7 Best Columbia Hiking Boots For Women in 2021

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When variety is a big factor in your hunt for the finest trail kicks, you can bet on Columbia’s best hiking boots for women to satiate your desires. The must-buy options you see here are the fruits of our hard work, which involved testing over a dozen amazing kicks from Columbia.

Do you require an elegantly plush jack-of-all-trades? Or perhaps you fancy something extraordinary for the cold season? Whatever boot your heart is beating for, our top picks below will exceed your expectations.

How we test the best Columbia hiking boots for women

Our reviews on women’s Columbia hikers are in-depth and highly objective. Listed below are the core elements that make up our approach.

  • We buy Columbia hiking boots, whether affordable or expensive, with our own money.
  • We go through the usual hoops of testing these hikers, identifying every pair’s strengths and weaknesses in the process.
  • To make our reviews on Columbia’s finest comprehensive, we gather insightful findings from hundreds of regular hikers and footwear gurus and include them in the mix.

Every shoe, then, receives a 0-100 rating or CoreScore. The score a shoe gets plays a major role in determining whether or not it deserves a spot in our selection of must-haves.

Best overall

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped  for women Top pick

Level up your experience wherever the backcountry may lead by sporting the Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped, a.k.a. Columbia’s most capable and fascinating trail boot!

A hiking boot that’s exceptionally comfy from the box, the Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped felt like we were on cloud 9 on mile one. From its well-fitting padded collar and tongue, which didn’t rub at all, to its cushy footbed, the boot was such a pampering gem!

Stout as its construction might seem, the Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped never felt clunky at all. At no more than 400 g per piece, this plush Columbia boot is among the lightest hikers we’ve ever tested.

The Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped also gives its name justice. Its Omni-Tech liner and integrated mesh tongue shielded our hike-hungry feet from moisture (think mild-to-moderate rains and not-so-deep streams).

Halfway through our trail escapade, we had to negotiate this one slippery hill. The outsole of the Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped performed powerfully, not letting us lose our footing on our way to the top. Dealing with descents was quite reassuring in the boot, as well!

All that goodness comes at a 90-dollar MSRP. Yup, the Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped is a steal, alright!

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Watch out! Columbia’s Crestwood Mid Waterproof is here to empower your steps, come rain or shine!

A hiking must-own that’s as affordable as our overall top pick, the Crestwood Mid Waterproof gave us all the coziness our feet needed on day one! While its toe box could be roomier, the rest of its confines felt mighty plush. We sustained zero bruises and experienced no hotspots in our pairs.

The Crestwood Mid Waterproof’s outsole got us across many slippery obstacles with incredible traction. Wet logs, mossy steps, and muddy tracks were a cakewalk with the boot’s fantastically sticky lugs. Just like the Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped, this gem also made us believers with its clawing heel brake!

On the waterproofing front, this female-empowering Columbia boot knocked it out of the park. Indeed, our feet and socks avoided all manners of moisture within the Crestwood Mid Waterproof’s incredibly impermeable shell.

Now, the Columbia Crestwood Mid Waterproof has a remarkably protective upper. Its leather overlays kept the shoe almost scratch-free, and its toe bumper protected our piggies from knocks and bumps.

You might want to replace the boot’s laces, though. They’re quite short, in our honest opinion.

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Best winter boot

Do you want to tell the Snow Queen who’s boss this winter season? Then gear up with the Bugaboot Plus IV Omni-Heat and put her in her place!

Frozen feet have no place in this cozy gem from Columbia. Indeed, its highly insulated bootie and cold-ready sole unit will keep your tootsies warm, even in temperatures as low as 15°F!

The Bugaboot Plus IV Omni-Heat from Columbia mesmerized us with its dreamy confines, particularly around the collar and instep. That said, a bit of patience is required before you can achieve its full potential comfort-wise as the boot has a fairly short break-in period (about 3 miles tops).

On mildly muddy soil, the Bugaboot Plus IV Omni-Heat worked to our expectations. The tenacity of its outsole also kept us on the safe side of the fence while negotiating wet terrain and icy surfaces.

We were not fazed in the presence of rain in the Bugaboot Plus IV Omni-Heat. Yes, this towering-yet-stylish winter hiker made our jaws dropped with its super-watertight shell. Through slosh and freezing streams, the boot in question helped us avoid invasive moisture completely!

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Less imposing than our winter top pick but still quite a fierce ally on icy hikes, the Sh/Ft OutDry Boot is a sweet, sweet shoe for you nimble Janes out there!

