8 Best Nike Tennis Shoes For Women in 2022

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8 Best Nike Tennis Shoes For Women in 2022

As one of the leading brands in the tennis shoes' scene, Nike has released over 100 women's models to choose from. But how do you find "the one"? We hope this section will help take away the pressure of choosing.

Whether you are after an affordable pair, or a shoe that matches your aggressive playing style, or one that offers excellent energy return, we've selected the top picks in each category.

How we select the best tennis shoes for women

We extracted these top picks from the aggregated reviews of experts, testers, and users. To give out an unbiased take on each shoe, we do the following: 

  • We purchase ALL the pairs of tennis shoes and ship them to our team of experts. They take charge in scrutinizing the shoes by playtesting them. 
  • Our tennis specialists take care of summarizing around 10,000 expert and user reviews. 
  • Each verified user opinion gets an equivalent rating and is scaled via our system-generated Corescore

Best Nike tennis shoes overall for women

After we’ve playtested over a hundred tennis shoes from 14 brands, we think the NikeCourt Air Zoom Cage 4 is a Grand Slammer! 

It’s the type of shoe you wouldn’t want to keep in your locker during match days, as it’s equipped with unique elements meant for intense matches and rallies. 

There’s no question about its supportive capabilities, as this unbeatable tennis shoe harnessed our feet enough that we felt entirely and securely locked in. It gave us the ticket to tackle explosive shots and recover speedily without losing stability. Mighty thanks to its solid base.

Whether we went for grip-and-go shots or slid for the ball, we never felt disconnected from the ground, as this shoe gave us the best traction we could ever ask for. The tread didn’t thin out even as we did some grinding on concrete. 

It’s also charged with a responsive and shock-absorbing midsole. The soft and flexible bootie-like upper complimented the comfort we got underfoot.

Performance aside, the Air Zoom Cage 4 is a bomb as it’s designed with explosive colors that put a fashionable spin on sporty dresses and classic tennis pleat skirts. 

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NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor Pro is the closest contender of the Cage 4. This shoe stands out among other tennis shoes under our catalog when we consider weight a significant part of the equation. 

It’s a lot lighter than the average tennis shoes that remarkably allowed us to fly from one corner to another like a series of lightning bolts. 

Any aggressive player would love the agility this shoe brings on solid concrete. It felt so light and quick as it weighs a lot less than 400grams. It certainly didn't hinder us from zooming around the court confidently. 

After taking this Vapor Pro to a test drive on the hardcourt, we can firmly say it’s for every elite player and advanced tennis athlete who wants to level up their game. 

Comfort is unquestionable. It gave us the needed energy return after tackling difficult shots. And that familiar kind of responsiveness is similar to what we felt with the Vapor X. 

Mighty thanks to the Zoom Air injected in the midsole and the protective foam padding all over. They're heaven for our feet. 

Its traction remained the same from day one until the end of the playtest. Undoubtedly, durability is another selling point attached to this shoe. 

It won't fail you if you want to go fast and furious on the court. 

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Best women's Nike tennis shoes for speed

NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor Pro is the QUEEN when it comes to light and speedy shoes. It’s one of the most innovative creations by Nike as it combines the spectacular spring back power of Zoom Air and the agility of the Vapor line.

This Swoosh shoe is slashed down with tons of weight without looking and feeling cheap or haphazard. It’s lightweight yet loaded with details that made us survive the two-week demanding playtest while getting the support we needed. 

Its mesh upper with asymmetrical lacing system hugged our feet comfortably. Its secured build permitted us to be in complete control of our game. We didn’t feel any heel slippage which made us focus on the ball rather than worry about our shoe. 

Its impressive stability gave us ultimate comfort and freedom to perform explosive cuts, shots, and slides. It gave us the confidence to speed up towards the net or tackle aggressive sideway steps at the baseline.

On the flip side, the tread and grooves didn’t give us a hard time either. We felt utterly connected with the court even as we slid for the ball. Simply put, the outsole was grippy but not tacky. It’s substantial and hard-wearing. 

If there’s one shoe we’d like to come back for if our present footgear retires, it’s the Vapor Pro. Why not? It’s ready for court action from day one. 

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Without a drop of doubt, the Vapor series raises the bar when it comes to high-performance shoes in a trendsetting aesthetic. When it comes to speed, the NikeCourt Zoom Vapor X is highly dependable.

