beads.

There’s more than enough comfort to be had in the Grandview GTX’s confines. We had to work our way (for a few days) to get there, but we’re glad we did as the hiker felt oh-so fantastic past its break-in period!

The Teva Grandview GTX is not a slouch when it comes to grip, either. There was not a time when we felt vulnerable on slippery surfaces (think muddy bogs and slopes). Yes, we trampled on them and came out scot-free!

As a cherry on top, the Grandview GTX is more breathable than most waterproof kicks. We just wish its rather gimmicky upper was not a dirt magnet.

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Best for speed hiking

Being the speedy lass that you are, you demand the best for your sprint-hungry feet. Yes, we are talking about the OUTline Mid GTX from Salomon!

If the OUTline Mid GTX’s tapered sole unit is anything to go by, your time in this hiker will translate to smoother transitions. It’s true—whether on level ground or moderately uneven terrain, this speedster of a boot can help you glide across the trail with ease.

Its overall lightness (it weighs no more than 900 g a pair) gave us an extra boost while making our way through some rocky patch. We link the OUTline Mid GTX’s lightness to the boot’s breathable upper.

But what is great agility on the trail without waterproofing to match? You’re fortunate because the OUTline Mid GTX is a doozy on the impermeability front, too. So watertight was its featherweight upper that not one droplet wound up inside its mighty plush interior!

Now, the OUTline Mid GTX is nothing to be sneezed at in terms of grip. We never lost our footing in this one—not on mulchy hillsides and muddy inclines. And while it lacks a proper heel brake, the shoe still gave us enough stopping power on descents.

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Whether you pronounce its brand name as “low-wuh” or “low-vuh,” one thing is for sure—the Innox Pro GTX Mid can break speed barriers, come rain or shine!

A hybrid of sorts design-wise (it looks like a cross between a mid-top basketball shoe and a burly hiker), this Lowa piece boosted our steps as if we had wings. Its rockered sole unit deserves the highest praise here (although we’re not dismissing its lightweight construction in this regard, either).

As a Gore-Tex boot, the Innox Pro GTX Mid endeared us through not-so shallow waters. Its spunky upper repelled moisture as if it had nothing better to do. We didn’t have a chance to submerge it in deeper puddles, but we’re confident that this boot can stay watertight in 4 to 5 inches of water!

Equally astonishing about the Innox Pro GTX Mid is its clawing rubber outsole. Its triangular lugs dug into soft soil without a cinch, while its towering heel brake anchored in on semi-steep inclines.

One teeny-weeny smudge on its incredible resume is its over-200-dollar price tag. Still, we’d buy this hiker all over again, given the chance and budget. It’s that great!

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Best budget boot

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped  for women Top pick

They say women are wise-spenders. Whether or not that’s true, you will be when you buy the Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped!

Columbia has hit another home run with the Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped price-wise. We’re talking about an MSRP of $90 here—an asking price that not a lot of brands can dare match in the hiking boot space!

Engineered with an integrated tongue and a proprietary membrane, the Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped gave us a sealed experience from beginning to end. We purposely stood in some four-inch puddle for roughly five minutes, and the boot’s confines, along with our feet, remained completely dry.

Now, this budget-friendly boot for women comes without a break-in period. Indeed, our time with the Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped left us in awe from the off with resplendent comfort. So pampering was its lined upper that we chose not to slip out of the boot long after our testing has ended!

Its Omni-Grip outsole got us from trail start to trail end without ever slipping! Along the way, we encountered rocky slopes and grassy hills. Through it all, the Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped proved its worth on the traction front.

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If you’re a big fan of Timberland and overspending is a big no-no to you, there’s no better boot than the Mt. Maddsen Mid Waterproof!

With an MSRP of $115, the Mt. Maddsen Mid Waterproof floored us the moment we laid our doughy eyes on it. While it’s costlier than our top pick, this kick screams value on multiple fronts.

We slipped inside the Mt. Maddsen Mid Waterproof and tested it with no prior preparations. In the entirety of our adventure, the boot made us believers with its richly comfortable interior. Particularly impressive in this regard was the snugness of its heel and hotspot-free midfoot, including the instep zone.

Timberland engineers slapped in a brand-exclusive membrane on its bootie, making the hiker incredibly impermeable. Indeed, the Mt. Maddsen Mid Waterproof left us smiling during our water-centric traversals.

In the area of support, the Mt. Maddsen Mid Waterproof doesn’t disappoint. Its arch zone kept our gait in check. We journeyed across root-filled and uneven terrain and came out with pain-free arches and ankles.

While it might not be for those with broader tootsies, the Mt. Maddsen Mid Waterproof has all the trappings of an excellent waterproof boot at a humble price!

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