10 Best Cycling Shoes For Women in 2022

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10 Best Cycling Shoes For Women in 2022

There is a lot to consider when choosing cycling shoes for women. We have over 90 bike shoes here at RunRepeat, so whether you are looking for a cycling shoe for the road, mountain, indoor, or others, you are bound to find one that will meet your requirements.

The hard part will be choosing one out of the 90+ bike shoes we have here for women. So, we tested them out for you and picked out the best cycling shoes for women for different categories.

How we choose the best women's cycling shoes

We want to stay bias-free, and to achieve that, we have stayed away from any sponsorships. All cycling shoes for women that we tested were purchased with our own funds. Aside from trying each to see how well each shoe performs, we also studied the experts' opinions as well as other users.

Below you will find the best shoes in several categories which we picked based on their Corescore of 0 to 100 as well as their pros and cons. This selection aims to help you identify which shoe meets all that you are looking for.

Best cycling shoes overall for women

The Nike SuperRep Cycle is an indoor bike shoe engineered to deliver comfort and breathability. Its modern style and compatibility with major cleat systems captured enthusiasts' attention. The level of power transfer won't satisfy elite cyclists, but this clientele isn't the target market of the shoe. Despite a few minor misfires, the pair's wide toe box, excellent airflow, comfort and versatility might be a good addition to your collection.
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The Specialized Torch 1.0 is the brand's enhanced version of 'entry-level shoes.' It is considered an affordable offering that has acquired the company's high-end road bike shoes' performance and Body Geometry technology. The result is a comfortable, efficient, and budget-friendly footwear. Despite a few subjective and minor flaws, the Torch 1.0 ticks all the boxes and is a good option for Look Delta users.
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Best road cycling shoes for women

The Empire by Giro combines retro styling with the latest bike shoe technologies. The lace-up provides the old school vibe while Easton soles and innovative upper materials provide the performance of premium road race shoes.
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Fizik dubs the Vento Infinito Carbon 2 the successor to their well-loved pro racing R1. Fast and comfortable, the shoe is equipped with performance-ready features. It is a road cycling shoe that will help you achieve your next personal best. Despite its high price, many serious riders find it to have excellent value for money.
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Best mountain bike cycling shoes for women

The Sleuth DLX bike shoe symbolizes the first true collaboration between Adidas and 5 10. The shoe's design is based on the classic Adidas Samba, while its technical features and functions are backed up by Five Ten's know-how. The result is a comfortable, efficient, and good-looking bike shoe.
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MTB practitioners who are after a grippy, comfortable, and adequately rigid mountain bike shoe may find satisfaction in the Trailcross LT. This pair receives compliments for its looks and ultra-breathable fit. The Five Ten Trailcross LT ticks most of the essential must-haves of a light MTB shoe but might require trial and error in sizing.
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Best waterproof cycling shoes for women

The CX145 is one of Lake's winter cycling offerings. It is mainly praised for its comfort, insulation, waterproofing, and versatile cleat design. The shoe is recommended to you if you plan to ride from early spring throughout the winter. However, there are a few complaints buyers should look out for. Water going in could be remedied by pairing the shoe with long cycling pants. All in all, the Lake CX145 is a competent winter cycling shoe if you can overlook its fixed cleats and extra time to put on.
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Shimano XM900  for women
Shimano XM900 for women Shimano XM900  for women

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Also great
The XM900 is a multi-season, all-conditions cycling shoe by Shimano. Its efficient performance both on the bike and in hiking, its ability to keep the cold and elements at bay, comfort, and quality impress a lot of its users. If you have no time off from going on adventures all year round, the XM900 could be the perfect choice for you.
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Best budget cycling shoes for women

This shoe for cycling can easily be confused for a trendy pair of sneakers. The sole unit offers both stiffness and a bit of flexibility, making this model suited for hike-a-bikes. It also comes highly recommended because of its water-repellent feature that keeps riders dry and warm in wet conditions.
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When it comes to comfort and style, the Sector from Giro may leave MTB riders satisfied. The shoe's breathable upper and grippy soles may also be two more reasons for cyclists to try this pair. However, individuals who value two-way BOA adjustments may need to look elsewhere or get used to this model's instant full release feature. All in all, the Sector remains an excellent option for mountain cyclists due to its more significant advantages.
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What are the cheapest women's cycling shoes in 2022?

  1. Pearl Izumi X-Alp Flow - from $40
  2. Giro Riela R II - from $50
  3. Giro Petra VR - from $52
  4. Giro Berm - from $52
  5. Pearl Izumi X-Alp Launch - from $60
  6. Scott Road Comp BOA - from $65
  7. Giro Manta Lace - from $65
  8. Nike SuperRep Cycle - from $70
  9. Pearl Izumi X-Alp Elevate - from $71
  10. Five Ten Freerider Pro Primeblue - from $75
  11. Giro Terradura - from $75
  12. Five Ten Sleuth DLX - from $80
  13. Giro Solara II - from $80
  14. Pearl Izumi Vesta Studio - from $80
  15. Giro Gauge - from $80

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