9 Best Lightweight Hiking Boots For Women in 2021

Jovana Subic
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Us girls, we want to be as free-spirited on the trail as possible. In such an empowering pursuit, there is no better footgear to be than the best lightweight hiking boots built specifically for women.

We have thoroughly tested over 150 pairs of women’s lightweight hikers to give you our top picks. These delightful gems cover a wide range. So, whether you desire a three-season all-rounder or a lightweight kick that can transform you into a speedy Jane, this female-centric corner is for you!

How we pick the best lightweight hiking boots for women

Part of the RunRepeat experience is for our readers to get a hold of unbiased reviews on top-of-the-line women’s hiking boots. That experience is made possible by the following:

  • Lightweight hiking boots for women often don’t come cheap. That said, to make our reviews as comprehensive and objective as possible, we buy those we review with our own money.
  • We hike in every lightweight pair on variable terrain and in different weather conditions.
  • We include in the mix hundreds of reviews on lightweight hikers from a combination of gear experts and regular trail-goers.

A CoreScore is assigned to every reviewed lightweight hiker. This 0-100 rating helps us fish out the finest lightweight hiking boots for women in a variety of categories.

Best overall

Adidas is among the few brands that put out amazing sporty kicks, and with the Terrex Free Hiker, that claim is further solidified!

Weight-wise, this boundary-busting hiker is the one to beat. Indeed, at 380 g per shoe, the Terrex Free Hiker smashes the notion that hiking boots are always clunky.

Engineered with Adidas’ Boost technology, the Terrex Free Hiker unlocked our potential on the trail, whether the terrain was rocky or level. Our extended test-hike resulted in springier strides minus the tired arches!

On the comfort front, the Adidas Terrex Free Hiker impressed us greatly. The moment we slipped into it, we knew that we were going to finish our hike with pampered tootsies. Yes, the boot felt like a charm on day one, thanks to its sock-like confines and plush midsole.

Now, the Terrex Free Hiker is a remarkable strider. Transitions felt mighty fluid in it, particularly on paved tracks.

This Adidas shoe also boosted our confidence on slippery surfaces. Engineered with V-shaped lugs, the Terrex Free Hiker’s rubber outsole allowed us to negotiate both ascents and descents with ease!

So, yeah, the Terrex Free Hiker is the grand empress of lightness. Own this Adidas gem now!

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What do you get when you put power and lightness in one high-quality Salomon boot? The X Ultra 4 Mid GTX, what else!?

“Queenly mobility with incredible protection” is the X Ultra 4 Mid GTX in a nutshell. Weighing no more than 430 g per kick, this Salomon offering made us enter every scene with a combination of fluidity and towering force!

In the area of adhesiveness, the X Ultra 4 Mid GTX blew us away in more ways than one. Its Contagrip outsole ensured our safety on different types of terrain, including rocky tracks, muddy hillsides, and even scree. Descending slippery slopes on it was also a cakewalk.

The Salomon X Ultra 4 Mid GTX didn’t let a single drop of moisture touch our brand-new socks. We purposely went through a lot of puddles, yet our piggies remained fresh and dry throughout our trip.

But is the X Ultra 4 Mid GTX comfy, you might ask? Well, let’s just say that we won’t be looking for another all-rounder (besides our top pick, of course) for years to come. We give its supple liner extra props in this regard, too.

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Best for speed hiking

If you want to complete your hikes at break-neck speeds, there’s no better boot for the job than the OUTline Mid GTX!

One of Salomon’s lightweight must-haves (it has a per-shoe weight of around 420 g, after all), the OUTline Mid GTX made us negotiate semi-tricky terrain faster than expected. Thanks to its cushy and rockered sole unit, we got to our destination with a few hours to spare!

Now, our leaps and strides were also made possible by the OUTline Mid GTX’s supportiveness. Its collar, though plush and flexible, kept our ankles upright where needed, while its heel and arch zones kept our gait in check.

Still within the bounds of underfoot prowess, the OUTline Mid GTX’s Salomon-exclusive outsole impressed us to the moon and back. So grippy were its toothy lugs that we had to go back and forth this boggy area just to delight over the boot’s top-notch stickiness!

Within the same wet environment, we tested the OUTline Mid GTX’s waterproofing. All we want to say is that the boot fenced out every drop, keeping our adventurous feet wrinkle-free.

And what’s a Salomon speedster without the comfort level to match? Well, you should get this must-buy ASAP because its day-one comfiness is definitely one for the books!

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Do you feel like your trail adventures could be more exhilarating? Also, are you a huge Lowa fan? If your answer to both questions is YES, then pop on the Innox Pro GTX Mid and never look back!

Despite its rather imposing design, the Innox Pro GTX Mid is a gentle beast. Weighing around 450 g per kick, this mighty alternative allowed us to bolt through our root-filled course with enhanced agility. On level terrain, the boot’s rockered sole also made transitions feel very organic.

In the comfort department, the Lowa Innox Pro GTX Mid felt like butter. We give its snug heel and lift-free rearfoot extra credit in this regard. That said, we hope its next iteration (whenever that may be) is more breathable.

This Lowa piece is also a doozy on the surface traction front. We ventured into almost year-round wet environments, tackling slick rocks and mossy slopes in the process, and we didn’t slip at all! And the boot’s heel brake was also stellar on semi-steep inclines!

While it may not win any awards price-wise, the Innox Pro GTX Mid’s durability will make your purchase worth it. Grab one now!

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Best for urban hiking

Empowered women like you deserve all the hiking versatility you can get, which the Firecamp Boot from Columbia has a ton of!

