10 Best Puma Sneakers For Women in 2022

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10 Best Puma Sneakers For Women in 2022

Since it was launched in the ‘40s, Puma has been unstoppable in releasing some of the finest and most fashionable sneaker pieces. Known to be the third-largest footwear manufacturer globally, Puma has cradled several best world athletes and partnered with renowned celebrities to come up with recognizable iterations for everyone.

Whether you’re here to snag your first pair of Puma kicks or planning to add another model to your collection, there are plenty of Puma models you can buy right now. To help you ease from this daunting task, we’ve sifted through 190+ Puma sneakers for women and made our recommendations under different categories for your quick reference.

How we select the best Puma sneakers for women

To give you unbiased and honest reviews, here is our approach:

  • These Puma sneakers for women were bought using our own money.
  • Our team subjected these shoes to tests, assessments, and comparisons to check their various parameters.
  • We collated all available reviews from the users of these sneakers. 

We rank each shoe from 1 to 100 using the CoreScore system using the results. This scoring system will determine the overall performance of the sneaker.

Best Puma sneakers overall for women

The Puma Future Rider is a modern take on an iconic Puma archive. With the right outfit on, the shoe can look high-end with its groovy details and colors. Also, because of its comfortability, the shoe is not just ideal for running but also perfect to wear for an all-day errand. Anyone can pull off a retro look by copping a pair with its budget-friendly price.
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The RS-X3 is another attempt of Puma to take its RS cushioning to another level. It flaunts multilayered materials and colors on the upper, creating a more striking and modern sneaker style. Meanwhile, its comfort and durability are other aspects many buyers have praised. With its premium construction and remarkable comfort with a price range that is budget-friendly, this shoe is worth adding to any sneaker collection.
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Best retro Puma sneakers for women

Much like the rest of Puma’s models featuring the RS cushioning, the Puma RS-X is a head-turner because of the playful hue variations and multiple panelings of different materials, which make it look like an organized chaos of design. Featuring the Running System cushioning ensures comfort for the wearer’s feet that provide ample padding from the forefoot to the heel.
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An iteration of the Puma Cali, the Puma Cali Sport is a low-top women’s sneaker with an edgy and sporty vibe that effortlessly completes any outfit. It is equipped with a good amount of cushioning that keeps it comfortable when worn. It has a thick sole that many customers love as it adds to their height and it’s a durable pair made with high-quality materials perfect for every day.
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Best white Puma sneakers for women

Levitate like Dua Lipa with the Puma Mayze sneaker. Designed for ladies who love the spotlight, this model has a dramatic and dazzling style that will surely break several onlookers' heads. It is undoubtedly a perfect pair for ladies who want to set the trend while enjoying the comfort the Puma brand is famous for.
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Puma created another modern sneaker that was inspired by its classic iteration. Puma Carina features a timeless look constructed with premium material. It boasts its comfortable, lightweight, and durable ride making this a nice go-to pair for most ladies. Its style, meanwhile, is dubbed as versatile as it is easy to mix and match with almost any casual attire. This model is suitable for ladies looking for cheap yet fashionable and comfortable sneakers.
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Best black Puma sneakers for women

Basketball fans targeting for all-day, off-court footwear might find the cheap-priced Puma Rebound LayUp dope enough to snag and bring home. This retro-inspired mid-top grabs a street-ready flair that gets you covered on your laid back days. Underneath its mesh, terry cloth, and leather wrapping is a soft and supportive padded world, meant to deliver comfort.
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Looking for a kick perfect for the summer? Check out Puma's Pacer Future. Apart from its streamlined yet edgy look, it's comfortable, stable, breathable, and light! And if you plan to get fit, this also fits the bill because this one can handle various activities - from HIIT sessions and daily runs. The only downside is its frail material. Nevertheless, given all its pros, this shoe is still worth its price.
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Best budget Puma sneakers for women

A mixture of lifestyle and sports, the Puma RS-Fast is another remarkable iteration in the extensively growing Puma RS collection. This fresh rendition of the RS silhouette delivers progressive design taking inspiration from the past and futuristic silhouettes. It also provides superb comfort (thanks to its innovative cushioning) and reliable durability, fitting to be considered as one’s go-to sneaker.
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What are the cheapest women's Puma sneakers in 2022?

  1. Puma Future Rider - from $20
  2. Puma R78 - from $22
  3. Puma Basket Crush - from $23
  4. Puma Caracal - from $24
  5. Puma Cilia - from $25
  6. Puma Love - from $26
  7. Puma Flyer Runner - from $29
  8. Puma Carina - from $30
  9. Puma Anzarun - from $30
  10. Puma Wired - from $30
  11. Puma Pacer Next Cage - from $35
  12. Puma X-Ray - from $35
  13. Puma Storm Origin - from $35
  14. Puma C-Rey - from $38
  15. Puma Cell Endura Rebound - from $40

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What are the most expensive women's Puma sneakers in 2022?

  1. Puma RS-Curve - from $100
  2. Puma Cruise Rider - from $90
  3. Puma Mirage Mox - from $88
  4. Puma Mirage OG - from $82
  5. Puma Cali Wedge - from $71
  6. Puma Calibrate Runner - from $70
  7. Puma Roma Anniversario - from $70
  8. Puma RS-Fast - from $65
  9. Puma RS-X Winter Glimmer - from $64
  10. Puma Mayze - from $64
  11. Puma X-Ray - from $60
  12. Puma Fast Rider - from $60
  13. Puma Cali Star - from $60
  14. Puma R78 - from $55
  15. Puma RS-X Softcase - from $55

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