10 Best Adidas Sneakers For Women in 2021

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10 Best Adidas Sneakers For Women in 2021

Sneaker fans are bombarded with heaps of women's Adidas sneakers releases almost every month. While most of them are worth checking out, a few have unremarkable features that you must weigh up before getting one. 

To help you save time and effort, we've taken it upon ourselves to sift through more than 300 pairs of women's Adidas sneakers. We made a few recommendations under various categories to help you pick which pair fits your style and needs.

How we select the best Adidas sneakers for women

Here is our approach towards honest and fair reviews:

  • We buy these kicks using our own money to stay unbiased. 
  • We put these shoes under various tests and comparisons to check their durability, comfort, and many other criteria.
  • We gather all available reviews from the users of these women's Adidas sneakers. 

Using the results, we rank each shoe using the CoreScore system. Ranging from 1-100, this scoring system will determine how this sneaker performed for the majority.

Best classic

The Adidas Stan Smith easily landed as our best option after comparing and assessing countless classic Adidas sneakers for women on our list. Because of its colorful history and timeless look, this quickly gained the top spot on our A-list of iconic kicks. 

Often dubbed the most iconic among the icons, Stan Smith is the best iteration if you want to jumpstart your sneaker collection. It is readily available on the market with a plethora of hues to choose from. You don't need to camp out of the stores or pre-order online; this sneaker is one of the most convenient pairs you could ever own. 

With its tennis-inspired look, the Stan Smith set the bar high for a clean, minimalist, and versatile vibe. Its smooth leather upper is adorned with a minimal design; thus, this kick suits almost any attire. Dressing up or down is breezy with this iconic footwear. 

Durability-wise, this is one of the mind-blowingly robust in Adidas' arsenal. After wearing it day to day, it remained whole and unscathed! The Adidas Stan Smith is indeed a perfect go-to pair to all sneaker fans looking for an all-rounder, stylish pair of sneakers.

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After checking out more than 300 pairs of Adidas women's sneakers, the Adidas Superstar also bagged our recommendation as one of the best pairs. This iconic sneaker suits all the classic lovers looking for a pair to add to their collection. 

We stand in awe of its simplicity. Its leather upper adorned with a clamshell-like toe guard creates a standout look without being too loud. It is undoubtedly a piece worth buying if you're in search of a kick that is adaptable to almost any attire. 

Comfort-wise, the Superstar is a star. It provides us all-day cozy steps as we traverse the city pavements. Although this pair has no modern technologies, it still was able to keep our feet secured and feeling cozy for hours, thanks to its roomy toe box and ample arch support. 

When it comes to its price, this kick will not hurt your pockets. Adidas offers this at an affordable price range without sacrificing its durability. This model is genuinely a steal! 

Enjoy all these and more by purchasing a pair of Adidas Superstar. With this iconic kick, it is easy to feel like a rockstar in the crowd of sneaker fans.

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Best retro

After a series of tests and comparisons, the Adidas Continental 80 landed as our best pick when it comes to retro style. This kick surpassed more than 150 pairs of retro Adidas models on our list. 

We enjoyed its mind-blowing style that instantly added a fresh twist to our usual ensembles. We love how it seamlessly borrowed style from the archives and modernized it to suit the current fashion trend. 

Its versatility is another detail we extremely fancy about this sneaker. It was easy for us to dress up or down for its clean and straightforward style that can be paired with many casual attires. Plus, it is available in heaps of colorways! It was indeed easy for us to pick which pair fits our personalities. 

When it comes to comfort, this model is a beast! It is undoubtedly a benchmark when it comes to coziness. We revel in its plush leather upper and superb cushioning that kept our feet comfy even after wearing it all day long. 

The Adidas continental 80 is truly one of the sneakers every retro sneaker lover must add to their collections!

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Also bagging our recommendation for retro style in women's Adidas sneakers is the Adidas Forum Low. Launched initially as basketball footwear, this kick now dominates the fashion world as a trendy and dazzling pair of lifestyle footwear. 

This kick displays a style that replicates its original look. It gives us a nostalgic vibe for its authentic vintage look that offers a time-traveling feel. 

Despite its old-school style, this sneaker is surprisingly versatile! With its clean and straightforward look, this pair is easy to match with heaps of attire - from jeans to shorts to your favorite sweatpants. 

Moreover, we were dumbfounded by its overall comfort! We were able to roam around the city for hours without having any comfort issues. Also, we love its Velcro strap! Besides giving us a retro flair, the Velcro effectively secured our feet. 

When it comes to quality, this kick did not disappoint us. Like its Adidas basketball sneakers siblings, this kick offers an excellent build that will last longer than expected. 

Get to revel in these amazing features without spending too much! The Adidas Forum Low is sold at an affordable price range!

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Best chunky

Landing as our best pick among the 30+ chunky Adidas kicks for men is the Adidas Ozweego. We chose this model after subjecting it to numerous tests, assessments, and comparisons with other Adidas models. 

We adore how Nike and Raf Simons' collaborated to come up with a neck-breaking style. The Ozweego is bursting with a stylishly bold flair that quickly makes our everyday ensemble look extra dapper. This dad sneaker craze jump starter is undoubtedly a piece worth checking out!

