7 Best Altra Running Shoes For Women, 60+ Shoes Tested in 2023

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7 Best Altra Running Shoes For Women, 60+ Shoes Tested in 2023
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Whether you're heading to your favorite local trail, a quick run around the neighborhood, or to the gym, Altra running shoes for women are designed for solid performance, comfort, and for all terrains.

Famously known for its signature Footshape technology, Altra is a great choice for runners who prefer a gender-specific design that features a wide toe box. This means that runners can enjoy a more natural and comfortable stride. This encourages a healthier form when running and keeps you going longer.

We’ve rounded up 50+ of the best women’s Altra running shoes. We put them to the stringiest tests and selected our favorite picks for your browsing convenience. Enjoy exploring our best selections and in-depth reviews.

How we test running shoes

The highlighted models on this list represent the best women’s Altra running shoes for both road and trail. To make the recommendations, we’ve performed tests and gathered feedback from our RunRepeat wear-testers and editors. This is exactly how we approach it:

  • We buy all the Altra running shoes with our own money to ensure a 100% honest review.
  • We perform mechanical tests inside the RunRepeat shoe lab, where we cut the shoes into pieces and analyze over 30 parameters, from the energy return of the platform and outsole traction to upper durability and midsole construction, among others.
  • Our testers clock up 30-50 miles on each model running on paved roads or muddy paths.
  • We collate some more data from other experts in the shoe industry, as well as from regular users of Altra running shoes.

To conclude the selection process, we use the CoreScore system to get the overall ratings of all Altra running shoes in the database. Based on the above data, a final score is given on each shoe that ranges from 0-to 100.

Best women's Altra running shoes overall

Altra Lone Peak 6
Altra Lone Peak 6


4.5 / 5 from 8,381 users
91 / 100 from 24 experts


  • Fits true to size
  • Excellent all-round grip
  • Highly durable
  • Great ground feel
  • Feels like it makes you run better
  • Great pull tab
  • Gaiter compatible
  • Brilliant lacing
  • Roomy toe box
  • Fully gusseted tongue


  • Stain magnet
  • Not enough cushioning for some

What makes it the best overall?

Whether you’re a dedicated zero-drop runner, just dipping your toe into it for the first time, or like to spice up your rotation with something new, the Altra Lone Peak 6 is a solid workhorse of a trail running shoe. The Altra Lone Peak 6 is a genuinely excellent all-rounder.
Read our full review of Altra Lone Peak 6 here
Merrell Nova 2 %2025
Merrell Nova 2 %2022
Merrell Nova 2 %20921

Best Altra trail running shoes for women

Altra Olympus 5
Altra Olympus 5


3.9 / 5 from 1,048 users
91 / 100 from 5 experts


  • Grippy on wet and dry trails
  • Protective muscles
  • Comfort is a 10/10
  • Toe box welcomes wide feet
  • Gives out energy
  • Breathable
  • Stable ride
  • Heel lockdown is terrific!
  • Easy on and off


  • Durability couldn't be worse
  • Annoying lace bites
  • It's a splurge

What makes it the best trail?

The Olympus 5 from Altra screams premium inside and out. It's the brand's most cushioned, most protective, and most expensive trail running shoe yet. With its luxurious midsole, running long distances is an easy feat. And if you want one shoe for your hikes and runs, the Altra Olympus 5 is ready for you.
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altra olympus 5 review
altra olympus 5 best for

Best Altra neutral running shoes for women

Altra VIA Olympus
Altra VIA Olympus


4.3 / 5 from 717 users
85 / 100 from 11 experts


  • Comfortable and premium-feeling upper
  • Roomy, unmistakably-Altra fit
  • Secure lockdown even for narrow feet
  • Smooth and responsive ride
  • Good for any distance at an easy pace
  • Effective, but not obtrusive, rocker
  • Copious amount of padding
  • Breathable
  • Absorbs impact well


  • Cushioning on the firm side, but a toss-up on how firm
  • Doesn’t feel like a zero-drop shoe
  • Substantial break-in period
  • On the heavier side

What makes it the best neutral?

The Altra VIA Olympus is the max-cushioned road runner that zero-drop fans have been waiting for. Though it managed to rain on its own parade with a firmer-than-expected midsole, this shoe more than made up for it with a comfy upper, stable platform, smooth ride, and the wide fit Altra loyalists have long demanded.
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altra via olympus review
altra via olympus lab test

Best Altra stability running shoes for women

Altra Provision 6
Altra Provision 6


4.1 / 5 from 1,742 users
89 / 100 from 9 experts


  • Fits true to size
  • Very light for a stability shoe
  • Great for wider feet
  • Ingenious stability system
  • Incredible grip
  • More stability in the outsole
  • Good cushioning for a zero drop shoe
  • Great to have in a rotation
  • Good durability
  • Consistent flex in all conditions


  • Forefoot may be too wide for some
  • Getting a good heel lock can be hard
  • Orthotics may not fit properly

What makes it the best stability?

Anyone who’s heard of Altra’s religious commitment to the zero-drop running shoe will know a lot of what’s up with the Altra Provision 6. This mid-cushioned, zero-drop stability shoe continues Altra’s core line while continuing to add some unique features. If you’re new to the zero-drop scene, we’ve got you covered in this review too.
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Altra Provision 6 %2034
Altra Provision 6 %2030
Altra Provision 6 %206

Best Altra wide toebox running shoes for women

Altra Torin 6
Altra Torin 6


3.6 / 5 from 1,402 users
91 / 100 from 6 experts


  • Very well-cushioned ride
  • Won't let you feel the ground
  • Has some bounce to it
  • Stable for long miles
  • Upper comfort is spot on!
  • Holds the foot in place
  • Heel hold is brilliant
  • Tongue is soft
  • Durable build


  • Not the widest Altra toebox
  • Lacks breathability

What makes it the best wide?

The sixth version of the Altra Torin is a road running shoe that's ready to chomp the miles up ahead. It's very cushioned and comfortable; it will be a home for your foot. And if you want a shoe that will keep your stride alive and kicking, you can count on the Altra Torin 6.
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altra torin 6 review
altra torin 6 lab test
altra torin 6 tongue soft

Best value Altra running shoes for women

Altra Outroad
Altra Outroad


4.0 / 5 from 432 users
87 / 100 from 7 experts


  • Great on roads and trails
  • Pliable upper
  • Amazing outsole durability
  • Comfy padding
  • Less bulky than other Altras
  • Low stack
  • Doubles as a traveling shoe
  • Appealing design


  • Not for wide feet
  • Breaking-in needed

What makes it the best value?

The Altra Outroad is a zero-drop trail shoe that seems to take the place of the Timp in the brand’s lineup: it’s a true, excellent all-rounder that proved to be reliable on almost all surfaces. It’s not the usual Altra when it comes to width, yet it’s extremely comfortable and perfect for short to marathon distances. Last but not least, in a world where companies seem to compete to find the longest and most confusing names, “Outroad” is very welcomed.
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