10 Best Red Sneakers For Women in 2022

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On days where you simply wish to stand out, the best red sneakers for women have to be your go-to kicks. Smoking hot on the outside yet mighty comfy on the inside, these amazing shoes are sexy-cool in both style and substance.

We've tested over a hundred pairs of women's red sneakers in the urban jungle to bring you this selection. Indeed, the kicks you see here are the most deserving of the bunch — from the most stylish shoe to the budget-friendliest pair.

How we select the best red sneakers for women

Here on RunRepeat, the snazziest sneakers, including these svelte red temptresses, gather not on their own. No, our agency is an integral part of it all. Here's our approach:

  • We buy all tested women's red sneakers with our own money.
  • We walk (and sometimes jog) in these beauties for days.
  • Our reviews on women's red sneakers include opinions from experts, fashionistas, and regular users.
  • A Corescore is given to every reviewed pair, which plays a big role in our selection process. 

Best red sneakers overall for women

A hybrid between the high and the low, the AJ1 Mid allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. It furnishes you with ample ankle support the High provides and the adaptability the Lows deliver. Although it continues to live behind the shadow of its taller and much pricier sibling, the Mids offer a hint of freshness into the familiar, well-loved silhouette. Simply put, you can't go wrong with the Mid version.
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Marathon-inspired Nike DBreak reappears in fresh and bold color schemes while keeping a strong throwback charm. Apart from a blast-from-the-past aesthetic, this kick offers tons of comfort with its amply foamed underside. It’s one of the lightest and cheapest vintage runners you can get from the Swoosh brand.
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Best red Nike sneakers for women

The Nike Air Max 270 React might just be the closest to perfect that Nake’s got, in our humble opinion. Super comfortable, lightweight, and offered in a range of colorways, we just love it. While it may not be the most breathable shoe, that’s an easy sacrifice to make for the feel of React Foam and Air together. This is one of the Nike blends we can get behind.
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Feel extra stylish and comfortable on your next adventure with the Nike Venture Runner. While it is offered at a budget-friendly range, Nike did not skimp on its craftsmanship. This kick perfectly mixes the looks of vintage running shoes with the comfort of modern sneakers. With all these worth-admiring features, this model certainly works best as your all-around sneaker.
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Best red Adidas sneakers for women

Enjoy a breathable comfort with the Multix sneaker from the Adidas Originals. It swags its coziness and durability that you can definitely wear for whatever the day brings you. You can also confidently rock this NMD-like sneaker on the streets, thanks to its up-to-date look without the need to throw money around.
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Take the Adidas Matchbreak Super to a serious skate session or all-day city strolling, and you will not be disappointed. It has a low-key style that effortlessly combines comfort and endurance. Adidas Skateboarding also leveled up its interior to maximize board control more than ever. Inarguably, the Matchbreak Super is a supercharged sneaker that embodies simplicity and performance.
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Best red Puma sneakers for women

Puma Electron Street is a summer-ready, all-rounder kick you can toss from work to play. Having a buttery soft and airy upper makes it among the comfiest from Puma. If you’re up for cheap running sneakers that’ll get you covered for most of your activities, you might find this among your top choices. However, outsole durability is compromised for its low price.
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The Puma Flyer Runner is another clean and lightweight silhouette from Puma Classics that emerges to impress customers. It features a classic design, which makes it a great everyday companion as it flatters any attire. Topping it off with materials on the sole that help wearers run seamlessly. By properly maintaining the shoe, it can be substantial and supple.
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Best budget red sneakers for women

Perfect for people who are always on their feet, the Skechers Uno - Stand On Air offers superior cushioning and support with its air-cooled memory foam and air-cushioned midsole. These shoes also have an Air Max-like silhouette that delivers stand-out style. Overall, these affordable kicks from Skechers are an excellent buy for anyone looking for a comfy sneaker with a distinct style.
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Are you looking for a nice go-to pair to add to your sneaker rotation? Consider adding the New Balance 527 to your list of options. This stylish pair is a fresh take on classic NB running kicks. It has a fuss-free, sleek look fitting for everyday wear while keeping your style up the trend. Also, it boasts its durable construction and cozy materials to give you lasting comfort.
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What are the cheapest women's red sneakers in 2022?

  1. Skechers Flex Appeal 3.0 - First Insight - from $30
  2. Saucony Hornet - from $36
  3. New Balance 527 - from $33
  4. Puma Caracal - from $24
  5. Fila Trigate - from $50
  6. Skechers Uno - Stand On Air - from $50
  7. Puma Flyer Runner - from $29
  8. Vans Retro Sport Style 36 - from $60
  9. Puma Wired - from $30
  10. Vans Sk8-Mid - from $55
  11. Adidas Multix - from $37
  12. Adidas Matchbreak Super - from $56
  13. Nike Venture Runner - from $53
  14. Nike Vista Lite - from $61
  15. Skechers Ultra Flex - Harmonious - from $35

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What are the most expensive women's red sneakers in 2022?

  1. Air Jordan 1 Zoom CMFT - from $200
  2. Nike MX-720-818 - from $150
  3. Nike Air Force 1 Flyknit 2.0 - from $120
  4. Jordan MA2 - from $113
  5. Nike Fontanka Edge - from $108
  6. Nike Dunk Low Disrupt - from $100
  7. New Balance 57/40 - from $90
  8. Jordan Delta 2 - from $86
  9. Nike SB Bruin React - from $80
  10. Nike Air Max 270 React - from $76
  11. Teva ReEMBER - from $75
  12. Vans UltraRange EXO - from $73
  13. Nike Vista Lite - from $61
  14. Vans Retro Sport Style 36 - from $60
  15. Vans UltraRange EXO SE - from $60

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