10 Best Tennis Sneakers For Women in 2022

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Whatever attire you have on, a cute pair of tennis sneakers will surely look great with it. Known for their simple, straightforward styling, tennis-inspired lifestyle shoes are all-rounder kicks that every on-the-go, fashion-savvy gal must own. And you know what? We have over 200 women's tennis sneakers lined up for you.

Since choosing the best one can be a drag, we've come up with a list of our top picks to help narrow down your choices. You can expect the list to include the most value for money, the comfiest court shoes from various brands, and the best overall.

What's more, our team has thoroughly reviewed each shoe, so you can expect each one to meet (or even exceed) your expectations. 

How we pick the best women's tennis sneakers

Yes, it sucks that we can only know the shoe's flaws after getting it in the mail. Good thing, the chances of this happening to you reduce significantly with the help of RunRepeat.

Determined to find out all the good and bad traits of each shoe, our team ensures that the tennis sneakers that make it in our best list are only those that outperformed the others. We do this by doing the following:

  • scour the web to find out what other users and experts say about the shoes
  • buy the sneakers and use them in various activities and surfaces
  • shoes are examined meticulously from top to bottom in our lab





Best tennis sneakers overall for women

Do you want to ace a courtside vibe on the city streets? Don a pair of Nike Court Legacy, and you're far from having qualms. It has a street-worthy style that displays a minimalist and modern flair perfect when updating your look. Moreover, it proudly offers comfort and durability that further smashes its opponents in the daily street-style game.
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If you're a fan of blast-from-the-past kicks, then NikeCourt's Royale 2 Mid might just be for you. This tennis sneaker has a streamlined look that exudes a 70s street vibe. Other than being on trend, you'd also find its versatility and homey in-shoe feel a treat. Broad-footed individuals, however, could find a more comfortable shoe in our wide sneaker lineup.
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Best Nike tennis sneakers for women

Despite its deadly name, the Nike Killshot OG is all about simplicity. It is an accurate recall of the original look that takes us back to Killshot's roots from the 70s. This bare-bones sneaker is always good to own as it displays a style that is a pleasure to work in any outfit. Plus, Nike offers this cheaply, making this a great everyday dope sneaker to style.
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Adding another iteration to the Nike tennis-inspired sneaker collection, the brand unveiled the Nike Court Vintage. This model features the 80s tennis footwear fashion - clean and straightforward. This minimalist kick boasts versatility and comfort that will not hurt any pocket. It is a strongly recommended pair especially for wearers looking for a throwback kick with modern comfort and style.
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Best Adidas tennis sneakers for women

In keeping with the tennis inspiration, the Advantage carries on a minimal, clean-looking design. Sticking to white and black color variations, this lace-up model is a good daily essential for anybody’s lifestyle. Meanwhile, the glossy leather upper exudes the timelessness of the design and silhouette of the sneaker. It also helps that this low-top is among Adidas’ inexpensive priced sneakers.
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These tennis-inspired shoes are lauded for the overall comfort and durability it offers. In addition to Adidas’ skating sneaker range, this shoe can take the beating of jumping over gaps and gliding down the stairs. Perfecting ollies will be a breeze with the reinforced ollie insert. The no-fuss design and neutral colorways allow any shoe lover to easily style this trainer with any outfit.
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Best Puma tennis sneakers for women

An iteration of the Puma Cali, the Puma Cali Sport is a low-top women’s sneaker with an edgy and sporty vibe that effortlessly completes any outfit. It is equipped with a good amount of cushioning that keeps it comfortable when worn. It has a thick sole that many customers love as it adds to their height and it’s a durable pair made with high-quality materials perfect for every day.
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Puma created another modern sneaker that was inspired by its classic iteration. Puma Carina features a timeless look constructed with premium material. It boasts its comfortable, lightweight, and durable ride making this a nice go-to pair for most ladies. Its style, meanwhile, is dubbed as versatile as it is easy to mix and match with almost any casual attire. This model is suitable for ladies looking for cheap yet fashionable and comfortable sneakers.
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Best budget tennis sneakers for women

Court-inspired shoes are the direction to go for classic styling. If you’re tight on budget and prefer canvas tennis kicks instead of the leather alternatives, try giving the NikeCourt Legacy CNVS a shot. Simplicity is its asset as it’s free of unnecessary technologies that add weight to its overall build. Plus, it's loaded with comfort to get you covered for your daily grind.
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Skechers impresses the crowd with the all-around women’s Skechers Ultra Flex. The sneaker is easy to slip on for everyday wear. Additionally, the all-direction comfort of the Ultra Flex supports the active lifestyle of the ladies. Flex it on your adventures, workouts, or even in the office with its fashionable silhouette. Its flexibility makes it a practical addition to anyone’s wardrobe.
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What are the cheapest women's tennis sneakers in 2022?

  1. Reebok Dual Court - from $24
  2. Puma Caracal - from $24
  3. Reebok Club C Double - from $26
  4. Puma Love - from $26
  5. Adidas Advantage - from $27
  6. Puma Carina - from $30
  7. Reebok Club C Legacy - from $34
  8. Skechers Ultra Flex - from $38
  9. Puma C-Rey - from $38
  10. Nike Court Vintage - from $40
  11. Reebok Club C Revenge - from $43
  12. Adidas Team Court - from $44
  13. Puma Cali Sport - from $45
  14. Adidas Grand Court Base - from $52
  15. Cole Haan Grandpro Tennis - from $55

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