9 Best Asics Tennis Shoes For Women in 2022

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By now, you know that Asics is the brand that top-ranked Serbian athlete Novak Djokovic wore when he made groundbreaking Grand Slam records. Whether it's your first or nth time sporting this label, you might be as curious as we are to know which shoes from this brand are the best for women.

Since it is costly to try multiple varieties to know how they fare on the court, we did that for you. We took more than 20 Asics tennis shoes for women for a spin and weighed them up against the rest. We came up with this roll of the best from the bunch based on our intensive two-week playtest.

How we choose the best tennis shoes for women

  • We factor in over 200,000 reviews from verified users and juice out all the pros and cons for every shoe.
  • All the experts' ratings for each shoe are interpreted and scaled by our automated Corescore system. 
  • We purchase all the shoes we evaluate and playtest using our money to keep our verdict unbiased.  
  • Aside from cutting up the shoes to analyze the parts and function, we rate them based on comfort, stability, flexibility, weight, durability, to name a few.

The highest-scored tennis shoes based on our collective rankings are highlighted here.

Best Asics tennis shoes overall for women

With its attention to design and comfort, the Asics Resolution 8 lets you run across the court without aching feet from the get-go. There is no going wrong with this shoe if you are a casual or serious player. From its grip and durability to its comfort and style, this is an amazingly well-designed shoe that will surprise you!
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As a speed-oriented tennis shoe, the Asics Solution Speed FF 2 offers a plush cushioning suitable for aggressive movers. It has the stability for fast lateral cuts, and a grip that is not overly sticky for speedy movements on the court. The upper of the tennis shoe also offers added support for side-to-side movements, but for players who want plenty of stability, the Gel Resolution 8 is the best option.
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Best all court Asics tennis shoes for women

The Asics Gel Challenger 13 is a solid all-around shoe that offers a good balance of comfort and stability without much sacrifice. Its traction on the court is amazing and won’t let you down as you dash around. It brings the heat in a competitive landscape of tennis shoes with some very compelling features.
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Asics Gel Dedicate 6 breaks the myth that only expensive tennis trainers can do wonders on any court setup. It may be among the cheapest picks in the all-court tennis shoe line, but it’s packed with valuable features. The flexible upper and supportive midsole make it one of the comfy tennis shoes assembled by Asics.
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Best lightweight Asics tennis shoes for women

Designed for different court surfaces, the Court Speed FF delivers a good blend of flexibility, stability, and durability in a comfortable and lightweight package. This Asics tennis shoe also gained lots of positive feedback because of its great lateral support and an amazing glove-like fit.
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Asics Gel Game 8 preserves some of the key points found in the previous generations while offering a more minimal upper design and wider mesh arrangement. Multicourt players who enjoyed the past Gel Game iterations can still bank on this version when it comes to comfort, stability, lightness, and breathability. It’s one from Asics that will get you covered for your practice games, all for a less costly price.
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Best white Asics tennis shoes for women

Asics Gel Resolution 6  for women
Asics Gel Resolution 6 for women Asics Gel Resolution 6  for women

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Top pick
The sixth-generation Asics Gel Resolution didn’t disappoint a large number of Gel Resolution diehards. Asics emphasized underfoot comfort, midfoot support, and lateral stability when it designed this updated, high-performance profile.
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Best Asics tennis shoes for women

Asics Gel Court FF is an answered prayer for those in need of an extremely comfortable, supportive, light, and grippy athletic tennis shoe that’s suitable for any court setup. This initial Court FF offering is packed with features that contribute to enhanced playability.
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What are the cheapest women's Asics tennis shoes in 2022?

  1. Asics Gel Game 8 - from $47
  2. Asics Gel Dedicate 6 - from $56
  3. Asics Gel Challenger 13 - from $95
  4. Asics Solution Speed FF 2 - from $110
  5. Asics Court FF 2 - from $115
  6. Asics Gel Resolution 8 - from $133

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