8 Best Platform Sneakers For Women in 2021

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Ladies, if you’re looking for a pair of sneakers that is comfortable, stylish, and adds a bit more inches to your height, platform sneakers are your best bet. Apart from its bold flair that can instantly revamp your look, platform sneakers can help improve your posture as well as your confidence. 

To cut through the clutter, we’ve sifted through more than 80 platform sneakers for women. We concocted our recommendations to help you pick which pair to rock this coming season.

How we test the best platform sneakers for women

As we pride ourselves as an honest and unbiased review website, here is our approach: 

  • We buy shoes using our money to avoid impartial results. 
  • We put these sneakers through a battery of tests and comparisons to check the comfort, durability, and many other criteria.
  • We collate all available reviews from the users of these women’s platform sneakers. 

Using the results, we rank each sneaker using the CoreScore system. Ranging from 1-100, this scoring system will determine how this sneaker performed for the majority.

Best canvas

After testing and checking more than 80 platform sneakers for women, we picked the Vans Old Skool Platform as our topic pick among the models made with canvas material. This thick-soled sneaker is bursting with so many features that landed it as our best option. 

This modern spin to the classic Old Skool sneaker instantly revamped our look into a bolder one. Its eye-catching beefed-up sole not only begs attention but also boosts our heights. We immediately felt taller and more confident as we don this on our feet. 

While it has a thicker sole, this sneaker is lightweight. We were amazed that it did not drag our feet down as we walked the city streets. It is a truly comfortable pair to wear for your daily errands and city cruising. 

Its canvas upper, meanwhile, offers breathability and comfort. This pair is indeed the perfect sneaker for your summer adventures. 

The Vans Old Skool Platform not only offers you notable style, but it is one of the most affordable platform iterations you could ever get! Buy a pair or two for your urban strolling and see how it quickly elevates your overall style!

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Also bagging our recommendation for canvas women’s platform sneakers is the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Move. 

While it has a thick sole, this sneaker boasts its day-one comfort! Fresh out-of-the-box, you will instantly feel comfortable. You don’t need to break it in to feel accustomed to its fit. 

Moreover, we adore its neck-breaking look. Its chunky sole offers a one-off style that will make your regular attire look extra snazzy! Plus, it is truly a versatile pair to wear for almost any casual attire. Jeans, shorts, skirt, name it, and you can pair it with the All-Star Move. 

Also, its lightness is something that surprised us! It remarkably feels so airy on feet despite its thick sole and chunky shape. This is one of the best kicks you can definitely wear all day without any dragging-down sensation. 

A perfect summer sneaker, its canvas upper offers breathability that will make your summer adventures more fun and bearable! Sweat-free feet during the summer heat are guaranteed with this platform kick. 

On top of all these features, CTAS Move is sold at an affordable price range! Enjoy all these fantastic features without frittering away!

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Best high-top

After testing and comparing more than 80 women’s platform sneakers, we pick the Converse Run Hike as the best high-top platform model. 

We were amazed at how comfortable these sneakers are despite their chunky bottom. After striding through the streets all day, we felt no discomfort at all. It amazingly gave us cozy steps for hours. 

The way this sneaker hugged our ankles is clearly something we truly admire. It kept our ankles well supported and avoided inward rolling and outward rolling of our feet. 

If you’re into kicks that catch attention, this kick is your best bet! It instantly turned our attire look extra fashionable for its snazzy flair and flashy look. Plus, it instantly upgraded our confidence! Thanks to its thick sole that made our walks more cool and collected. 

Its two-toned rubber outsole is something we inarguably adore. Aside from providing us superb grip, it also adds a dash of eye-catching detail that gives us unsolicited compliments from onlookers. 

Grab a pair or two of the Converse Run Star Hike if you’re looking for a pair that will make you comfortable all day while boosting your style and confidence on the streets.

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Also landing as one of our best choices for high-top platform sneakers is the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Lugged High Top. This kick beat other 80+ high-top models on our list. 

Adding a more aggressive rubber outsole, this kick showcases a more utilitarian style that fits the street fashion. This exceptional style instantly will turn any regular look extra fashionable and eye-catching. 

Also, with its versatile look, it is painless to style it with plenty of attire. From jeans to joggers, from shorts to skirts, this kick will undoubtedly revamp your overall look. 