You can bet that heads will turn while you got this beautiful must-buy on. But beyond its gawk-worthy appearance and obvious lightness (it weighs 420 g per kick), the Firecamp Boot is also quite the showstopper in other ways.

As its name suggests, the Firecamp Boot is among Columbia’s finest winter offerings. Indeed, a cozy kind of comfort awaits those who’d give into its mesmerizing confines. In our case, the boot kept us warm and comfy in cold conditions (around 15°F).

Its non-marking Omni-Grip outsole lent us outstanding slip and skid resistance on ice. Oh, but the Firecamp Boot’s lugs were also quite sticky on soft soil, muddy patches, and pavements, making it one of the most versatile urban hikers out there traction-wise!

Equally enchanting is the Firecamp Boot’s watertight shell. It locked out all manners of moisture for us, leaving our socks and feet dry and our hearts with much gratitude!

And if its incredible performance both on and off the trail is not enough for you, its 100-dollar MSRP just might reel you in! Snag this beauty now!

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An inch or two behind our urban top pick is Salomon’s take on the city-to-trail trend, and it’s none other than the svelte OUTsnap CSWP!

If its 360-gram weight per shoe is anything to go by, we can say that the OUTsnap CSWP is a product of sheer ingenuity. This chic lightness translated to quicker turns and bigger leaps for us, enabling us to complete our winter hikes at half the time!

Speaking of winter excursions, while not as cozy as the Firecamp Boot, the OUTsnap CSWP still managed to keep our tootsies toasty.

“Magically comfy” is how we’d like to call the OUTsnap CSWP’s padded interior. Outside frigid conditions, the boot in question spoiled our feet with immense comfort all over, and all in a day’s time at that! Its fur-laden ankle cuff, however, was the ultimate star of the show for us!

The same comfy collar also ensured safety for our at-times wobbly ankles. The OUTsnap CSWP’s arch zone was equally supportive, keeping our every step as upright as possible.

In the area of grip, the OUTsnap CSWP floored us, too. Whether on grassy hills or wet mulch, the boot rode with us slip-free!

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Best comfort

If there is one shoe that deserves a red-carpet treatment when it comes to comfort, it has to be KEEN’s Targhee III Waterproof Mid!

A grungy hiker devoid of a break-in period, the Targhee III Waterproof Mid ensnared us with its regal comfort on day one. It was like, the moment we slid our feet down its plush interior, we were transported into a different dimension—one where hotspots and chafing are non-existent!

While the Targhee III Waterproof Mid is pretty grounded design-wise, its overall build is rather light. It’s true—its less-than-500-gram weight danced to the tune of our nimble pace, no problem.

So supportive was its collar that twisting maneuvers felt quite safe and confidence-boosting. And its rearfoot? Let’s just say that it did a remarkable job of centering our heel even in the trickiest (and most root-filled) parts of our go-to trail!

And have we mentioned that the Targhee III Waterproof Mid is a bulldozer yet? You read that right—this KEEN gem for the ladies will up your game with tank-like protection, making you cut through virtually every obstacle in front of you with little effort.

So, what are you waiting for? Bag this must-have now. The Targhee III Waterproof Mid is only $145, after all (pre-deal)!

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Chugging along with our top pick on this mighty comfortable train is the Stinson Mid GTX from Hoka One One. And look—it has one killer sole!

Underfoot, the Stinson Mid GTX will tell you right off the bat that it means business on the cushioning front. Engineered chunky and springy, the boot’s sole unit led us across all sorts of backcountry surfaces with immense comfort.

Despite its hulking platform, the boot is still light. Indeed, per shoe, the Hoka One One Stinson Mid GTX weighs approximately 480 g. Amazing!

Besides cloud-nine comfort, the Stinson Mid GTX’s sole unit also provides incredible support, particularly around the heel. Its arch zone also ensured our safety on rugged terrain and off-set midfoot tiredness by several hours!

Is the Stinson Mid GTX waterproof? Why yes! Its supple leather upper lined with a Gore-Tex membrane made beads out of every splash through streams and creeks, leaving our pedicured piggies dry the whole time!

Traction-wise, the Hoka One One Stinson Mid GTX kept us smiling throughout our adventures. Case in point: we negotiated perennially wet rocks (around streams), mud, and dusty patches without slipping.

We can’t recommend this bad boy enough, especially if our top pick for comfort is nowhere to be found. Get one now!

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Best budget boot

If you consider yourself a serious hiker, but breaking the bank is not an option, then the Euro Hiker from Timberland has to be on your shopping list!

At its MSRP of $110, this sleek leather hiker is a definite steal. Granted, most Timberland kicks fall on the affordable side of the pricing scale. Nonetheless, we were still quite stunned by its criminally low asking price!

Now, the chic-yet-powerful Euro Hiker has the lightness to match its budget-friendliness. Indeed, this Timbs kick is only 450 g per boot. This lightness equated to more agile traversals for us.

The Timberland Euro Hiker didn’t let us down in the area of comfort, either. On mile one, the boot felt unbelievably comfy, backing our decision not to go on a break-in hike days prior! Not one from among us got blisters within its plush confines. Unfortunately, some of us experienced minor hotspots in the boot.

This affordable gem from Timberland also impressed us with its extra-supportive arch zone. Our ankles also felt mighty secure within its foamy collar, making our every step more confidence-inspiring than ever!

So, what are you waiting for? This inexpensive Timberland hiker is yours for the taking. Make sure you don’t miss out!

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