8 Best Footjoy Golf Shoes For Women in 2022

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Footjoy is a unique brand in such a way that it focuses solely on golf, unlike brands like Adidas and Nike, which cover various footwear besides golf shoes. 

Ladies can enjoy the Footjoy golf shoes designed explicitly with a women's fit in mind. Begin the game confidently with the best women's Footjoy golf shoe! We have tried around 10 Footjoy cleats and picked out the best for you based on the different categories.

How we select the best women's Footjoy golf shoes

We promise you that we are not biased when selecting the best women's Footjoy golf shoes.

The Footjoy cleats that we examined were all purchased using our own money. We played them in actual games, in different terrains, and in various conditions.

A Corescore of 0 to 100 was also given, which reflects the overall performance of each shoe. The Corescore came from the reviews and ratings of the experts and actual users.

Aside from pulling out the top performers, we also did our best to summarize each to help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of each easily.

Best Footjoy golf shoes overall for women

The Footjoy Pro SL golf shoe is a lightweight option for golfers of any skill level who prefer a traditional style in a soft spike build. The shoe features a narrow fit toward the toe and widens out more toward the heel. The Footjoy Pro SL golf will keep your feet dry in any playing conditions and offer a soft sole for golfers who prefer to walk.
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The brand's experience in manufacturing some of the most favorite pairs in history allowed it to gain knowledge of what consumers like. The Footjoy Tour X puts the X factor on the course. It provides superior control, comfort, and stability, making it a tour-ready piece that both beginners and professionals can appreciate.
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Best waterproof Footjoy golf shoes for women

Having the credentials of being the leading and oldest manufacturer of golf gear places high pressure. The release of the Superlites XP proves that the brand is left unfazed. Boasting of its lightweight properties, it did not sacrifice comfort, traction, and moisture protection. Though minor improvements can still be implemented, the majority of those who were able to test this shoe gave their seal of approval.
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"More is more" is definitely the mantra of the Pro SL Carbon. Jam-packed with technologies and features, it is quite hard to decipher how everything fits in one shoe. However, each works hand in hand to give the golfer the push that he needs to level up his game. Comfort, like with the other Footjoy pieces, remains to be an overwhelming quality that golfers noticed.
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Best spikeless Footjoy golf shoes for women

The Footjoy Flex golf shoes have a comfortable, flexible fit that resembles that of a sneaker or tennis shoe. Golfers looking for a loose-fitting loafer-type option will love this shoe, especially if you have wider feet. While not the best shoe to wear in wet conditions, these are highly breathable and will keep your feet cool on hot days.
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If you want a golf shoe that ticks all essential elements in playing golf, then the FJ Stratos is the one to put on your radar. It is a waterproof golf shoe that promises high levels of comfort, versatility, and excellent performance on the course. It is recommended for golfers who are after an all-around golf shoe that's competition-ready.
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Best spiked Footjoy golf shoes for women

Just when golfers think that the Footjoy Contour couldn’t get any better, the brand released an updated and improved version. This trainer brings joy to many, especially to those who choose to walk than ride the cart. Its traction, easy-wear feature, and durability are additional benefits that were welcomed by many.
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Best budget Footjoy golf shoes for women

Footjoy Leisure Slip-On  for women
Footjoy Leisure Slip-On for women Footjoy Leisure Slip-On  for women

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Revamping and keeping up with technologies and fashion is one of Footjoy's best secrets for its more than century-old existence. Known to lean on traditional styles, the Footjoy Leisure Slip-On is a breath of fresh air as almost every aspect of the shoe spells modern. The spikeless component is a straight giveaway, but crafting it as a slip-on takes it up a notch.
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What are the cheapest women's Footjoy golf shoes in 2022?

  1. Footjoy Flex Coastal - from $39
  2. Footjoy Leisure Slip-On - from $40
  3. Footjoy Flex - from $50
  4. Footjoy Leisure - from $50
  5. Footjoy Pro SL - from $100
  6. Footjoy Stratos - from $200

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