10 Best Merrell Hiking Shoes For Women in 2021

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For daily excursions that require your A-game, the finest women’s Merrell hiking shoes must be at your disposal. And we know that you will not settle for anything less, which is why we have tested 50+ pairs of Merrell shoes and come up with this empowering selection.

Do you need the best all-rounder from Merrell? Or maybe your arsenal is missing a mighty dependable water hiker? Whatever pair you desire, there is no better place for you to be than here.

How we select the best Merrell hiking shoes for women

Here at RunRepeat, creating unbiased reviews is part of our excellent service. To make sure we keep hitting that mark, we live by the following rules:

  • We purchase Merrell hiking shoes for women using our own money.
  • To gauge the weaknesses and strengths of every Merrell kick, we hike in each pair for days in variable conditions, including terrain and weather.
  • We collect and analyze reports from hundreds of experts and regular travelers. We, then, reflect their findings in our reviews.

A 0-100 rating, called CoreScore, is then assigned to every reviewed Merrell hiking shoe. The score a shoe receives plays a vital role in our selection process.

Best overall

Extraordinary! The Moab (Mother of all boots) 2 GTX is the decimator of trails you’ve been looking for!

Out of the 50+ women’s Merrell hikers we’ve tested, we’re quite convinced that this kick can help you reach your true potential wherever in the backcountry. Its out-of-the-box comfort alone gives it high prestige. It’s true—we got super-pampered feet out of it, saving our not-so-delicate feet from chafing and hotspots right from the start.

Despite its extravagant level of comfort, the Moab 2 GTX never felt flimsy. Case in point: the shoe’s protective upper granted us more than enough midfoot support, and its arch zone wasn’t a pushover, either.

In terms of waterproofing, the Moab 2 GTX is a real blessing. Whether in shallow streams or moderate rain, the hiker kept everything on the inside dry and fresh. Our journey across this one swampy area also resulted in a moisture-free hike.

With its tenacious rubber lugs, the Moab 2 GTX helped us cross slippery terrain with bold confidence. Its grippy outsole also made our uphill navigations safe, not succumbing to the steepness of the slopes at all.

So, give in to the Moab 2 GTX and make the trails bow down your every move. It’s THAT intense!

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Cut from the same cloth as our top pick minus the Gore-Tex waterproofing is the Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator!

Surefootedness is the name of the game in this incredible women’s hiker. Armed with a lug-filled outsole from Vibram, the Moab 2 Ventilator boosted our morale where the terrain turned for the tricky (think mulchy slopes and semi-muddy inclines). Its performance on dusty, rocky tracks was also one for the books!

The Moab 2 Ventilator was also quite flooring with its supply of support. Our wobbly arches were kept upright in the entirety of our day-long journey!

Comfort-wise, the Moab 2 Ventilator showed its hospitality straight from the box. Every inch within its plush interior felt divine, including its super-snug collar. That said, we wish the shoe’s heel zone were a bit more tight-fitting.

Now, if its stout construction is any indication, you can safely assume that the Moab 2 Ventilator will last you many months (maybe even years)! Indeed, this low-top gem from Merrell powered through almost anything we threw at it. It only sustained minor dents on the outsole and some light scratches on its leather upper.

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Best for speed hiking

Buckle up because the queen of speed, a.k.a. the MQM Flex 2 GTX, has come to push you further!

With its per-shoe weight not going beyond 300 g, the MQM Flex 2 GTX has what it takes to boost your stride on a variety of terrain. Its athletic design doesn’t stop there, though, as the shoe’s propelling sole unit is also built to enhance your pace.

On the traction front, the MQM Flex 2 GTX was a queen. It ruled over both wet and dry surfaces, allowing us to maintain our speedy momentum without the slightest hint of slippage. We give its multi-directional lugs extra credit for securing our footing down muddy slopes, too!

As a Gore-Tex offering, the Merrell MQM Flex 2 GTX impressed us greatly in and around water. Not a single drop of wetness invaded our fresh socks in its impermeable shell, leaving our feet dry wherever we went!

Last but surely not least is the MQM Flex 2 GTX’s astounding comfort level. This speedy seductress touched our feet with immense plushness, making us even more excited to start our hike. And yes, this Merrell kick was lavishly comfy from the off!

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Want something from Merrell that really lives up to its name? Then write down Moab Speed on your shopping list!

Engineered with a rockered forefoot, the Moab Speed is fully capable of gliding across mostly level terrain. The springiness of its sole unit will also make your transitions feel more organic, allowing you to navigate moderately rugged surfaces with boosted strides.

Now, the Moab Speed is synonymous with outstanding lightness. Indeed, the speedster in question weighs a measly 600 g a pair!

Hiking for hours in the heat of the sun in the Moab Speed translated to sweat-free feet for us. Apparently, not having a waterproof liner made the shoe not only lightweight but also quite breathable. We highly recommend this gem for summer getaways!

The Merrell Moab Speed also has great stability to match its pace-enhancing makeup. The firm-yet-plush construction of its midsole made every landing safe, particularly on semi-rugged terrain. Gnarly roots and moderately pointy rocks also didn’t stand a chance against the Speed’s highly stabilizing midsole.

All that greatness, however, is slightly marred by its not-so-snug heel zone. Still, at $120, the Moab Speed is a darling. Get yours now!

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Best breathable

On days where you just want to have fun in the sun, call on the MQM Flex 2 and be that carefree girl you’ve always wanted to be!

Built without a waterproof membrane, the MQM Flex 2 from Merrell kept us going for miles without turning our socks into a sloppy and icky mess. During our sunny escapade, where temps reached the high eighties (Fahrenheit, mind you), our tootsies remained calm and fresh.

