10 Best Casual Sneakers For Women in 2021

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10 Best Casual Sneakers For Women in 2021

Casual sneakers deserve a space in every woman's collection. Besides providing comfort, this footwear will keep you looking great with whatever wardrobe you want to flaunt. With the endless selections available, tracking down the most suitable pair for you can be very overwhelming. 

With that in mind, we aim to cut through the clutter and simplify your search. We've sifted through more than 300 pairs of women's casual sneakers to give you reliable recommendations under various categories.

How we pick the best casual sneakers for women

To give you the best option to buy:

  • We bought these casual sneakers using our money for unbiased feedback.
  • We put them through a series of tests, comparisons, and assessments to scrutinize their comfort, breathability, and many other criteria.
  • We collate available reviews from the users of these casual sneakers.

Backed by data, we ranked each sneaker using our Core Score system from 1-100. These rankings will give you an overview of how this shoe performed for the majority.

Best overall

We've tested and compared more than 300 pairs of casual sneakers for women, and we picked the Ecco Soft 7 as our top choice. Beating the rest on our list, we came up with heaps of reasons why this model leads our list. 

The Ecco Soft 7 is one of the most versatile sneakers we have ever tried on. Often compared with the iconic Adidas Stan Smith, this pair has a clean and straightforward flair that looks marvelously stylish even when paired with truckloads of ensembles. From the sophisticated office slacks to the rugged tattered denim, this kick will not disappoint you. 

Its construction is another remarkable element. It is undoubtedly a perfect pair for traveling, or any casual activities as Ecco designed it to last. The top-notch materials and durable finish extend its life longer than your usual sneakers. 

Comfort-wise, this is undoubtedly a beast! We never had any issues when it came to its coziness. Its insole contours effortlessly to the shape of our feet to provide us with an outstanding amount of comfort for an all-day adventure. 

With the Ecco Soft 7, experience an update to your everyday sneaker experience.

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Bagging also our recommendation after checking 300+ casual sneakers for women is the Veja Campo. This stunning sneaker flaunts oodles of remarkable features why we chose it as one of the bests on our list.

We instantly felt dumbfounded by its versatility. Its clean and straightforward leather upper exudes a minimalist vibe that can be matched up with a plethora of styles. Perfectly blending sporty and luxe flair, this sneaker is one of the most adaptable footwear you could ever add to your collection. 

For instant-comfort hunters, this sneaker will blow you away! As we slipped our feet into it, we quickly felt accustomed to its fit and enjoyed its comfortable strides. It is indeed a perfect pair for your daily errands. 

If you're worried about its maintenance, fret no more as we vouch for its easy-care features, Thanks to its premium leather upper, we simply wiped the dirt off using a damped cloth. 

The Veja Campo is an all-in-one sneaker. It offers style, comfort, and quality to make your city adventure more fun and exciting. What can be more exciting is its eco-friendly construction. With the Veja Campo, being stylish and Earth-friendly has never been this easy.

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Best slip-on

Steve Madden Gills  for women
Steve Madden Gills for women Steve Madden Gills  for women

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Top pick

More than 70 casual sneakers for women have been assessed and compared, and we pick the Steve Madden Gills as our best bet among the slip-on models.

Coming in various styles and colorways, the Steve Madden Gills offers you instant comfort. As soon as we slid our feet into it, we felt an instant cozy feel. Blister-less heel, it's a mind-blowing no break-in period needed sneaker!

Besides its height-boosting platform, we were enamored by its fantastic versatility. It was easy for us to style it with various attires - from the dapper trousers to the rugged stressed jeans. Design-wise, this sneaker is definitely a must!

In the comfort department, this kick is amazingly comfortable! As we pounded the pavements all day, we felt no pain at all. Plus, we adored how easy it is to wear, thanks to its easy slip-on design.

If you're on the lookout for an affordable kick to bag up, the Steve Madden Gills must be in your consideration. With all its unique features, this sneaker will serve you more than what you've paid for.

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The Cole Haan Ambition also bagged our recommendation when it comes to slip-on models. It was able to beat more than 70 sneakers on our list. 

Offering sleek style, this slip-on model is dressed in shiny leather upper for a premium feel. It instantly revamped our attire into a luxe one. 

Not only does it look great, but its soft leather upper feels so amazing on feet! We felt day-one comfort, and it fits like a glove. Plus, it feels so light when worn. You will indeed feel no dragging down sensation as you pave the urban trails. 

Quality-wise, this model did not disappoint us. The fashion-forward flair is very well-made, with no visible glue marks or unfinished stitchings. 

With its aesthetics that is truly adaptable to various wardrobes, choose among its chic colorway available on the market that fits your personality. 

With the great features of Cole Haan Grand Ambition, you will undoubtedly get your money's worth!

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Best chunky

Heaps of chunky casual sneakers have been tested and compared, and we pick the Fila Ray Tracer as the best among them all. This sneaker showcases almost all the details you must look for in chunky models.

Comfort-wise, this kick delivers a tremendous amount of coziness that will make your daily street adventure more bearable. Thanks to its well-padded sockliner, this sneaker is not only huge in style but also delivers a generous amount of comfort. 