In the comfort department, the CTAS Lugged High Top is a beast! After wearing it for hours, we experienced no issues with its comfort. It is practically pain-free in these sneakers. 

Its ankle support is also outstanding! The way its collar embraces our ankle is exceptionally secure. All-day, we never had any worries of spraining our ankles despite its chunky sole. 

The Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Lugged High Top is genuinely your best option when you’re looking for a platform sneaker with a tall collar that supports the ankles.

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Best tennis

More than 20 platform tennis sneakers for women have been tested and assessed, and we picked the Puma Cali as the best on our list. 

Staying true to its tennis roots, this sneaker offers a fashionably versatile look that can be styled with gazillions of attires! From your dapper pair of trousers to your sporty sweatpants, this kick will surely give you a satisfactorily striking look. 

Comfort-wise, we adore how it keeps our feet cozy all day long. Its well-made construction reliably stayed intact while delivering a plush feel to our feet. It is truly a piece you could wear if you’re on your feet all day. 

Its chunky sole, meanwhile, not only offers a bold look but it makes us look a bit taller! We just adored how confident we were as we strutted the city streets!

Did I mention that this is sold at a price that will make your pockets smile? You got it right! This highly fashionable sneaker has a budget-friendly range. With the Puma Cali, looking stylish and feeling cozy is definitely easy and economical!

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Another tennis platform sneaker that bagged our recommendation is the Reebok Club C Double. 

This kick offers a never-goes-out-of-style look. It has a clean and straightforward look that easily captures the attention of many onlookers. It flaunts a retro flair and is adaptable to plenty of styles. Dressing up or down is easy with the Reebok Club C Double.

Walking all day will be easy and comfy with the Reebok Club C Double. Its underfoot offers a pillow feel that will make you experience the “walking on clouds” sensation. 

Despite its thick sole, this kick is surprisingly light on feet! It did not drag our feet down as we pound the city pavements. 

Meanwhile, its durability is another notable feature. After using it countless times, it remained intact and unscratched. It is positively a piece you should add to your daily beaters. 

In addition, Reebok sells this at a price range that is within your means. It is definitely easy to be stylish and cozy with the Club C Double without the need to spend too much!

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Best retro

Nike Air Force 1 Sage Low  for women
Nike Air Force 1 Sage Low for women Nike Air Force 1 Sage Low  for women

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Top pick

Topping our recommendation among the retro platform sneakers for women on our list is the Nike Air Force 1 Sage Low. We’ve jotted down below our reasons why we picked over the other fashionable pairs on our arsenal.

We love how this kick retained the iconic vibe of its predecessor. Female fans find this cute and trendy that adds a bold flair to their regular ensemble. Plus, its height-boosting design also provides more confidence as we strutted the urban terrains. 

Also, we are blown away by its adaptable look. It has a clean and simple upper that is easy to pair up with a bunch of styles! Plus, its iconic silhouette easily revamps our daily look.

Like its Air Force 1 siblings, this sneaker is undoubtedly durable. After using it for our daily walks and errands, it just has a few minor scratches and creases.

After long hours on our feet, we felt no discomfort at all. This kick provided us with a fantastic amount of coziness that made our city escapades fun and easygoing. 

If you’re looking for a sneaker that will elevate your style and sneaker experience, don a pair of Nike Air Force 1 Sage, and you’re good to go!

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Earning our recommendation as one of the best retro platform sneakers for women is the Adidas Sambarose. Inspired by classic football footwear, the Sambarose features several remarkable details that cement its spot as one of the best retro platform kicks on the market.

It showcases a cool, classy, and cute style that quickly updates our dull look into a flashy one. Indeed, we consider this as one of the most fashionable retro kicks on Adidas’ arsenal. 

As we pounded the streets, this kick provided us superb comfort. We did not mind walking another kilometer with this model as it felt highly cozy on our feet. 

Meanwhile, despite its chunky sole, we were surprised by its lightness! It feels so light and does not cause any strain on our legs. 

Durability-wise, the Sambarose is hard to beat! After using it daily for our walks and errands, it remains unscratched! This kick will last you longer than expected. 

When it comes to price, the Sambarose will leave you flabbergasted. It is offered at a reasonable price, perfect for sneaker hunters looking for a stylish and cozy yet affordable pair of kicks!

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