Just like its GTX counterpart, the MQM Flex 2 is also a charmer on the lightness front. Case in point: the hiker in question only weighs 290 g per kick (give or take a few grams)!

This criminally breathable Merrell must-have is a doozy in the area of traction, as well. Its lug-filled outsole ended our streak of slippage, whether on slick rock or dusty patches. The shoe’s mild heel brake also surprised us (in a good way) on grassy slopes!

Its fit is of a versatile kind, too. Those of us who have broad feet had a great time within its plush confines. Every section felt just right, and its toe box was satisfyingly spacious for everyone.

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Coming your way is yet another breathable must-own from Merrell, and it’s none other than the All Out Blaze Aero Sport!

Keeping your feet cool and fresh is business as usual for this mesh wonder. While its interior is padded and sturdy, the All Out Blaze Aero Sport gave us sweat-free hikes, thereby eliminating the likelihood of us sustaining blisters completely!

Equally amazing is the shoe’s enchanting lightness. While our top pick is lighter, the All Out Blaze Aero Sport, at 293 g per kick, still kept us going as if we had nothing on.

Since it comes without a waterproof liner, the Merrell All Out Blaze Aero Sport dries fast. With that, we arrived at the idea to use the shoe in the water to see if it could double as an amphibious hiker. Well, we were right—this superbly breathable piece can be a dependable tool where confronting wetness is more advantageous!

But be warned: the All Out Blaze Aero Sport may not be the best kick for avoiding debris and the like. It has a pretty low clearance, after all.

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Best for water hiking

Stop daydreaming about coming on top of your hikes in the water. Yes, make your empowered ambition a reality by donning the mighty amphibious All Out Blaze Sieve!

Out of the dozens of incredible shoes from Merrell, we’re compelled—yet also proud—to crown this offering as the queen of the damp (there’s a pun there somewhere)! Almost sandal-like in form, the All Out Blaze Sieve granted us the power to cut through streams and creeks with absolute finesse. The shoe’s fast-drying upper was a big plus for us, too!

When it comes to lightness, the All Out Blaze Sieve is among Merrell’s finest. At around 500 g per pair(!), this moisture-embracing kick danced to the tune of our nimble pace, whether in or out of the water.

Underfoot, the All Out Blaze Sieve was also quite incredible. Indeed, this practically weightless water hiker clawed into different types of surfaces, including mulchy sidehills and muddy inclines. Extra credit goes to its powerful heel lugs for keeping us from slipping on tricky descents!

But is it protective? Absolutely! Its tank-like toe guard made our trips through rocky streams and root-filled bogs very confidence-inspiring!

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Do you want to be as graceful as you can be as you negotiate flooded areas and gushing streams? If so, team up with the Choprock from Merrell!

Don’t let its unconventional design fool you—the shoe’s water-ejecting ports (in the midsole) and hydrophobic upper make the Choprock a stellar ally for creek-crossing and similar pursuits. This amphibious alternative also dries quickly, just like our top pick!

Practically as light as the All Out Blaze Sieve, the Choprock empowered us with agile mobility. Indeed, its 250-gram weight per piece made us negotiate watery environments with ninja-like prowess!

Grip-wise, the Merrell Choprock held its ground on virtually all sorts of surfaces. We purposely traversed mossy bogs and muddy slopes, and the shoe got us across slip-free. Perennially wet rocks and slabs were also a cakewalk to the Choprock’s toothy outsole!

In the protection department, the Choprock didn’t disappoint. While its toe cap isn’t as imposing as our top pick’s, it still managed to deflect fist-sized rocks like a sturdy shield. Also, the thinner construction of its toe guard gave us enhanced sensitivity, which became more useful to us in the end.

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Best budget shoe

If there is such a thing as a real-life fairy tale, the Merrell Alverstone has to be part of it. Well, at least in the realm of affordability, it should be!

For you thrifty Janes out there, the Alverstone should be high on your gear-to-buy list. Indeed, with an MSRP of $80, this shoe is the captivating hiker you’ve been dreaming of!

Now, while its heartwarming price tag can woo in the skeptics, the Alverstone’s adhesive performance can reel them in further. Its rubber lugs afforded us generous amounts of traction both on trails and man-made surfaces. These grippy studs also maintained our footing during sideways negotiations.

Speaking of man-made surfaces, on concrete pavements and asphalt roads, the Merrell Alverstone made us glide with little to no effort. The shoe’s super-flexible midfoot and rockered sole unit made such encounters a cinch!

And have we mentioned how comfortable the Alverstone was on day one yet? Yes, the shoe required from us no preparations, as it gave us supreme plushness straight out of the gate. From its plush collar down to its pampering and spacious forefoot, the shoe just felt perfect everywhere!

So, what are you waiting for? Snag the Alverstone for cheap now!

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Here’s another low-priced Merrell kick for you: the Yokota 2, retailing with an MSRP of $90!

Considered a wise purchase by many, this Merrell piece will make your shopping experience a rewarding one. That said, outside budget-friendliness, the Yokota 2 has aces up its sleeve that make it such an endearing trail companion.

Let’s get comfort out of the way first (not that it’s not important, mind you)! The Merrell Yokota 2 gave us through-the-roof comfiness, albeit not on day one. While it took us a few miles to get it softened up completely, the shoe felt magical soon after its honeymoon phase!

Complementing the Yokota 2’s resplendent plushness is its lightweight build. Its weight, which, according to the box is 296 g per shoe, encouraged our meek strides to go large. Indeed, the shoe’s lightness transformed our ho-hum steps into queenly leaps!

In our books, the Yokota 2’s supply of surface traction was more than enough. Although the trails we tackled weren’t as treacherous as those we’ve encountered in the past, they were still quite tricky to navigate. That said, we reached our destination slip-free in this super-affordable kick!

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