10 Best Converse Sneakers For Women in 2022

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Converse kicks are the right sneaker option if you’re looking for footwear that rolls comfort, durability, and timeless style in one. Without frittering away, this shoe can quickly make you look stylish, whatever outfit you may pair it with.

With tons of Converse kicks for women available on the market, picking the most suitable one can be backbreaking. With that, our team sifted through more than 60 pairs of Converse sneakers for women. We concocted our recommendations under different categories for the gals to wear this summer and beyond.

How we choose the best Converse sneakers for women

To give you unbiased and honest reviews, here is our process:

  • Our team collates all available feedback from the users of these women's Converse sneakers.
  • We purchase these shoes using our own money. 
  • We put these shoes to strings of tests and comparisons to check their comfort, support, and many other parameters.

Utilizing the results, we rank each model using our CoreScore system. Ranging from 1-100, this ranking system will conclude how this sneaker performed for the majority.

Best Converse sneakers overall for women

A chunky platform sole for the classic and iconic Chuck Taylor All Star, Converse offers the Converse Run Star Hike. A new eye-catching twist on a classic sneaker, this high-top elevated shoe delivers a futuristic vibe in a modern style without sacrificing its remarkable comfort.
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Yes, it's true. The Converse Run Star Motion isn't for everyone. But if you're the type that loves a pair of beefy kicks that SCREAM, this is the one. Apart from its fascinating exterior, this shoe boasts a marshmallow-like in-shoe feel and an unbelievably versatile and lightweight construction. It's truly a unique piece that one can wear every day.
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Best high top Converse sneakers for women

Converse Colors Vintage Canvas Chuck 70  for women Top pick
Do you fancy retro-styled sneakers? Check out the Converse Colors Vintage Canvas Chuck 70 that features an essential heritage design. This limited-edition iteration carries throwback cool hues that will surely spark a sentimental feeling. Plus, it is crafted with premium materials to offer you a robust, versatile, and cozy sneaker throughout the day.
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Converse has released a shoe that boasts a classic but unique look. The Chuck Taylor All Star Lugged High Top is fun to wear since it pairs well with so many outfits. Moreover, despite looking a little bit bulky due to its chunky platform, which is responsible for adding a few inches to the height of its wearers, this sneaker is unbelievably comfortable and light on the foot even when wearing it on an extended period.
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Best retro Converse sneakers for women

A remastered version of an all-time classic hoop shoe, sneakerheads and NBA fanatics have a lot to say about its futuristic and nostalgic look. Its upper oozes with retro charm as it displays the all-too-familiar silhouette of the legendary Converse Weapon. A chunky platform sole replaces the bottom. This adds a "jarring" twist to the shoe's styling and makes the shoe "mad comfortable" at the same time.
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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star CX High Top departs from the most-loved Chucks' traditional style, fit, and form. This version says goodbye to the goofy-looking DNA with an upgraded look that's cool and chic. Even without arch support, your feet will thank you as it doesn't feel bottom heavy. It's a bit pricier than the regular Chuck Taylors, but you'll experience comfier walks daylong from day one in this.
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Best white Converse sneakers for women

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Move  for women
Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Move for women Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Move  for women

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Top pick
Are you looking for a perfect summer shoe that you can just throw on and go? Level up your regular attire with the height-boosting style of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Move. This kick can seamlessly deliver an all-new level of chicness while letting you enjoy stellar coziness. Walk tall all day in comfort and style without squandering with the All Star Move.
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Converse Rival is a cross between basketball and casual styles, packaged in a comfy and high-quality leather with mesh makeup. Looking like the traditional, basketball-leaning One Star, its classic color palette makes it highly recommendable to vintage-loving souls. If you’re up for a versatile, old-school-inspired sneaker, you might want to give this durable low-top contender a try.
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Best budget Converse sneakers for women

No frills, just the real deal, this is what the Converse Louie Lopez Pro brings to the table. It’s one of the Converse skate sneakers with an effortless style that keeps everything light and flexible. It’s assembled with a premium, rubber-backed suede upper plus a grippy sole to keep you covered for a relatively reasonable period.
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Converse Unt1Tl3D holds a chock full of reasons why it deserves all the love and attention among the high-tops from the brand. The bold script on the cover and flashy bottom already send out hints that this towering figure isn’t your regular Joe, or Chucks for that matter. It’s much more agile, cushioned, and upbeat than most All Stars. Plus, it offers lots of bang minus the buck.
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