8 Best New Balance Walking Shoes For Women in 2022

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8 Best New Balance Walking Shoes For Women in 2022

On the lookout for a pair of beautiful, comfy, and uber supportive New Balance women's walking shoes? Well, you won't regret clicking on this page. With over 20 cute shoe models from over 50 retailers, you'd surely find what you want here.  

From kicks engineered specifically for pretty flat feet to lightweight ones, RunRepeat has got you covered. What’s more, we even scoured the web to find the best budget-friendly shoe and the best walking kick overall. 

Now, that’s not all. Each shoe on the list has been tested and reviewed thoroughly. This way, we know for sure that every one of them is value for money.

How we test the best New Balance women’s walking shoes

Figuring out which of the women’s New Balance kicks actually performs is a difficult task. But, fret not. Our team has already got the job done for you. Here’s a quick rundown of the methods we use to test each shoe.

  • We buy the shoes with money from our own pockets and beat them up well. 
  • User and expert reviews from around the globe are collected and analyzed to get the general public’s say about the shoes’ performance.
  • CoreScores are calculated for readers to determine the shoes’ likability quickly.


Best New Balance walking shoes overall for women

Gals, if you need a pair of walking shoes that is both comfy, supportive, and, at the same time, good-looking, the New Balance 877 is the best out there. New Balance really did a fine job in designing and constructing these kicks.

Any good pair of walking shoes must be able to keep your feet stable and well-supported 24/7. And the New Balance 877 did just that. With each step, our feet rolled effortlessly, making each stride smooth and buttery. 

Apart from that, its ABZORB midsole upped its comfort through the roof. Walking on these cuties all day was pure bliss, even with the bunions and all. It was just perfect!

When it comes to fit, there’s nothing to worry about. After all, these kicks are available in various widths. It also has a deep toe box and a removable insole which made wearing these with braces, custom orthotics, and even prosthetics possible. 

So, for only $90, these shoes sure are a great deal. It’s truly a shoe worth buying over and over again.

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If you already have a pair of NB 877s on your shoe pile, you might want to consider adding the ever-reliable New Balance 577s as well. This women’s walking shoe is simply great looks- and performance-wise.

We tried standing on these for hours and walking on these for miles, and our feet felt great after. It provided a stable and supportive platform for our feet the whole day. Its stable sole definitely made the ride uber smooth and comfy. 

Fit-wise, this shoe just fits perfectly. It gave our toes ample wiggle room. It’s just great!

One letdown, though, is this shoe’s material. Its leather creases and its sole bottoms out after a few months. But we’re not really complaining. After all, these comfy and supportive kicks are only worth $80. So, given its price tag, we find this shoe value for money.

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Best women's New Balance walking shoes for flat feet

If you think that foot pain is a problem one would just have to deal with and endure, think again. There are shoes out in the market that can help alleviate all the discomfort you’re feeling, and the best one for us is the 928 v3 from New Balance.

Yes, you read it right. With these kicks, you can finally say goodbye to pain caused by arthritis, neuropathy, bone spurs, and even the simple lack of underfoot support. These shoes are so stable; the shock-absorbing and rocker-shape midsole effectively kept our feet from twisting and rolling and made each step buttery smooth.

Apart from being uber stable, these are also super comfy and amazingly lightweight. We jumped into these kicks every day for weeks and enjoyed every minute of it. It just hugged our feet in comfort, thanks to its seamless Phantom Liner. Its sole is anything but heavy. It was so airy; it didn’t drag our feet down.

For us, the shoe’s only downside is its so-so materials. This would definitely look better with a material upgrade. Nonetheless, it delivered as promised when it came to comfort, support, and alleviating pain - a plus in our books!

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Your pretty flat feet may feel wobbly with the wrong shoes, but not with the New Balance 813. These kicks will keep your feet - from heel to toe - grounded all day long, making these shoes one of the best. 

Its ROLLBAR feature works like a charm. So, if your feet tend to roll inward or outward, these are perfect for you. These joints kept our feet stable all day long.

