10 Best Brown Sneakers For Women in 2022

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Brown sneakers can pull double duty. It can be a ruggedly chic sneaker for a day's adventure and casually dashing footwear for a night out with friends. To show our admiration for the versatility and timelessness of brown sneakers for women, we’ve rounded up some of the best brown kicks from different brands. 

If you’re considering investing in some Earth-toned footwear, we are here to help you out. We did all the dirty jobs, sifted through 100+ women’s brown sneakers, and assessed which pairs are best under various categories. 


How we choose the best brown sneakers for women

Here’s the process we follow to pick out the best options for you:

  • We purchase all tested brown sneakers using our money.
  • We turn the internet upside down to gather all available user reviews.
  • We check and compare all of these kicks to determine their comfort, durability, support, and all other parameters.

Using the gathered reviews from the methodology above, each sneaker is ranked using our CoreScore system. This method will give our readers an overview of the overall performance of each model. 

Best brown sneakers overall for women

A chunky platform sole for the classic and iconic Chuck Taylor All Star, Converse offers the Converse Run Star Hike. A new eye-catching twist on a classic sneaker, this high-top elevated shoe delivers a futuristic vibe in a modern style without sacrificing its remarkable comfort.
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Marathon-inspired Nike DBreak reappears in fresh and bold color schemes while keeping a strong throwback charm. Apart from a blast-from-the-past aesthetic, this kick offers tons of comfort with its amply foamed underside. It’s one of the lightest and cheapest vintage runners you can get from the Swoosh brand.
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Best brown Nike sneakers for women

Travel back in time with the Nike Blazer Mid 77 Vintage. Apart from the clean leather upper, it showcases the old-school look of midsole and tongue, reminiscing the beauty of the iconic basketball shoe silhouette. In addition to its charming vintage appeal, it also offers comfort and performance by providing excellent cushioning and maintaining reliable traction.
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As part of the brand’s Move to Zero initiative, it releases a new collection by recycling trash. However, eco-construction will only matter if it is wearable. Thankfully, Nike successfully designs a fashionable eco-friendly sneaker with its Nike Space Hippie 04. Despite being a product of reused wastes, the sneaker does not lack comfort and function.
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Best brown Adidas sneakers for women

Take the Adidas Matchbreak Super to a serious skate session or all-day city strolling, and you will not be disappointed. It has a low-key style that effortlessly combines comfort and endurance. Adidas Skateboarding also leveled up its interior to maximize board control more than ever. Inarguably, the Matchbreak Super is a supercharged sneaker that embodies simplicity and performance.
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Spikes, bold shades, and protruded heel, all in a comfy package, makes the Adidas Choigo a cut above the rest. It’s a pumped-up take to an old-school athletics trainer without being outdated. If you’re pressed for a sneaker that’ll add spark to your style at a remarkably low price, maybe you’ve just dashed your way to the finish line.
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Best brown high top sneakers for women

Timberland Dausette  for women
Timberland Dausette for women Timberland Dausette  for women

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Top pick
Through the Dausette, Timberland comes up with a stylish sneaker boot that is built to last. Its lightweight comfort assures the wearer a smooth ride that goes on for the whole day. The sleek leather construction has a casual edge that completes the getup, whether for work or play. Overall, its versatility makes the shoe a go-to footwear that probably offers more than expected for its budget-friendly price.
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The Beven has probably everything that people love about UGG shoes. It comes with a wool spill seams and a foam footbed for a cushioned comfortable ride when on the go. This boot does not lack in style as it pairs well with any casual outfit. Although it comes off as slightly expensive, it still is probably a favorite shoe for people who have bought it.
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Best budget brown sneakers for women

The Saucony Grid Azura 2000 features an aggressive appearance while remaining faithful to its retro runner silhouette. Do not sleep on this because this lowkey Saucony runner will let you breeze your way through the streets. Look past through its transparent toe box and side panels and let your socks show its charm.
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After 15 years of being off the market, Asics Sportstyle reworked the Gel 1090 with modern details. This striking sneaker kept its original running aesthetics, suitable for the dad sneaker trend. The brand reworked the technical details, adding more comfort and cushioning to its wearers. Among the latest Gel releases of Asics, this model quickly gained followers for its stylish retro appeal, superb comfort, and reasonable price range.
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What are the cheapest women's brown sneakers in 2022?

  1. Asics Gel 1090 - from $45
  2. Puma Wired - from $30
  3. Reebok Aztrek Double Mix Trail - from $28
  4. Saucony Grid Azura 2000 - from $55
  5. Adidas Torsion TRDC - from $60
  6. Teva Highside 84 Mid - from $65
  7. Adidas Matchbreak Super - from $56
  8. Ariat Ryder - from $50
  9. Reebok Zig Kinetica Edge - from $69
  10. Teva ReEMBER - from $75
  11. Steve Madden Maxima - from $66
  12. Nike Daybreak - from $48
  13. Chaco Sierra Waterproof - from $88
  14. Nike Air Max Tailwind IV - from $80
  15. Nike Air Force 1 Pixel - from $80

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What are the most expensive women's brown sneakers in 2022?

  1. Nike Vapormax 2019 Utility - from $200
  2. Nike Air Vapormax 2021 FK - from $181
  3. Nike Air Force 1 07 Premium - from $150
  4. Nike Air Max 90 NRG - from $145
  5. Nike Air Tailwind 79 SE - from $130
  6. Asics Gel Nandi 360 - from $127
  7. Sorel Kinetic Caribou - from $120
  8. Nike Space Hippie 04 - from $118
  9. Jordan MA2 - from $113
  10. Nike Air Zoom-Type - from $113
  11. Nike Lahar Low - from $110
  12. Nike SB BLZR Court DVDL - from $105
  13. Nike Blazer Mid 77 Vintage - from $100
  14. Converse Run Star Hike - from $90
  15. Chaco Sierra Waterproof - from $88

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