After countless pounding of city pavements, we were dumbfounded by its remarkable lightness! Despite its beefed-up shape, this kick did not drag our feet down. Honestly, this is an iteration you should add to your collection. 

It also felt cushy on feet! Thanks to its Adiprene foam, walking in these sneakers felt like pillowy strides. Plus, its mesh upper gave our feet superb ventilation; it is almost certain that Ozweego is perfect all-day footwear. 

Don't be deceived by its high-fashioned collaboration with Simons, as this kick is sold at an affordable price range! With the Ozweego, looking luxurious without breaking a bank is achievable!

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Also receiving our commendation when it comes to Adidas chunky kicks for women is the Adidas Nite Jogger. This running-inspired sneaker features countless remarkable details that quickly garnered high ratings from many reviewers. 

We were overwhelmed by this sneaker's overall style. We adore how sleek it looks, especially when donned with various attires. It offers a new and exciting upgrade to our traditional look without going overboard. 

If you love evening, short distance runs, or walks, this kick is your best bet! It has several 3M reflective details all over to keep you visible under low lights. 

When it comes to its coziness, this kick is a monster! Found underfoot is the renowned Adidas Boost technology that gives its wearers bouncy and light steps. This kick feels even better than the popular I-5923! This kick allows us to enjoy all-day cruising without hurting our feet at all. 

Don't feel intimidated by the Boost, as this kick is sold at a budget-friendly price range! Now, with the Adidas Nite Jogger, you can be comfy and trendy without the need to touch your rainy day's fund!

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Best runner

Bagging our top pick in our best runner category is the Adidas Swift Run. This sneaker surpassed more than 150 Adidas running sneakers on our list. 

True to its name, this kick will give you a speedy upgrade to your regular attire. With its breathable knit upper dipped in a fantastic colorway collection, there is definitely a pair or two that will suit your style and preference. 

We got high by its overall comfort level. With its sock-like fit and easy-entry design, we felt instant comfort the moment we slipped it into our feet. Its stretchy knit upper hugged our feet cozily, making our day-long errands and short-distance runs easy and enjoyable. 

When the summer months came, we did not hesitate to wear this breathable footwear. The knit material allowed airflow in and out of the sneaker, providing our toes with incredible ventilation. The added point is its antimicrobial insert that prevents our feet from being stinky. 

Style-wise, this is a sure winner! With its versatile look, we can easily mix and match it with almost any lifestyle attire. This is indeed a practical sneaker option for sneakerheads looking for all-rounder footwear.

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After checking more than 150 running sneakers under our list of women's Adidas sneakers, we chose the Adidas Lite Racer as one of the best options. We've got oodles of reasons why this kick deserves a spot in your wardrobe. 

We adore how lightweight it feels on our feet. Like most running sneakers, this shoe did not drag our feet down as we walked along the city pavements. It feels so airy that it helps us to walk faster and smoother. 

Furthermore, its comfort is exceptionally plausible! We did not feel any discomfort even after wearing this the entire day. It is genuinely an iteration you must pack with you on your next city adventure. 

All-day and everyday errands are seamless with this sneaker for its durable make! After subjecting it to various activities, it remarkably stayed intact! 

For the summer days, this sneaker is your best option to wear. It offers a fantastic amount of ventilation that will keep your feet dry and comfy. 

The Adidas Lite Racer is not only light by weight but also light on the pocket. With its price point that is friendly to the budget, owning a pair of these is easy as ABC.

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Best trainer

After a stockpile of tests and assessments, we pick the Adidas Gazelle as the best among the Adidas training sneakers for men. 

Five decades since it was introduced, it is impressive to know that the Gazelle is considered one of the leaders in modern sneaker fashion. Its style offers an elegant yet relaxed vibe that can be paired up with oodles of wardrobes. Simple yet stylish, it indeed can go with virtually anything. 

Choose among its comprehensive options of colorways available on the market. Dressing up or dressing down with the Gazelle has never been a problem! 

When it comes to comfort, the Gazelle will leave you captivated. Instant coziness is what we experienced the moment we slipped our feet into it. After walking on the streets and running errands all day, we had no issue regarding its comfort. 

While Adidas did not add any groundbreaking technology on the Gazelle, it is incredible to know that this kick still offers comfort and style on a par with many modern sneakers. The Adidas Gazelle is genuinely a piece every sneakerhead must add to their arsenal.

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We picked the Adidas Campus as one of the top-notch options under our list of women's Adidas sneakers when it comes to trainers. This iconic sneaker undoubtedly deserves a spot in your collection for loads of reasons. 

Its comfort level is beyond our expectations. It was able to deliver cozy steps as we pound the city pavements all day. Thanks to its thick padding and plush lining, this made our city adventure more fun and bearable. 

We also adore its premium suede finish. It gives a luxurious feel without the need to hurt our budgets. Meanwhile, its soft and comfortable sole also delivers a premium feel. This kick is indeed a steal!

Besides city cruising, this sneaker is also suited for skate sessions. Many Thrashers enjoyed its long-lasting build that made their rides longer and more pleasurable. Plus, it was constructed with superb support around; thus, skate sessions felt more stable!

Style-wise, we hold it dear by its versatility. We matched it with countless attires, and it felt so easy and amazingly trendy! 

Own a pair of this iconic silhouette and enjoy all its mind-blowing features that never go out of style!

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