And it’s not just that. It’s also super duper comfy; it’s just incredible. We walked on these for hours, and we didn’t feel any hot spots whatsoever. Our tootsies also felt terrific at the end of the day.

What’s more, these shoes are lightweight. True, it does look a bit bulky, but we didn’t mind at all. Despite its somewhat chunky silhouette, these didn’t drag our feet down one bit. Instead, it kept us going. 

Price-wise, we don’t have any complaints. These shoes are worth $90 at MSRP. Given all its pros, these shoes are worth every penny - maybe even more since they’re also sturdy. 

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Best lightweight New Balance walking shoes for women

If you dig lightweight shoes, the Ralaxa from New Balance tops the list. These kicks didn’t only impress us with its barely-there feel, but it also dazzled us with its unique, sporty look, cozy interior, and supportive construction.

Its airiness is all thanks to its soft Cush+ midsole. It did a fine job lowering the weight of the shoes, which in turn made every walking spree pain-free. 

Apart from that, its seamless fabric upper also kept our tootsies well supported. Twisting and wobbling aren’t a problem with these cute kicks. And since it’s seamless inside out, you don’t also have to worry about unwanted blisters and chafing caused by those irritating stitches.

And, you know what? You can get all these by paying only $65. It’s unbelievable! 

New Balance just proved that quality kicks don’t have to come with a hefty price tag. We tried these on, and we can’t believe how cheap they are. It’s truly a bargain!

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The New Balance Fresh Foam 1165 is not as light as the Ralaxa, which makes it second best. But then again, it has the makings of a great lightweight walking shoe nonetheless. 

Heel-to-toe transitions with these kicks are wobble-free and smooth. And we have to thank its supportive Fresh Foam midsole for that. If the arch support of these kicks doesn’t work for you, don’t worry. It’s removable. So, you can be assured that these shoes offer enough space for your custom orthotics. 

Apart from being supportive, its cushy soles are also there to keep your feet comfy. They’re soft and responsive. Add to the equation it’s amply padded insole, and our feet were just in for a treat. 

One last thing, these kicks’ mesh upper made each trip bearable as it kept our feet feeling cool and moist-free. However, lateral support was lacking, given its material. 

Overall, this shoe is one kick you’d want to have in your closet. And for $100, this is not at all bad. In fact, it’s just great!

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Best budget New Balance walking shoes for women

When it comes to budget-friendly kicks, New Balance might not be the first brand that you’d think of. If you're this type, then you're missing on a lot. Truth be told, New Balance offers a fine selection of budget-friendly kicks. And if you're on the lookout for the best cheap walking shoe for gals, the NB 623 v3 is your best bet. 

By shelling out $70, you get to treat your lovely feet to cozy, pain-free strides. You can consider its stunning silhouette a bonus.

Its sole is firm and stable yet flexible. So, if your feet tend to wobble, you can expect your feet to feel a lot more grounded with these kicks. And it’s not just that. Foot discomfort also went out the window when we put these kicks on. Simply incredible!

Now, if you’re worried about getting sweaty feet with these shoes, don’t be. They may be made of leather, but they’re still well-ventilated. The tiny holes on the panels actually work.

Durability-wise, this could do well with an upgrade. But, given its low price tag, its durability level is already acceptable. Surely, you’ll have some money saved to buy new shoes once these shoes fall apart.  

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What are the cheapest women's New Balance walking shoes in 2022?

  1. New Balance Hook and Loop 813 - from $23
  2. New Balance 928 v3 - from $27
  3. New Balance 577 - from $35
  4. New Balance Ralaxa - from $42
  5. New Balance 623 v3 - from $43
  6. New Balance Fresh Foam 1365 - from $58
  7. New Balance 813 - from $76
  8. New Balance 840 v2 - from $80
  9. New Balance Hook and Loop 577 - from $85
  10. New Balance 877 - from $100
  11. New Balance 847 v4 - from $110

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