9 Best Indoor Cycling Shoes For Women in 2022

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As fitness clubs use stationary bikes, brands like Nike, Pearl Izumi, Giro, and many more took the opportunity and produce spinning shoes.

We have over 15 indoor cycling shoes for women here at RunRepeat. If you are starting or improving your indoor cycling fitness journey, we created this guide to help you pick the best indoor cycling shoes based on different categories, may they be budget-friendly, SPD, BOA, or others.

How we review the best women's indoor cycling shoes

Before picking the best women's indoor cycling shoes for the different categories, we made sure to test and study them thoroughly to offer you the finest spin shoes that we have.

Each shoe was given a Corescore of 0 to 100. The score was based on the following:

  • Reviews and ratings of experts
  • Feedback from the regular indoor bike shoe wearers

Aside from selecting the best for each category, we included their characteristics, pros, and cons so that you can find your match easier.

Best cycling shoes overall for women

The Nike SuperRep Cycle is an indoor bike shoe engineered to deliver comfort and breathability. Its modern style and compatibility with major cleat systems captured enthusiasts' attention. The level of power transfer won't satisfy elite cyclists, but this clientele isn't the target market of the shoe. Despite a few minor misfires, the pair's wide toe box, excellent airflow, comfort and versatility might be a good addition to your collection.
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The Bontrager Foray's highlights are its good looks, affordable price, and comfortable fit right out of the box. The shoe's excellent craftsmanship, relatively lightweight, and grippy sole will appeal to a wide range of riders. With the combination of large toe box and the single BOA dial's limits on fine-tuning, individuals with narrow feet might find it massive. On the whole, the Foray is an excellent footgear that works well for numerous casual biking activities.
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Best spd cycling shoes for women

Bontrager Starvos  for women
Bontrager Starvos for women Bontrager Starvos  for women

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Top pick
Cyclists looking for a quality road bike shoe may enjoy what the Bontrager Starvos has to offer. This cycling footgear may satisfy the rider's needs by providing pedaling efficiency, comfort, and universal cleat compatibility. Despite its many strengths, there are a few minor gripes, like a possible strap problem. But all things considered, the Starvos offers all the essential elements of road shoes and a distinct style without breaking the bank.
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The Giro Gauge is an MTB shoe that’s reported to deliver the same feel as that of a trail running shoe. It offers a mix of on and off-bike comfort, power transfer, and grip. With its overall construction and aesthetic, folks have been using it for commuting or spinning (indoor cycling).
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Best BOA cycling shoes for women

Apart from its good looks, the Shimano IC500 ticks the boxes for most essential features on a spin bike shoe. This includes comfort, breathability, support, and adequate power transfer. Plus, the lightweight feel and easy clipping in and out contribute to a pleasant ride. The IC500 is a great indoor cycling shoe, overall, and could appeal to most practitioners.
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Indoor fitness enthusiasts may find the Shimano IC300 as a preferable indoor spin shoe as it ticks the basics on the indoor bike. Those who are after an efficient indoor cycling shoe with a design that looks at home in urban settings may want to check this pair out. However, cyclists who are competitive about improving their personal best may need to look elsewhere. In summary, the IC300 is an indoor fitness bike shoe that's ready for casual use.
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Best look delta cycling shoes for women

The Bontrager SSR’s design foundation lies in the concept of versatility. It might not have flashy technologies and features of other MTB shoes, but it still packs all the essential components needed for an all-day session up and down the hills and urban settings.
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Best budget cycling shoes for women

This affordable Louis Garneau bike shoe generally earned positive remarks from the indoor cycling community. It mainly impressed the users with its comfort and pedaling efficiency. Those who love breathable shoes may enjoy the Multi Air Flex. However, it seems that its super snug fit was a cause of a slight dilemma, which can be remedied by sizing up. To summarize, the Louis Garneau Multi Air Flex is an excellent overall shoe that delivers for the purpose it was designed for.
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What are the cheapest women's indoor cycling shoes in 2022?

  1. Giro Petra VR - from $52
  2. Giro Berm - from $52
  3. Giro Manta Lace - from $65
  4. Nike SuperRep Cycle - from $70
  5. Giro Terradura - from $75
  6. Pearl Izumi Vesta Studio - from $80
  7. Giro Gauge - from $80
  8. Pearl Izumi All-Road v5 - from $90
  9. Shimano IC500 - from $95
  10. Shimano IC300 - from $100

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