Despite its beefed-up silhouette, the Fila Tray Racer feels so airy on feet! As we had solid strides along the streets, this model did not give a dragging-down sensation.

When it comes to its price, this will undoubtedly blow you away! It is sold at a budget-friendly price range that will make your pockets smile. 

In the style department, this model truly excels. Thanks to its layered upper and sculpted midsole, this pair has a neck-breaking look that constantly receives unsolicited compliments from many onlookers. 

Enjoy all these and more with the Fila Tray Racer. This pair is certainly a mind-blowing iteration that you must add to your sneaker collection.

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Also picking up our commendation among the chunky casual sneakers for women is the Steve Madden Maxima. True to its name, this model maximizes your style and comfort without exerting so much effort. 

Clad with rhinestones, the Maxima effortlessly updates your daily look into a striking and flashy version. It is easier to look elegant and luxurious when you don a Maxima on your feet! Just choose among its premium colorways, and you're good to go!

When it comes to comfort, this sneaker is also a beaut! We felt no issues as we traversed the urban streets for hours. We also enjoyed its breathability! Its well-ventilated knit upper kept your feet cool and dry even on hot summer days! 

Don't be deceived by its chunky profile, as this model is surprisingly light! Our steps became lighter and faster with the Steve Madden Maxima.

Are you worried about its price? You better not, as this luxe-vibed kick is sold at an affordable price range! Grab a pair before it sells out!

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Best platform

Keds Triple Kick  for women
Keds Triple Kick for women Keds Triple Kick  for women

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Top pick

Topping our list of best platform casual sneakers for women is the minimalist Keds Triple Kick. Displaying a simple, clean, and unassuming style, this model is perfect for any sneaker collection. 

Apart from its height-increasing style, this sneaker quickly gained followers for its superb foot support. Walking on a platform has never been breezy, thanks to its design that keeps our feet stable and avoids ankle rolling. 

Its comfort is incredible! Thanks to its Ortholite insole, this pair kept our feet dry and free from bacteria even during humid hours. Also, after using it a couple of times, its comfort gets even better! Truly a nice pair to add to your daily rotation. 

Style-wise, the Triple Kick offers fantastic versatility! It was easy for us to pair it with heaps of styles - from the semi-formal trouser pants to the laidback flair of tattered pants. 

Enjoy all these features without squandering! The Keds Triple Kick is offered at a very affordable price point; this sure suits practical ladies who prioritize style, comfort, and price.

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Puma Mayze also lands as one of our recommendations when it comes to casual platform sneakers for women. Surpassing plenty of models on our list, we've pointed out our reasons below why this kick deserves a spot in our sneaker collection. 

Besides adding a few inches to our heights, its bold flair revamped our looks instantly. This platform sneaker immediately boosted our confidence as we walked along the city streets!

Also, it gave us an ample supply of comfort that made our steps more bearable. While the weight might have sacrificed a bit, its overall homey feel still feels abundant. 

While platform kicks may not be everyone's cup of tea, we adore their versatility. It could be quickly paired up with any attire, from jeans to shorts to long skirts; this sure will not disappoint you. 

On top of all these features, we are amazed at its affordability! The Puma Mayze is offered at a price below $90, making this a stylish yet practical piece to add to your sneaker collection.

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Best budget

After checking almost a hundred pairs of affordable casual sneakers, the Skechers D'Lites outstripped the others as the best budget model on our list. 

The Skechers D'Lites are definitely a pair you should never miss out on. It displays a stunning aggressive rubber outsole with a multilayered upper as if begging attention from many onlookers. 

Despite its beefed-up profile, this sneaker feels amazingly light on our feet! As we pounded the streets all day, we did not feel any dragging-down sensation at all. This kick is definitely a must-grab pair out there. 

Thanks to its soft cushioning, we felt as if we were walking on the clouds. We had no issues when it came to comfort with the Skechers D'Lites. 

Its durability is another feature we want to highlight. After daily usage, this sneaker remained intact. We consider this one of the most durable pairs we tried on among the cheap sneakers on the market. 

Are you looking for a pair to keep your feet warm during cold days? Look no further as this iteration suits you the most. With D'Lites, it's easier to look stylish while traversing the chilly city streets.

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Also, one of our highly recommended budget-friendly casual sneakers for women is the DC Villain 2. 

While some get intimidated by the negativity of its official name, this sneaker is a heroine when it comes to sneaker features. It literally provided us with goodies and positive experiences all day long.  

Our feet felt comfortable as its soft cushioning hugged out trots. We did not feel any discomfort throughout the day. 

Pairing it up with countless attires is easy as ABC! Its clean and straightforward look creates a versatile flair that is easy to wear with numerous wardrobes. Dressing up or down is easy peasy with Villain 2. 

Moreover, we adore how DC made this available in numerous ranges of upper materials! We get to choose between the funky corduroy or the plush suede material. 

Do you want to know more exciting details? The DC Villain 2 is offered at an affordable price range! With all these fantastic features, you get to enjoy the DC without hurting your pockets. 

The DC Villain 2 is genuinely a to-die-for sneaker iteration for practical buyers hunting for a pair of stylish and comfortable sneakers.

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