10 Best Hiit Shoes For Women in 2022

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10 Best Hiit Shoes For Women in 2022

HIIT or high-intensity interval training involves a lot of jumping and bouncing around. HIIT shoes for the ladies may look like any other training shoes, but they are constructed to deliver more impact protection so that you won't feel any discomfort in your foot or knees even before you’re done with your routine.

There are many women's HIIT shoes to choose from. Brands like Nike and Reebok are the market's major players. Both beginners and long-time practitioners of this workout regimen can benefit from these shoes as they are all designed to keep the wearer comfortable and well-supported. But only the best among these options give the maximum advantage. We identify them here.

How we choose the best HIIT shoes for women

Many of the shoes for HIIT are designed for men. Of course, women have their unique needs and preferences, hence what's best for the guys may not apply to the ladies. It is for this reason that we made sure that only female athletes comprise our assessment team for all the shoes that appear in this article.

To further ensure the objectivity and comprehensiveness of our reviews, we do the following:

  • Decline sponsorships of any form so that we won't be indebted to any person or brand
  • Enrich our reviews with the inputs of other female testers from outside RunRepeat

Besides our qualitative assessments, we also come up with a Corescore from 0 to 100 for each shoe. This figure is basically the average of all the individual ratings that we gathered from the web.

Best training shoes overall for women

The Nike Free Metcon 4 is a great shoe for an all-around application. If you want to buy one shoe to do most of your exercise needs, I don’t think you would regret the Nike Free Metcon 4. They are not running shoes, but they will get it done in a pinch if you need to pump out a mile or two at the end of your routine.
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This performance-ready shoe has a nice, futuristic design. Kudos to Nike for stepping outside the box to design a far-out training shoe. The shoe is impressive and stable when it comes to hard lateral movements. While it runs true to size, the shoe is not suitable for users with wide feet.
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Best Nike training shoes for women

Apart from crucial comfort, other reasons why the Nike Legend Essential 2 works great as a workout shoe is that it provides stability and flexibility. This combination of attributes yields excellent support to let the wearer perform their workout efficiently. To top it off, this Nike training shoe is budget-friendly, offering great value for money.
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Best Reebok training shoes for women

An extension of the brand's Nano line, the Reebok Nanoflex TR keeps alive the lineage's expertise in the gym. It is a cushioned daily trainer that highlights comfort and affordability. Most recommended for jump-based moves or as a companion in daily errands.
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Best Under Armour training shoes for women

A stylish yet highly functional training shoe, the UA HOVR Rise 2 ticks most essentials demanded during workouts. Under Armour has taken their highly-praised, energy-returning HOVR cushioning from running and applied it into the training domain, more specifically this shoe, making every move more comfortable and effective. All in all, it is a fantastic footwear choice for an intense time in the gym.
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The women's exclusive Charged Aurora is a basic and affordable gym shoe that could satisfy beginner and the seasoned gym-goers. Its main features that attracted buyers are comfort, impact protection, good looks, and support. Although it doesn't feature many technologies, this Under Armour shoe still provides the basic essential elements for adequate performance during high-impact workouts.
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Best budget training shoes for women

Nike Renew In-Season TR 10  for women
Nike Renew In-Season TR 10 for women Nike Renew In-Season TR 10  for women

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Top pick
The Renew In-Season TR 10 is a women's exclusive Nike workout shoe that highlights plush cushioning, comfort, and energy return. This is brought on by the readjustment of the Renew midsole to be deeper than its older sibling. Despite a few minor misfires, the Nike Renew In-Season TR 10 is still a competitive workout shoe and provides the essentials, making it worth the try.
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The Nike Air Max Bella TR3 is a great indoor training shoe. They are great if you are new to the gym and want to try a pair of shoes that are great for most forms of training. I would not recommend them for cardio or a lot of lateral movements but other than that, they are a great shoe! I wear them a lot more than I thought I would!
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