7 Best Jordan Sneakers For Women in 2021

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With a wide array of women's Jordan sneakers available on the market, picking the most suitable for you might be a little tricky, especially when there's too much to consider. Are you after the style or comfort? Is budget an issue, or is it the least of your priority? 

To help you out, we thoroughly narrowed down the scope for you. After assessing gobs of women's Jordan sneakers, we came up with our recommendation under various categories for your quick reference. 

How we pick the best Jordan sneakers for women

To help you save time, effort, and money, we meticulously assessed more than a dozen pairs of Jordan sneakers for women. Here's our approach:

  • To avoid any biased reviews, we buy these sneakers ourselves. 
  • We put these shoes through tests, comparisons, and assessments to check their comfort, durability, and many other criteria. 
  • To come up with more comprehensive feedback, we collate reviews from the users of these Jordan sneakers for women. 

From the collected data, we rank each sneaker from 1-100 using our CoreScore system. The higher the CoreScore, the better the overall performance. 

Best classic

After reviewing, assessing, and comparing more than a dozen Jordan sneakers for women, the Air Jordan 1 Mid easily topped our list. 

We are over the moon by its similarities with the iconic Air Jordan 1 High. Without spending too much, we get to enjoy the classic look and fantastic coziness of its high-top predecessor. We also love that this pair is more accessible to put on as compared to its high-top counterpart. 

Besides its classic vibe, we truly enjoyed how adaptable it is to heaps of attires. We did not have any difficulty choosing stylish attires that could match this versatile sneaker.

While it has an almost exact style as the Jordan 1 High, you don't need to worry about its price point! The Mid version is incredibly sold at an affordable price! Plus, it is almost always available in the stores.

Are you thinking of wearing this all day for your city cruise? Worry not, as this will make your feet cozy and relaxed! Nike inserted it with premium materials to keep your strides smooth and comfy even when worn for hours. 

We can go on and on about what makes the Jordan 1 Mid remarkable. Grab a pair of these, and you will surely not regret it! 

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Also bagging our recommendation when it comes to women's Jordan sneakers is the Air Jordan 1 Low.

Ladies, if you're a solid Jordan fanatic, this low-top sneaker is one of your must-haves. It offers a look that suits both casual and semi-formal attire. Its versatility is enhanced by its clean and straightforward looks comparable to another popular Nike model, the Nike Dunk. 

If you enjoy attracting attention, this kick is for you. We instantly get compliments from onlookers for this kicks' classic aesthetics that fit the modern sneaker trend.

After wearing it for days long, we were astonished as it remained unscathed! We consider it one of the most durable pairs we've ever tested, thanks to its durable constructed and premium make. 

Are you working on a budget? This pair is the best pair to have. The Air Jordan 1 Low is sold at a relatively low price without sacrificing comfort and quality. You will surely get the worth of your money. 

Snag a pair or two of the Nike Air Jordan Low 1 to complete your Jordan sneaker collection. 

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Best retro

After checking strings of women's Jordan sneakers on our list, we chose the Air Jordan 1 High Zip as our top pick. 

We were blown away by how the Air Jordan 1 High luxuriously tweaked the classic Air Jordan 1. It showcases a more minimal upper to make it more adaptable to various attire. Its upper is dressed in soft suede in tonal hue for a more streamlined look.

Meanwhile, ditching the laces, we adore its clean and stylish zip-up closure system. This mechanism is easy to use, making heading out the door much faster and more uncomplicated. 

Quality-wise, this kick will not dishearten you. Its leather upper added a luxurious vibe to our attire and a cozy feel to our steps. 

Are you looking for ways to survive long hours of walking and standing? The Air Jordan High Zip must be on your toes. It feels positively cozy and even more comfortable than its predecessor.

Ladies, the Air Jordan 1 High Zip has all the features you must consider when buying your next footwear. It will equip you with cozy, durable, and, of course, stylish kicks, perfect for your day-to-day city adventures. 

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Like its taller sibling, we also got several unique reasons why we picked the Air Jordan 1 Retro Low Slip as one of our highly recommended retro Jordan models for women. 

We enjoyed how quick it is to slip on our feet. It is indeed trouble-free and easy! Day-one, we love its instant comfort. We did not have any issues when it came to coziness. We were extremely satisfied, and in fact, our next pair is in transit! 

After wearing it for hours, it remained undamaged! We were stunned by Nike's durable construction, which we enjoyed longer than our usual sneakers in our arsenal. 

When it comes to style, this kick will surely take your breath away. It looks so clean and cute that it can be paired up with dozens of attires. Choose among its impressive assortment of colorways to suit your style and personality.

Do you want to know more about the Jordan 1 Retro Low Slip? It is sold at a bargain price point! This kick will indeed update your looks without ruining your pockets. 

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Best budget

For budget-conscious Jordan sneaker fans, we highly recommend the Jordan Max Aura 2. We were amazed how this wallet-friendly model gave us so many features on a par with other premium Jordan models. 

By combining elements from the Jordan 10 and 11, we enjoyed how Nike flawlessly fused their unique features. Their best qualities were perfectly combined, releasing an iteration that is worth buying. 

When we wore the Max Aura 2 all day, it exceptionally kept our feet and legs comfortable! Thanks to its foam midsole and Air-Sole unit underneath, all we had was a tremendous amount of cozy feel all day. 

When it comes to its weight, this pair is a hit. While it may look chunky and well padded, we were surprised how it felt so light on feet! We never had any dragging-down sensation at all. We enjoyed faster, cozier, and lighter strides with the Max Aura 2. 

Traction-wise, this sneaker will not let you down. It kept us on our feet even on slippery surfaces. 

Get to enjoy all these and more with the Nike Max Aura 2 sneaker. Grab a pair before it's too late! 

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Also landing as one of our recommendations for affordable Jordan sneakers is the Jordan Delta 2. 

As it cradled and cushioned our feet, this sneaker did not disappoint us when it came to comfort. In fact, we consider it as one of the most comfortable in the Jordan lineup. 

When it comes to ventilation, this pair did not fall short. We enjoyed how its mesh upper allowed free movement of air in and out, thus keeping our trots dry and cool. 

Its style is one feature you can't miss. We can't help but highlight its neck-breaking not-your-usual-Jordan-style aesthetics. It displays bold details that instantly catch the attention of many onlookers.

Versatility-wise, the Delta 2 is such a bomb! We wore it to endless occasions, and fabolously, it was able to adapt! From our work to quick gym sessions, the Jordan Delta 2 will make you look and feel good, and it's a guarantee!

The Jordan Delta 2 is indeed an iteration that every practical Jordan sneaker fan must add to their sneaker collection.

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Best Air Max

After assessing, testing, and comparing several Air Max Jordan models, we choose the Jordan MA2 as the best on our list. 

Jampacked with a tremendous level of comfort, the Jordan MA2 did a standout job of keeping our feet comfortable throughout the day. The Air Max unit underneath incredibly provided a remarkable amount of cushioning that made our strides bouncy and energized. 

As we slid this kick off our feet, it was literally painless at all. We enjoyed how its rubber heel helped in taking this kick-off easy as ABC. No need to bend down; it is definitely a hands-free experience with the Jordan MA2.

While it does not flaunt the usual Jordan style, this sneaker still grabbed oodles of onlookers' attention. We enjoyed its non-traditional details dipped in an all-new colorway. These made the vibe of MA2 fresher than ever! Snazzy and trendy, that is the Jordan MA2. 

The Jordan MA2 is not just any ordinary Jordan sneaker. It is a pair that every Jordan sneaker fan and Air Max collector must add to their collections.

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