10 Best Nike Training Shoes For Women in 2022

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10 Best Nike Training Shoes For Women in 2022

A pair of versatile and reliable training shoes is a must-have for any gym buff, jump rope junkie, and hard-core weightlifter. It's a good thing that Nike offers over a dozen of those for gals. While it's good to have a lot of choices, it can also be overwhelming. Don't fret, though, because RunRepeat has got your back.

We made sure to include kicks for beginner weightlifters looking for the most stable training shoes and Crossfit maniacs aiming to set new PBs. Besides that, we also handpicked the most value for money and the best overall training shoe for women. Now, our top picks have all been carefully reviewed and tested. So, when we say a shoe is excellent, you can expect your bottom dollar that they are.

How we test the best Nike training shoes for women

Yes, women's Nike training shoes really look good, but do they perform as promised? Enter: RunRepeat. 

Our team of fussy shoe-doting nerds is here to uncover all the details you need to know about each shoe and tell you which training shoes are all hype and which ones deliver performance-wise. To do this, we do the following:

  • Gather and assess all the user and expert reviews we can find.
  • Test the shoes ourselves. NOTE: All the shoes we try out are bought using our own money.
  • Lastly, Corescores from 0 to 100 are calculated and assigned to each shoe to reflect its overall performance.


Best Nike training shoes overall for women

This shoe is made to be comfortable, versatile, and performs at a high level, and it hits them all on the head. It is expensive, but they hand you everything you would expect with your money - killer lockdown, great cushion, versatility, and overall performance. Whether you are looking to hit your PR or repping it out to failure, these will be the shoe for you.
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The experts unanimously agree that the Nike Metcon 6 is a superior training shoe. One reviewer goes as far as calling it his “favorite training shoe to date,” while another one finds it “the most well-rounded training shoe” on the market. The consensus is that it is THE best Metcon yet.
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Best crossfit Nike training shoes for women

Experience the iconic benefits of the Metcon line in a lighter package and with more responsive comfort when you opt for the React Metcon Turbo. It performs efficiently in most exercises, making it an ideal versatile workout shoe. It is designed to provide more cushioning than the traditional Metcon. Having said this, the React Metcon Turbo could feel too cushy for heavy weightlifting compared to traditional Metcons.
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Best Nike workout shoes for women

The Nike Free Metcon 4 is a great shoe for an all-around application. If you want to buy one shoe to do most of your exercise needs, I don’t think you would regret the Nike Free Metcon 4. They are not running shoes, but they will get it done in a pinch if you need to pump out a mile or two at the end of your routine.
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Apart from crucial comfort, other reasons why the Nike Legend Essential 2 works great as a workout shoe is that it provides stability and flexibility. This combination of attributes yields excellent support to let the wearer perform their workout efficiently. To top it off, this Nike training shoe is budget-friendly, offering great value for money.
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Best weightlifting Nike training shoes for women

Nike's fourth iteration of the Romaleos has been welcomed with wide arms by most lifters. The shoe's updated design includes a supportive midsole, wide and flat outsole, and two broad straps over the laces. These features have received high remarks in the stability and comfort departments. The mentioned misfire is reported to be not that bad and tolerable. Overall, the Nike Romaleos 4 is an excellent addition to your rotation.
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It's clear that the Savaleos from Nike is designed to adequately perform in both lifting and working out. If you're looking for footwear that can switch between these two endeavors, this shoe could be the answer. However, if you're a dedicated lifter, investing in a specialized lifting shoe is better. In a nutshell, the Nike Savaleos is a versatile, entry-level lifting shoe that could double as a workout buddy.
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Best budget Nike training shoes for women

Nike Renew In-Season TR 10  for women
Nike Renew In-Season TR 10 for women Nike Renew In-Season TR 10  for women

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Top pick
The Renew In-Season TR 10 is a women's exclusive Nike workout shoe that highlights plush cushioning, comfort, and energy return. This is brought on by the readjustment of the Renew midsole to be deeper than its older sibling. Despite a few minor misfires, the Nike Renew In-Season TR 10 is still a competitive workout shoe and provides the essentials, making it worth the try.
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The Nike Air Max Bella TR3 is a great indoor training shoe. They are great if you are new to the gym and want to try a pair of shoes that are great for most forms of training. I would not recommend them for cardio or a lot of lateral movements but other than that, they are a great shoe! I wear them a lot more than I thought I would!
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What are the cheapest women's Nike training shoes in 2022?

  1. Nike Renew In-Season TR 10 - from $60
  2. Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2 - from $60
  3. Nike Legend Essential 2 - from $60
  4. Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge - from $74
  5. Nike Air Max Bella TR 4 - from $80
  6. Nike Air Max Alpha Trainer 4 - from $81
  7. Nike MC Trainer - from $86
  8. Nike Free Metcon 4 - from $100
  9. Nike SuperRep Go 2 - from $100
  10. Nike React Metcon Turbo - from $105
  11. Nike Savaleos - from $114
  12. Nike Metcon 7 - from $130
  13. Nike Metcon 7 FlyEase - from $130
  14. Nike Romaleos 4 - from $200

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