Engineered with Columbia’s Omni-Heat tech (at 200 g), this mobile winter boot will astonish you where temperatures go near or below zero. Our test-hike involved meandering across snowed-up hills, yet the boot effortlessly shrugged off the bite of the cold wind!

In the realm of comfort, we can say the same about the Sh/Ft OutDry Boot. What we mean is, the shoe gave us more than enough plushness and pampering within its fuzzy shell, and we didn’t even need to make prior preparations (it was quite comfy from the get-go).

Underfoot, the Columbia Sh/Ft OutDry Boot delivered big time. Its rubber lugs, while not as deep as our top pick’s, granted us safe passage on both wet and dry terrain. Negotiating frozen pathways was also a cinch in this superb kick for the ladies!

One smudge to the boot’s almost spotless resume is its flappy eyelet overlays. We feel like they can tear sooner than later.

Still, we recommend the Sh/Ft OutDry Boot highly enough. And its cherry on top? Its undeniable affordability!

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Best lightweight

Are you tired of dragging your feet just to reach the tail end of your route? If so, Columbia’s Trailstorm Mid Waterproof is the lightweight hiker you’ve been waiting for!

Columbia engineers worked their ingenuity to keep the Trailstorm Mid Waterproof less of a clunky boot and more of a boosting speedster. Case in point: this sporty kick weighs only 600 g a pair, way below the 1000-gram average of most hiking boots!

The boot’s sheer lightness is complemented by the Trailstorm Mid Waterproof’s out-of-the-box comfort. Indeed, this Columbia hiker has no honeymoon phase, allowing us to enjoy our day trip with zero bruises and hotspots! We give its snug heel extra credit for not rubbing on our heels at all.

In the realm of surface grip, the Trailstorm Mid Waterproof transformed us into real queens out there, particularly on semi-muddy tracks and grassy inclines. On man-made surfaces, the boot blew our minds just as much, too!

But is the Trailstorm Mid Waterproof supportive? Yes, both around its collar and arch zone, it is. That said, its gait-preserving prowess doesn’t make the boot stiff. Quite the contrary, in fact, because the shoe has a flexible ankle joint that allowed us to pull off more creative maneuvers around pointy rocks and gnarly roots.

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Just a few breaths behind our lightweight top pick is the Columbia Redmond Mid Waterproof. At 700 g per pair, this sexy enchantress is also an enticing offering weight-wise!

While the slenderness of its silhouette is enough to sweep you off your feet, it’s the Redmond Mid Waterproof’s tongue-tying comfort that should reel you in. Its lush confines, particularly around the midfoot, were a home run for us. We didn’t feel even the slightest hint of rubbing anywhere, and its heel zone felt oh-so magical!

Now, its svelte upper is matched with its ability to ward off moisture. It’s true—the Redmond Mid Waterproof mightily fenced out every drop through this shallow stream our gentle feet had to traverse. It also passed our five-minute water immersion test. Incredible!

And have we mentioned how empowering the Redmond Mid Waterproof was on variable terrain yet? We tackled virtually all sorts of surfaces—from wet slab/rock to dusty hillsides—and we didn’t slip. Its winner of a heel brake also helped us go down a few muddy slopes without a hitch.

We probably wouldn’t recommend the Redmond Mid Waterproof to folks who have stout feet, though.

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Best for urban hiking

Do you want to ravage the trail in something quite chic? Then add the Firecamp Boot to your collection of urban kicks!

A versatile hiker underfoot, the Firecamp Boot can strut with you in the city just as as well as it can reassure your every step in the backcountry. We’re talking about its Omni-Grip outsole, of course, whose rubber lugs helped us tackle a variety of surfaces with incredible grip! We were especially impressed with its no-slip performance on dusty roads.

The Firecamp Boot is a real treat in the comfort department. Within its Cordura fabric shell, our pedicured toes felt no rubbing, while our heels were never persecuted by hotspots or chafing. Underfoot, the Firecamp Boot’s plush sole unit also felt amazing, particularly around the arch!

Don’t be fooled by its fabric construction because its upper is one tough mama. Yes, its reinforced overlays are quite capable of shielding the boot from scrapes and cuts. Its grippy outsole also passed our stress test with flying colors!

And if you’re even the slightest worried about its asking price, don’t! The Firecamp Boot from Columbia sells for a measly $100 a pop. It’s remarkably insulated, too, so what more can you ask for?

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