We love how super light and fast it is on the hardcourt. Thanks to its well-assembled, not to mention super stylish, mesh cover and ultra-light Phylon cushioning as we never felt weighed down at all. 

It gave us more reasons to stay focused on the game even under sunny weather. This shoe made our feet breathe as we stayed longer in the game. 

Though it isn’t liberally padded, this shoe gave us the privilege to rack up miles without straining our feet. We have to give credit to its Dynamic Fit as it assured us of security every time we are challenged to hit difficult shots. 

The Zoom Air unit felt responsive, giving us the needed spring back when recovering from a shot. Generally, its midsole gave us tons of protection, especially during hard landings. 

We didn’t feel any strain on our arches, heel, Achilles, even on our hamstrings as this shoe equipped us with the right amount of support and protection as we sped up. 

The next time you go searching for a speedy shoe that really got bells and whistles try the Vapor X. You’ll love it to the moon and back.

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Best Nike tennis shoes with best cushioning for women

NikeCourt Air Zoom Zero isn’t only aesthetically pleasing with its stylish and unique curvature, but it’s packed with an ultra-responsive and shock-absorbing midsole. If there’s one shoe from Nike’s world that’s synonymous with plush with high-performance value, it’s this shoe. 

Initially, we were skeptical as it was the first time Nike lodged a full-length Zoom Air unit in the midsole. Curiosity lured us to try it. But what really got us hooked to this shoe was the noticeable comfort and energy return it gave us during the 2-week playtest on the hardcourt. 

The springy feel when recovering after a shot is so remarkable right under the ball of the foot, while the bounce is exceptional during heel strike. The protruded heel design isn’t only unique but helped soften the impact. 

Although cushioning is this shoe’s crowning glory, we also admire the overall stability it gave us. Its mesh-designed bootie upper wasn’t too stretchy, which helped a lot in swaddling our feet and providing maximum lockdown. 

It was sturdy enough and not too yielding. So, it gave us 100% confidence to zoom from the net to the baseline with a substantial degree of support. 

When it comes to comfort, function, and style, the NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor Zero definitely tops our chart. It’s a must-have and one of the best picks for match days. 

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NikeCourt React Vapor NXT may not deliver a super-soft ride, but it was ultra-responsive. Based on our score sheets, this shoe excelled in comfort and cushioning. Passing the break-in stage, it assured us that it’s something worth considering on match days. 

Its React midsole gave us a good balance of comfort and cushioning without the pillowy feel. It absorbed the impact as we chased the ball like wild cats. The feeling was more pronounced under the ball of the foot and heel.

Stability is another aspect of this shoe that we admire. The chassis felt rigid, but it gave us the support we needed as it thwarted unwanted torsion when we made sudden changes in direction. 

Even the upper helped us tackle difficult shots as it comfortably embraced our feet. It felt stiff than we expected but not to the point of causing foot pain. Its partly rigid frame instead worked towards our favor as it gave us a lockdown fit, support, and stability no matter which angle of the court we jetted out. 

If you are the type who loves to slide a lot and play a lot on the hardcourt, this shoe won’t give you a hard time. Plus, it’s one of the stylish Nike tennis shoes available in strings of color options. 

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Best budget Nike tennis shoes for women

We highly recommend NikeCourt Lite 2 if you’re looking for well-engineered Nike tennis shoes that are way below $100. This all-court option is swelling with excellent reasons to keep it among your staple court shoes.

As its name implies, this shoe felt light but not haphazardly built. It allowed us to hurry towards the net and sprint back to the baseline aggressively. This shoe's less than 400gram weight didn’t weigh us down a bit. 

Its synthetic and leather makeup didn’t only contribute immensely to its reduced weight but gave us an excellent, well-tucked fit for the entire playtest. 

It's well-padded on the tongue and collar, which offered protection even as the drills and matches went for long hours. Running up and down the court felt comfortable. It also helped minimize tension around the ankle and Achilles. 

Stability is another best asset of the Court Lite 2. Its built-in chassis prevented unwanted rolling of the ankle and offered support around the midfoot. 

It worked well with the lightweight Phylon and foam cushioning under the foot. We felt the connection to the court without getting annoyed by heel pain during landings. 

When it comes to budget-friendly shoes that are cushioned, supportive, light, breathable, and long-lasting, the Court Lite 2 is worth considering. And you only need $75 if you’ll buy this at MSRP.  

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