8 Best Puma Running Shoes For Women in 2022

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Being and staying fit is important to outdoorsy Janes like you — this we know is true. To that end, sporting the best Puma running shoes for women is the way to go.

This selection consists of equally remarkable Puma runners in a variety of subcategories. Whether you're looking for the finest daily trainer, an agile pair for your speedy runs, or something you can wear on casual Fridays, this female-empowering Puma lineup is for you.

How we select the best Puma running shoes for women

Helping female runners wind up with the best running shoes from Puma is one of the things that keep RunRepeat stay the course of excellence. Our foolproof selection process consists of the following elements:

  • We don't receive Puma running shoes for free. Instead, we purchase them with our own funds.
  • Our testers take these Puma shoes for several rides to determine their weaknesses and strengths.
  • We also put these runners through various tests in our lab to measure their cushioning, flexibility, breathability, among other parameters.
  • To make our reviews on the best Puma runners even more comprehensive, we factor in opinions from professional testers and experienced runners alike.

As a result, every women's Puma running shoe gets a CoreScore. This RunRepeat rating system, which gives a score between 0 and 100, is among the key elements that form our selection process.

Best Puma running shoes for women overall

A union of max cushioning and cutting-edge tech, hello Puma Deviate Nitro! The cat is out of the bag, and this time, it didn't come to play. It's extremely versatile, and all we can say is that it EXCELS as a daily trainer, a long-distance recovery shoe, and even a racing flat! Hats off to Puma, this is truly a promising comeback to the running scene.

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Puma made a huge comeback into the performance running game with the Velocity Nitro. It is a relatively lightweight running shoe that works for any distance. This daily trainer feels easy on the legs and has a nice amount of bounce and support. With the great design and technologies, from top to bottom, this versatile performance trainer won't disappoint on long-distance and quick-paced runs.

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Best women's Puma running shoes for speed

The Liberate Nitro from Puma is almost like a plateless version of the Deviate Nitro Elite, meaning that it can handle your tempo runs. Whether you're training for your upcoming race day or just looking for a racing flat, this is a shoe for you. It's a shoe with zero frills, is versatile, fun, and affordable.  So, what's the catch? It may handle a variety of paces, but it's only suited for short distances. Heavy runners might also struggle because of the lack of upper reinforcement and minimal cushion. 

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The Puma Speed 500 was loved and appreciated by many. The shoe’s flexibility, lightweight structure, and comfort level become its most reliable features. With the positive feedback of a good number of users, the shoe's outsole, midsole, and upper construction are proven and tested to be excellent. With that said, many people agreed that the shoe release in the market is successful in making them happy and satisfied.

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Best women's Puma running shoes for casual wear

Created to give you a fast and efficient ride, the Puma Ultraride is constructed with a lightweight design. This running shoe has a grippy outsole, responsive midsole, and breathable top that aim to give a comfortable and well-protected ride.

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Puma jumps into the latest craze among shoe companies, which is the production of the premium knit-like upper. In the Ignite EvoKNIT, runners are in for a shoe that tries to mix fashion and sports featuring an innovative mid-height upper that hugs the foot. It has enough arch support, a surprisingly flexible ride, and tons of comfort for those looking for a stylish shoe that shines up to 10Ks.

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Best budget Puma running shoes for women

With its uncomplicated and no-nonsense design, the Puma Carson 2 was a winner for most of its users. They were happy with its simple features and their capacity to deliver a performance expected from a brand they trust. It touted to satisfy the needs of an everyday runner who isn’t looking for extravagant wear.

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What are the cheapest women's Puma running shoes in 2022?

  1. Puma UltraRide - from $37
  2. Puma Speed Sutamina - from $40
  3. Puma Speed 600 2 - from $40
  4. Puma Hybrid NX Ozone - from $45
  5. Puma Hybrid Sky - from $50
  6. Puma Velocity Nitro - from $96
  7. Puma Eternity Nitro - from $96
  8. Puma Liberate Nitro - from $110
  9. Puma Deviate Nitro - from $160

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